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The 5-Step Guide to Finding Part-Time Online Jobs

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So you’re tossing around the idea of finding a part-time online job where you can work from wherever you see fit. You might be thinking, “Where do I start?”

Not only do you need to decide which type of job you’re qualified for, you also need to figure out where you can find current job openings and how you can apply for your next opportunity.

Well, lucky for you, we happen to know a few tricks of the trade. Before you begin your search for an online job, read on. We’re going to walk you through the five steps you need to get a part-time online job and make your life a little bit easier.

Part-Time Online Jobs Currently Available

1. Determine If Online Work Is Right for You

The first step to finding remote employment is determining if an online job is right for you. Work at home jobs are great for a wide range of people, but there are definitely pros and cons of online jobs that you should consider.


Part-time online jobs are a flexible way to earn a weekly income if you’re busy in other areas of your life. College students, teens, stay-at-home parents, and world travelers all benefit from being able to work remotely.

Online jobs typically allow for more flexibility. You can set your own schedule and complete your work whenever it makes sense for you. On top of that, you can work from wherever you want, whether that’s your couch or a coffee shop halfway around the world.

It also gives you the freedom of greater work autonomy and lets you create a healthy work-life balance. No longer will you need to scramble around at the last minute if your kid is sick or worry about leaving work early if you have a doctor’s appointment. As long as you’re on top of your work, you have a say in when you work and when you have your “me time.”


While there are plenty of upsides to work-from-home jobs, they definitely come with their drawbacks. Working from home can limit your daily social interactions, stifle collaboration, and require an extreme level of self-discipline.

Since you’ll be staring at your computer for a majority of your work hours, online jobs can get a little lonely. You won’t have any co-workers around to chat with or anybody to eat lunch with. Any friends you may have in the “office” will be through your computer screen on some form of messaging application. Some people may love this aspect of the job, but others may find it lonely.

Collaboration with your co-workers may also suffer. Sometimes it’s convenient to be able to bounce ideas off someone for some quick inspiration. Having an online job may mean that this collaboration is much harder to manage or that you aren’t able to communicate with team members at all.

With all the distractions at home and in coffee shops, online jobs also require a great deal of discipline. Sure you get to work from home and choose your own hours, but Netflix is always a click away. You may also fall victim to others thinking that because you work from home, you’re able to “help them out” with chores or other time-consuming tasks.

2. Decide Between Freelance and Direct Hire

After you decide if you’re a good fit for part-time online work, the next step is deciding which employment route you want to take — freelance gigs or direct hire positions.

With freelance roles, you will likely be working on more short-term contracts that allow for greater flexibility with the gigs you choose. This also means that you have to constantly be searching for your next job, while still completing the work necessary for your current role.

Freelance positions are usually a good fit for editors, proofreaders, graphic designers, freelance writers, and other skilled workers who are looking for part-time work.

If you decide to go with a direct hire position, you’ll be employed by the same company in a more stable, long-term role. This is excellent for those looking to have stability in their job, but it also means that you’ll be working on the same type of projects with less variety than freelance roles.

3. Pick Your Part-Time Online Job

Now that you have an idea of the difference between freelance and direct hire positions, it’s time to pick the job that suits you best. The online job you decide on will largely depend on which skills you have — or don’t have.

There are plenty of opportunities out there for varying experience levels. You’ll come across entry-level jobs and positions that require prior experience.

To give you an idea of the wide range of jobs available, here are a few popular online job categories we come across on a regular basis:

  • Virtual assistance
  • Data entry
  • Social media management
  • Freelance writing
  • Teaching English as a second language (ESL teacher)
  • Administrative assistance
  • Web development
  • Online tutoring
  • Graphic design
  • Editing or proofreading
  • Transcription
  • Medical coding

4. Start Applying

Once you’ve picked out the type of job you want, the next step is to begin your job search and find available part-time jobs to apply for. Where you look will depend on what kind of job you want and whether or not you want a freelance position or a direct hire role.

To make this easy, we broke out the best places to find freelance work and direct hire positions. Browse through some of these job boards and read the fine print when it comes to job requirements and qualifications.

Here are some of the best freelance job boards:

And here are some great direct-hire job boards:

If you think you found a job description that fits your experience, it’s time to nail the application process and prepare for your interview. After that, it’s smooth sailing…well, mostly.

5. Settle In and Stay Organized

Once you land your ideal gig, the only thing left is to put in the hours, become as efficient as possible, and manage the smaller details of your new online job.

A major aspect of online work is managing your workday to be as productive and organized as it possibly can be. After all, you wouldn’t want to have a part-time gig that quickly becomes a full-time job because you’re unorganized or aren’t practicing good time management.

After you land a job, it’s also important to understand how you’re getting paid — especially if you’re an independent contractor. One of the most important details is taxes.

Other must-know topics include health insurance and business licenses, which we cover in depth in other articles.

Enjoy Your New Role

Now that you’re all set up in your new role, make sure you enjoy it. Always remember why you sought out flexible part-time employment in the first place.

Maybe it was to spend more time with your kids. Or perhaps it was to make cash on the side. Or it could have been to make money online so you never have to drive to an office again.

Whatever your reason, remote jobs are an excellent alternative to the daily grind and the nine-to-five roles that so many people take on. Follow the steps mentioned above to land your next gig and start living the life you’ve dreamed of.

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