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Physical Therapist Assistant Resume Sample

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The physical therapist assistants are a group of persons who work under the direction and supervision of a licensed physical therapist. In the health care sector they help the patients to get relieve from pain, especially the aged persons who are suffering from various pains for a long time. It has also been seen that they have recovered the patients who other wise might get through surgery. The physical therapist assistants work in various hospitals, in clinics, home health care centers, nursing homes, schools, sports facilities etc. They help the patients to move or walk freely some time with crutches, or walkers, some times by massaging the body part, they give the patients relief, they apply ultra sound, give electro therapy or electrical stimulation. As for the qualification, a physical therapist assistant needs to have associate degree, completed in two years from community college, or university. The graduates must pass the national exam for licensing, certification to becoming physical therapist assistant.

The median income for a physical therapist assistant is $46,000, which also depends on certain factors, the working position, degree, education, and years of experience, geographical location, and practice setting. To get this job you need to submit a well formatted physical therapist assistant resume.

How to Write Physical Therapist Assistant Resume Objective?

Physical Therapist Assistant
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The objective is an essential part of any professional resume; it is no exception in the case of physical therapist assistant resume. To get the job of a physical therapist assistant, you should be very conscious, and be careful to yourself. In this section your aims or desires will be expressed, as to how you will serve the organization or the patients. How much careful you will be to the ailing patients.

Some Samples of Physical Therapist Assistant Resume Objectives

  • Seeking to demonstrate knowledge of the theoretical basis of physical therapy and put into application on the patients for relieving the pain of the patients.
  • Desiring to integrate the use of principles of research in critical analysis of concepts and getting findings and application on self and on others.
  • Wish to function as a competent physical therapist assistant, in any healthcare sector; and achieve credibility.
  • Seeking to practice in an ethical and legal manner so that patients can get assurance to be cured, and I also may be responsible to my duty.
  • To do physical therapy in a modern and more modified way so that full scientific knowledge and application can be implemented.

How to Write Physical Therapist Assistant Resume Skills?

Skills are very important part of any resume. When it is a resume of physical therapist assistant; it is quite different as it is purely the job based on health care and most patients related with its are facing life long incurable pain and not only that some of them also may require to go through surgical operation. When you are going through this job, you must keep in mind about the carefulness and sincerity, and responsibility to the patients. You must be very much honest and generous to this field other wise you will not be able to excel in this field.

Some Samples of Physical Therapist Assistant Resume Skills

  • Can help a patient to assist for moving or walking from one surface to another safely by bending, twisting and lifting.
  • Can help the patients for coordinating the balance and strength to keep safety and protect a patient by assisting him modern device.
  • Showing sufficient manual dexterity to safely grasp and manipulate little things or objects in arms.
  • Having the ability to observe visually and assess a patient from a certain distance.
  • Having the capacity to crouch, kneel, reach, pull/push, and different activities with patients.
  • Having the capacity to hear heart and lung sounds.
  • Can feel the pulse, muscle tone, and bony land marks.

Physical Therapist Assistant Resume Example



22, Marine Drive Road, Ohio
[email protected], (476) 154-98876

Seeking to perform in the healthcare sector, I wish to be a part in this organization where I will be able to excel my talents and can show my care to the ailing patients.


  • Can help a patient to move smoothly by using of instruments.
  • Can feel the pulse, and sounds of lung.
  • Having the ability to show the dexterity in performance so that a person who cannot move, might be little able to grasp any thing by hand.
  • Can keep cordial terms with the patients like home.
  • Can keep well time management.
  • By massaging well can cure the join pain several times.

Professional Experiences

Southern California Physical Therapy Center
Researcher and Analyzer of Physical Therapy, (2011-2014)


  • Worked as an analyzer of electro therapy on human body.
  • User of ultrasound.

Ohio West Point Physical Therapy and Research Center
Coordinator and Chief Assistant of Senior Physical Therapist, (2007-2010)


Bachelor Degree in Science
University of Washington, (2003-2007)

Associate Degree
Amazon College, 2002

Other Activities

  • To do gardening.
  • Deeply passionate in painting.
  • Likes car racing.
  • Regular reader of health issue related magazines on internet.
  • Loves to watch Hollywood movies.


(Michael Collins)

Physical Therapist Assistant Resume Sample [Instant Download]

Today through out the world the demand of health care sector is rising up drastically. More and more youths are getting involved with this profession. It is one of the most sought after career sectors; the physical therapist assistant job is very much demanding. To get this job you need to go through a good written physical therapist assistant resume.

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Physical Therapist Assistant Resume Sample

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