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Pilates Instructor

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A Pilates instructor will help individuals, as well as groups, maintain physical fitness.

They use exercises developed by the pilates community to promote health, improve muscle tone, and achieve better posture.

A pilates instructor will be skilled in using Pilates equipment, as well as in teaching its safe use to others.

What is a Pilates Instructor?

A pilates instructor can teach over 500 pilates exercises to their students, as well as coach them in a wide variety of additional fitness categories that help them maintain a balanced body.

What is a Pilates Instructor Called?

Someone working as a pilates instructor will simply be referred to as a pilates instructor or occasionally as the more generic “personal trainer”.

What Does a Pilates Instructor Do?

In addition to teaching the fitness Pilates method developed by Joseph Pilates, a pilates teacher will help their clients to maintain overall good health.

They will coach their clients on things like maintaining target heart rate, yoga, general mindfulness, and more.

Jobs Related to Pilates Instructor

When you become a pilates instructor, there are many different types of jobs that are similar.

These include:

Strength & Conditioning Instructor

Strength and conditioning instructors will complete an internship for such, as well as additional academic requirements related to the science and techniques that form the foundation for gaining strength and improving conditioning.

Gym & Fitness Center Owner

The owner or franchisee of a gym or fitness center will be able to help others improve their physical fitness, while also being their own boss.

It is not uncommon for a pilates instructor to eventually open their own Pilates sports center or Pilates studio, once they’ve obtained Pilates instructor insurance.

General Fitness Instructor

Being a general fitness instructor will generally not require any additional education or skills than being a pilates instructor requires, though they will teach more than just Pilates.

Other Related Jobs:

Work Opportunities in the Pilates Instructor Industry

image showing a pilates instructor how to do movements in a gym

Pilates Instructor Job Description

Becoming a Pilates instructor is challenging but pays off for those that persevere.

There is a substantial amount of growth in the fitness sector, and those who become pilates instructors can enjoy a highly competitive wage.

Once you complete a training program to be a certified Pilates instructor, you can advance into other career opportunities as well.

Top Pilates Instructor Jobs and Careers

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Strength & Conditioning Trainer
  • Private Fitness Consultant

Where Can a Pilates Instructor Work?

A pilates instructor can work in any public or private fitness environments, such as gyms and fitness centers.

They can also become self-employed and work privately for clients, either in their homes or anyplace else that is conducive to their fitness regimen.

Current Career Job Openings

If you have been thinking about becoming a pilates instructor, take a look at these job openings.

What It’s Like to be a Pilates Instructor

Is Being a Pilates Instructor Hard?

While it may be physically vigorous work to be a pilates instructor, most people in the field would not describe it as “hard.”

You will face physical and mental challenges, but being in a career that is built around physical activity and training, those will be another aspect of the job.

Is a Pilates Instructor’s Job Stressful?

Being a Pilates instructor has a stress level far lower than many other careers.

Not only are you doing something you love, but you’re helping others to succeed in that as well, which is incredibly fulfilling.

Common Pilates Instructor Work Day

The average work day for a pilates instructor will depend heavily on what their client or instruction schedule is for the day.

If the pilates instructor has several classes or client workouts scheduled, they will go from place to place and conduct their classes or training appointments.

In some cases, a pilates instructor may work for a specific fitness location, so all of their instruction will be in the same place.

If the pilates instructor has few or no appointments on a particular day, they may use that time to seek out new private clients, create new workout plans for their classes, or seek out additional venues that are looking for a pilates instructor.

Pilates Instructor Tasks & Duties

If the pilates instructor works at a gym or fitness center, they will often only need to worry about creating their training programs for their classes and conducting those classes.

If the pilates instructor is self-employed, many of their tasks will revolve around keeping their business going.

This can man courting clients, create new training programs, address client needs and concerns, research new wellness techniques, and more

Pilates Instructor Work Hours & Schedule

The work hours and schedule for a pilates instructor will largely be determined by when, where, and how often they want to work.

If they partner with a gym or fitness center, they may be required to hold a more rigid schedule of classes.

Pilates Instructor Dress Code

There are no dress code requirements for becoming a pilates instructor, other than those imposed by fitness centers where they may conduct their instruction.

In most cases, the best outfit will be whatever is comfortable and allows for the freedom of movement that Pilates requires.

Does This Career Field Embrace Work/Life Balance?

Becoming a Pilates instructor will give you one of the best opportunities for work/life balance that you can find.

This will be the case when working for a gym or fitness center, or when self-employed, though being self-employed will allow you to fine-tune that balance more exactly.

Does A Pilates Instructor Make Good Money?

Compared to the national average for personal care and service occupations, a pilates instructor makes considerably more per year.

This means that becoming a pilates instructor can give you much more financial security than working at any other service job.

How Much Do Pilates Instructors Make?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics places the median annual wages for a pilates instructor at $40,700.

This places them above the median annual income for educational, civic, and even government jobs.

This is even taking into account that many pilates instructors only work part-time.

Overview of the Pilates Instructor Industry

image showing a pilates instructor how to do movements in a gym

Pilates Instructor Field: Career Progression

There are many potential career paths that a pilates instructor can take to acheive the goals they set.

Most will start as an apprentice, then move on to being an instructor in either a public or private capacity.

From there, some people decide they want to teach or train new pilates instructors with teacher training.

Once adept at being a teacher trainer, some will move on to holding their workshops, hosting retreats, or simply opening their studio.

Is Pilates Instructor a Good Career?

Becoming a Pilates instructor is a great career for someone who wants to make a good living by being physically fit while helping others to become fit or maintain their fitness.

Pilates Instructor Job Outlook

The job outlook for a pilates instructor over the next several years is very promising, and the BLS expects the sector to grow by a staggering 39% through 2030.

The national job growth average for all occupations is just 8%, so if you were interested in becoming a pilates instructor, there is no better time than now.

Demand for Pilates Instructor

Each year there are expected to be more than 69,000 job openings for fitness trainers, the category which encompasses pilates instructors.

The spike in demand and growth is due to the fitness sector’s rebound following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pilates Instructor Facts

  • One of the most important skills for a pilates instructor is customer service, which is an incredible help when finding new clients.
  • A pilates instructor will be an excellent communicator since they must explain each exercise and how to correctly execute it.
  • Nearly three-quarters of pilates instructors have a bachelor’s degree, often in fields like dance, kinesiology, and physical education.

Requirements, Skills, and Education Required for Pilates Instructors

image showing a pilates instructor rolling up a mat

Who Should Consider a Pilates Instructor Career Path?

If you love Pilates or are enthusiastic about physical fitness, becoming a pilates instructor could be ideal.

Who Should NOT Consider a Pilates Instructor Career Path?

Those who are not fitness enthusiasts are not ideal for becoming a Pilates instructor.

Also, someone who lacks the motivation, organization, and drive to maintain their own business, should not become a Pilates instructor.

Is it Hard to Become a Pilates Instructor?

Becoming a Pilates instructor requires some apprenticing, but in most cases will not require a college degree.

What Do I Need to Become a Pilates Instructor?

Most instructors will require the applicant to have a diploma or equivalent.

A prospective pilates instructor will need to apprentice under a teacher trainer until the trainer feels they have the competency to become an instructor.

What Skills Does a Pilates Instructor Need?

A pilates instructor will need outstanding communication skills, customer service abilities, and other social skills.

They will also need to be able to create their fitness and training routines, and understand how to address their clients’ needs.

What Education Does a Pilates Instructor Need?

A pilates instructor will require basic instruction in anatomy, kinesiology, and the full curriculum of pilates exercises and equipment.

Can You Become a Pilates Instructor Without a Degree?

Yes, you can become a pilates instructor without a formal college degree. It is rare without a high school diploma, however.

What Experience Does a Pilates Instructor Need?

The only experience that a pilates instructor will need before being able to instruct on their own, is completing an apprenticeship with a Pilates teacher trainer.

Pilates Instructor Education & Schooling

There are formal courses that will result in becoming a competent pilates instructor.

What is Taught in a Pilates Instructor Course?

The most common Pilates instructor courses will incorporate anatomy classes, injury rehabilitation, and injury avoidance.

The Mat Pilates courses will cover the basics of pilates and will take 32 hours of coursework, 72 hours of personal instruction, and the successful passing of exams to demonstrate competency.

How Long Does a Pilates Instructor Course Take?

Most aspiring pilates instructors can finish the pilates course in a week or two.

Additional courses cover certification in Reformer Pilates and Comprehensive Pilates, which expand the basic abilities and knowledge, which can have varying completion times.

These opportunities for continuing education in movement principles help the personal trainer be more effective in their training.

Pilates Instructor Education Options and Degree Programs

Locations with certified Pilates teacher training can certify any individual as a pilates instructor, provided they meet the requirements.

In some cases, the owner of a local pilates studio may even be able to instruct and certify a new pilates instructor.

Frequently Asked Questions

image showing a pilates instructor working out with the class

Do you have to be flexible to be a Pilates teacher?

You don’t need to be a contortionist to get Pilates certification, but being relatively flexible will help with comfort.

It will also help you demonstrate various exercises and techniques to your pilates students.

There is no physical test to become a pilates instructor, though.

Why do I want to be a Pilates instructor?

Every person’s motivation is different.

Someone may become a Pilates instructor or a Pilates instructor trainer because they like working for themselves in a field they love.

Others may do it simply because of the earning potential when instructing private clients.

If you want to be a pilates instructor, don’t question why, get started on it.

Wrapping Up

Becoming a Pilates instructor not only helps you maintain your physical fitness, but it can help teach others how to do the same.

You will be able to create your lesson plans, design your workout routines, and perhaps even open your own studio one day.

If you are interested in becoming a pilates instructor, you can find instruction and certification by the Pilates method alliance nearby in almost all situations.

Even if you don’t have Pilates teacher training nearby, you may be able to find an online equivalent.

If you plan to open your studio, you should take business management and marketing.

You should also ensure you are very familiar with requirements for taxation and other legal and regulatory hurdles.

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