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Pharmacy Technician Resume Sample

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Pharmacy Technicians typically perform under the direction of pharmacists in order to prepare prescription based medicines for clients or healthcare clinics.

In most hospitals and big health care units, they dispense a wide range of medications, as per order, and once these are prepared and checked by the pharmacists, PTs commonly deliver them to concerning patients.

To prepare medicines, a PT essentially requires the original prescription or its Xerox copy while verbal orders from known and renowned physicians are also accepted.

The normal tasks of a PT include measuring the quantity of medications, blending, packaging, labeling, and marking them, whilst jobs like preparing computerized billing, accepting payments, and updating system database log also come under their job responsibility.

As it comes to administrative activities, pharmacy technicians are expected to maintain inventory, inform pharmacists about the stock status, store new supplies in the right places, keep stock register up-to-date, and attend telephone calls of doctors, healthcare units, and customers.

Some Tips to Write Pharmacy Technician Resume

  • A pharmacy assistant is a part of the healthcare community and their job profile is intended toward human well-being. While explaining your objective, narrate as to how you like to dedicate your skill and knowledge to strengthen healthcare services and benefit your employer.
  • When talking about skill areas, mention your meticulousness, patience, and awareness about pharmacology. Knowledge in understanding different types of prescription handwritings, a caring attitude, accountability, computer knowledge, and other attributes are vital skills that you should own.
  • Skills should be followed by your field experience. It is imperative for a pharmacy technician to be backed by a few years of industry exposure. Mention the main jobs that you have handled.
  • In conclusion, provide details of your educational and professional background.

An Example of Pharmacy Technician Resume

Maria O. Johnston
XX Court Street, Foley, MO 63347
(000) 017-0000, maria@example.com

I would like to make the best use of my knowledge, skill and experience in the profession of pharmacy technician.

I am confident enough to satisfy my potential employer by offering the best of my efforts and demonstrating skills.

I will definitely enjoy great self-satisfaction by being a part of the dignified medical industry.


  • Have extensive knowledge in medication items and dispensing procedures.
  • Dedicated to offering the best customer service.
  • Expert in understanding wide varieties of handwriting.
  • A serious listener to the suggestions of physicians; familiar to dispense medicines by auto devices.
  • Well organized to keep things in their right place and in time.
  • Have understanding to prepare computerized bills and maintain inventory.


Pharmacy Technician
Royal Health Care Hospice, New York, NY
2012 – Present

  • Working under an expert pharmacist in a reputed healthcare setting in-house pharmacy; maintain register; prepare medications as per prescription requirement; also visit each cabin and bed of patients to confirm the medicines, prescribed by doctors, found attached in files and note them.
  • Prepare those medicines; operated auto dispenser machine for blending them; labeled them with patient’s name, bed/cabin number, and doctor’s name, and arranged them to supply together with my assistant. Prior to delivery, all prepared medications are verified by the pharmacist.
  • Make billing, collect payments, and keep accounts up-to-date. Also, maintain physical stock of medicines and tally them with systems data; inform about the stock level and give requisition of medicines.

Trainee Pharmacy Technician
Apollo Pharmacy, Los Angeles, CA
2010 – 2012

  • Worked as per guidance of a pharmacist to dispense medication or prepare list of prescription medicines; used to label and mark them with necessary codes; upon confirmation of the pharmacist, kept them ready for customers.
  • Used to prepare bills; collected payment from customers and maintained accounts of stocks in computer; used to sit with the pharmacist to check the stock position.
  • Used to attend telephone calls and enquired physicians to confirm about the medication, if found confusing; looked after medicine storage.


Associate’s Degree in Pharmacy Technology
University of Georgia, Georgia (2010)

High School Diploma in Science
Minnesota STP High School, Minnesota (2008)

Pharmacy Technician Resume Screenshot

Pharmacy Technician Resume Sample

Download Pharmacy Technician Resume Template

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