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Receptionist Resume Examples: 5 Best Samples & Why They Work

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Many people struggle during the process of writing a resume. They’re not sure what to include and what to leave out.

In addition, they find that deciding on an order can be a bit of a challenge. So, if you’re trying to perfect your receptionist resume, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll dive into what to include in your resume. We’ll also discuss a few tips to help the document stand out.

Entry-Level Receptionist Resume Example

Entry-Level Receptionist Resume Example

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Extremely durable
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Receptionist Resume With No Experience Example

Receptionist Resume With No Experience Example

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Front Desk Receptionist Resume Example

Front Desk Receptionist Resume Example


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Dental Receptionist Resume Example

Dental Receptionist Resume Example

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Extremely durable
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Medical Receptionist Resume Example

Medical Receptionist Resume Example

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Extremely durable
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Receptionist Resume Objective

Crafting the perfect receptionist resume objective takes time and a fair amount of thought and skill to get it right.

The key here is to appeal to what the employer is looking for in an employee.

A receptionist is often the first person a visitor sees when entering the business premises.

The role of a receptionist varies from handling the front desk work, communicating, to some light clerical responsibilities.

A receptionist should greet visitors, respond and forward emails or emails, scheduling meetings, and appointments, etc.

When you are applying for the job of a receptionist you have to make sure that the objectives section gives a vibe to the recruiters that you are capable of handling all these tasks.

The receptionist resume should include a small but telling receptionist objective statement.

A few receptionist resume objective examples:

  • Seeking a receptionist position where my clerical and customer care skills along with front desk operations management expertise will be fully utilized.
  • Looking for a receptionist position where strong communication and other organizational skills gained will help the company prosper.
  • A position that would help practice my exceptional communication, computer and PABX machine handling skills.
  • Eager to use best practices in communication, computer handling and customer care learned so far to increase the operational efficiency of a business.

Just remember… you’re seeking a job that fulfills a need the company currently has.

They have told you what they need, so it’s your job to fill the void.

How to Write Receptionist Resume Skills?

Landing a receptionist job in an industry-leading company can go a long way in accelerating your career towards the goal of a reputed office administrator.

But gaining such a position is no easy feat.

Whenever there is a receptionist vacancy, expect to face stiff competition that gives even the best resume a run for its money.

One of the best ways to stand out is by having a battle-tested skills section.

The skills section is one that draws maximum viewing time for the recruiters.

This is the section that separates you from the rest of the candidates, so when writing this section, keep in mind that no skill is too small.

Your multitasking skills will be put to the test if the company receives high footfalls every day.

There should be two divisions within the receptionist resume – General Skills and Computer Skills.

You will have to be adept at computer handling. Forwarding emails to respective employees and adhering to the companies work monitoring systems is a must.

Some Examples of How to Arrange Receptionist Resume Skills

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to think out of the box and never give up the spirit.
  • Close attention to details.
  • Superior telephone etiquettes.
  • Fine time management skills.
  • Detailed understanding and experience of front desk operations.
  • In-depth knowledge about customer service procedures.
  • Amicable in nature and good at greeting guests.

Apart from this, there might be many other skills that you would like to include in the receptionist resume.

Do not overextend your resume; recruiters do not like to go through long resumes.

Make your resume crisp but filled with information.

If there are any skills you feel are remotely associated with the job role then they may be included right at the bottom.

Receptionist Resume Examples

Receptionists are a crucial part of any office environment. They maintain schedules and timelines and help managers keep track of workflow.

As an administrator, you’ll need a specific skill set to help you perform your duties. These will differ depending on the nature of the position and the job description.

Because of that, it can be challenging to figure out what to include in your resume. If that’s the case, you’re in luck.

Here are five examples of strong office receptionist resumes.

1. Entry-Level Receptionist Resume Example

An employer won’t expect you to have experience in the field as an entry-level receptionist. Although, they’ll keep an eye out for a specific list of core competencies and traits.

They need to make sure that you’re able to act as the face of the company. Plus, recruiters want to see that you can handle pressure and adapt to new environments.

Entry-Level Receptionist Resume Example

Using this resume example, any receptionist with little or no experience can build their own resume.

  • Type of Resume: Entry-Level Receptionist Resume Example
  • Best For: Receptionist with little or no experience

Why This Resume Works

In this example, the applicant never worked as a receptionist. Luckily, they do have some experience that can translate to the field.

Each one of the previous positions will help the candidate perform the job. For starters, the cashier’s role relies on the worker’s ability to deal with clients regularly.

On top of that, the job seeker mentioned that they were responsible for the registers. Not only does this show they’re trustworthy, but it also displays their math skills.

Both of which can come in handy while working as an office receptionist.

As for the customer service position, it emphasizes the candidate’s communication skills. They talk about how they handled clients on the phone and in person.

In addition, the applicant hinted at working with others and sticking to guidelines. These are excellent ways to show that you’re a team player that can follow instructions.

Moving on, the job seeker used the projects section to highlight different skills. The volunteering position displays compassion and a proactive nature.

Plus, the secretary role makes it clear that the candidate has the chops for the job.

2. Receptionist Resume With No Experience Example

Many people start out their careers as receptionists. Whether you’re a student looking for a summer job or a fresh graduate, it’s accessible to all.

That’s because you don’t need any work history to qualify for the job and perform it well. Although, writing a resume may be tricky if you have no experience.

Receptionist Resume With No Experience Example

This is a basic resume for anyone who wants to start out their career as a receptionist, especially those without any experience.

  • Type of Resume: Receptionist Resume With No Experience Example
  • Best For:Those who are students or recent graduates without any experience

Why This Resume Works

Even though this candidate doesn’t have much work experience, the resume doesn’t look sparse. That’s because they focused on other aspects.

First off, they have a limited work history in the hospitality field. While waitressing may not be the same as being a receptionist, they share many traits.

Both positions require a worker who has exceptional communication skills. Plus, they rely on a friendly and inviting nature.

After that, the applicant shifts the focus to volunteer work. This is an amazing way to build up your resume with little experience. It’ll fill the document and show off some of your skills.

In the previous example, the applicant talks about helping out at a nursing home. Right off the bat, this displays tremendous interpersonal skills.

On top of that, the job seeker took the chance to mention their organizational skills. They discussed how they streamlined the record-keeping process.  

That’s one of the main duties of receptionists.

Finally, in the projects section, we can see that the applicant has leadership skills.

This may not apply to the assistant position, but it shows an ability to climb the corporate ladder. That will help the resume stand out from other competitors.

3. Front Desk Receptionist Resume Example

A front desk receptionist will act as the face of the company. So, other than organizational skills, applicants need to be well-spoken and presentable.

This can be tough to represent on a resume, but not impossible. In addition, employers will usually look for relevant work histories in the field.

Front Desk Receptionist Resume Example

This resume is ideal for those applying for a front desk receptionist job, as it highlights their organizational skills, and greetings etiquette.

  • Type of Resume: Front Desk Receptionist Resume Example
  • Best For: Professionals with relevant experience

Why This Resume Works

There are a few areas of this resume where the applicant stands out. First and foremost, they have experience working as a front desk receptionist.

This will automatically move the candidate to the top of the hiring list. They use the entry to mention all the duties they performed while they held the position.

These will probably be the same responsibilities listed in the job description.

Besides that, the job seeker also has experience working as a hostess. This is another role that shows off the candidate’s skills in the hospitality field.

In the two previous work experiences, the applicant focuses on their communication skills. They talk about client relationships and their ability to handle tough customers.

This exhibits that you are capable of maintaining order in the office.

On top of that, the resume includes details about administrative assistant certification. With this, the candidate won’t need to discuss the nature of their technical skills.

Instead, the interviewer will focus on the overall energy level and appearance.

Lastly, the applicant mentioned their skills with administrative software. This is crucial when applying for a position at a large corporation.

4. Dental Receptionist Resume Example

Receptionists will need a few additional skills to qualify for a dental position. Since they’ll be dealing with patients, empathy and compassion are crucial.

In addition, they’ll need a basic knowledge of dentistry terminology.

Dental Receptionist Resume Example

This resume highlights the skills required for a dental receptionist position well. You can add your own experience using this as a starting point.

  • Type of Resume: Dental Receptionist Resume Example
  • Best For: People aiming to work as dental receptionists

Why This Resume Works

In this resume format, we can tell that the applicant has extended experience. For starters, they held the position of a dental assistant at two different clinics.

That’ll make the hiring manager feel more comfortable about offering them the job.

Plus, they spent a minimum of three years working at each location. This displays that the applicant isn’t only capable but also loyal.

Moving on, the candidate made a point to include as many job duties as possible. Notice how they only mention each responsibility once.

This will allow them to showcase a wide variety of skills and avoid redundancy.

In addition, the job seeker didn’t talk about the entirety of their work history. Instead, they only focused on the two that are directly related to the job search position.  

That results in a streamlined resume, with all the necessary details to land an interview.

To top it all off, this candidate has an impressive list of certificates. Each one will help them perform the duties of a dental receptionist.

5. Medical Receptionist Resume Example

As a medical receptionist, there are two main parts of your job. First off, the administrative one revolves around keeping records and managing schedules.

The second involves dealing with patients on a personal level. So, you’ll need impressive organizational and communication traits.

Medical Receptionist Resume Example

This resume template is intended for medical receptionists with experience in managing and administering medical records.

  • Type of Resume: Medical Receptionist Resume Example
  • Best For: People who want to apply for the position of a medical receptionist

Why This Resume Works

In this medical receptionist resume, the applicant starts off with a bang. They begin by detailing their previous experience in the field.

Even when the candidate worked as a front desk receptionist, it was at a hospital. That means they should have no problem dealing with patients or complex terminology.

Both traits will come in handy when working as a medical receptionist.

Aside from that, when discussing the duties, the applicant used static figures. These numbers will showcase what the worker is able to do without an explicit statement.

In addition, they’ll boost the credibility of the claims in the resume. Plus, when you look at the projects, you’ll notice they all revolve around the medical sector.

Moving on, in this resume template, the candidate opted to leave out the education section. There are two possible reasons behind that.

For starters, it’s an excellent way to discourage discrimination. If an applicant graduated a while ago, the recruiter may disregard their education.

Other than that, the applicant may decide that their experiences speak for themselves. This leaves room in the resume to talk about receptionist skills and certificates.

6. General Receptionist Resume Example


XX Washington Avenue, Richmond, California 94801
[email protected], (012) 345-678


Seeking a receptionist position where my clerical and customer care skills along with front desk operations management expertise will be fully utilized.


Office Skills

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to think out of the box and never give up the spirit.
  • Close attention to details.
  • Superior telephone etiquettes.
  • Fine time management skills.
  • Detailed understanding and experience of front desk operations.
  • In-depth knowledge about customer service procedures.
  • Amicable in nature and good at greeting guests.
  • Adept at handling copier and fax machines.
  • Fast typing speed of 60 WPM.

Computer Skills

  • Windows Vista/XP, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Visio.


Hulu – Santa Monica, CA
(2011- Present)


  • Greeted visitors and queried about their nature of business.
  • Directed the visitors to suitable employees.
  • Answered all the incoming calls and connected them to respective people.
  • Operated copiers and FAX machines.
  • Routed emails and emails accurately every time.
  • Maintained and ordered office supplies.
  • Helped with vast amounts of documents scanning.

Lithium Technologies – San Francisco, CA

Front Desk Clerk

  • Greeted all the visitors.
  • Schedule and confirmed various client meetings.
  • Worked on data entry projects.
  • Noted down the queries and grievances of clients and passed them on to management.
  • Dealt with many confidential records.


Bachelor Arts in Public Relations (Major in Front Desk Management) – 2009
Berkeley City College, Berkeley, California


  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Quick minded.
  • Ability to multicast and prioritize.

Date: ____________________

Signature of Kirsten Smith

Common Skills & Action Verbs to Include on a Receptionist Resume

If you’re in the middle of a job search, it’s a good idea to read up on ATS. Applicant Tracking Software is an app employers use to narrow down potential candidates.

The program will scan resumes and highlight certain aspects and keywords. Then, it chooses the job seekers that best match the criteria the recruiter set out.

That way, the hiring manager only needs to read a few resumes to find a perfect fit for the job.

The keywords will be different depending on the receptionist job you’re applying for. So, let’s take a look at some of the most common skills and action verbs in the field.

Common Skills for Receptionist Resumes

Here are a few of the skills that’ll grab an employer’s attention.

  • Organizational skills
  • Communication skills
  • Multitasking
  • Prioritizing
  • Dependability
  • Technical skills
  • Flexibility
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Customer service
  • Planning skills
  • Record-keeping
  • Influence clients
  • Administrative skills
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Language skills
  • Written communication
  • Handling office equipment
  • Friendly attitude
  • Approachability
  • Attention to detail

Common Action Verbs for Receptionist Resumes

Here’s a compilation of action verbs that can help your resume stand out.

  • Greeted
  • Ushered
  • Managed
  • Collected
  • Gathered
  • Guided
  • Maintained
  • Developed
  • Filed
  • Organized
  • Executed
  • Handled
  • Coordinated
  • Established
  • Encouraged

Tips for Writing a Better Receptionist Resume

Now, with all the previous resume basics, you’re ready to write up your own. To make the process a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of tips.

These will help you figure out what to include and streamline the document. That way, your resume can represent you while standing out from the competition.

Here’s a look at how to shine and highlight your accomplishments.

Keep It Concise and to the Point

When writing a resume, most people worry about finding data to fill up the space. While a packed document can look impressive, it isn’t necessary.

In fact, you may have a better chance of landing an interview if your resume is short. That’s because employers won’t spend that much time reading each individual document.

Instead, they’ll skim the headlines and look for crucial data. This takes about 30 seconds, which means the recruiter can miss important details.

So, irrelevant data will just make the hiring manager’s job a bit more difficult. That can cause them to disregard the resume altogether.

Because of that, it’s best to focus your efforts on showing off your accomplishments. You can do that by mentioning certificates and even awards that you won.

Ideally, the document should be around one or two pages. That includes the cover letter and all other pertinent information.

Anything longer than that and you risk losing the employer’s attention.

You may also want to take this as an opportunity to tailor the resume to the job you’re applying for. That means talking about skills and traits that translate to a receptionist position.

Work on Your Objective Statement

Objective statements are an amazing way for employers to get to know applicants. That way, they don’t have to meet in person.

That’ll make the interview process much faster and simpler.

However, remember the hiring manager will read through hundreds of resumes. So, if your statement isn’t different enough from everyone else’s, you may fade into the background.

For that reason, when including objectives, you should talk about personal experiences. Mention a project that you worked on or an accomplishment that you made.

This will go a long way toward turning your resume into a memorable document.

Although, there’s a large drawback to adding an objectives section. Some employers deem them a tad old-fashioned.

They assume candidates only include them to increase the word count. Because of that, it may be a good idea to keep the objective short and sweet.

Typically, four or five sentences should do the trick. In addition, if you’re applying to the same field you work in, you can leave out the objectives entirely.

Limit Personal Data

As you’re filling in a resume sample, you’ll notice that there are sections about personal data. These can ask for information about your address, marital status, or spiritual beliefs.

Some templates even call for photos. Sadly, including this data can negatively impact your chances of landing a job.

That’s because of discrimination in the workplace. While there are rules to prevent that from happening, they’re not always effective.

The employer can base their decision on personal preference. For example, some recruiters will look for workers in a specific age range.

Other than that, they can exclude a candidate based on their geographical location.

So, unless the hiring manager specifically asks for any of the previous data, it’s best to leave them out. You may also want to omit gender information.

Generally, the recruiter will only need your name and a method of getting in touch with you. This can be via email, phone number, or LinkedIn account. Any additional information is irrelevant.

Make Use of ATS

When writing a resume, most people will focus on impressing the hiring manager. However, they forget that the document will go through artificial intelligence first.

You have to keep in mind that most employers use ATS. For that reason, tailor your professional resume to pass the initial screening process.

The easiest way to do that is to use creative action verbs. These will check all the right boxes and ensure that your resume makes its way to the recruiter’s desk.

However, you need to ensure you use the words in the right context. Otherwise, the software will discredit the resume. In addition, try to maintain an updated resume.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Two Essential Qualities of a Receptionist?

Ideally, all receptionists should have exceptional organizational and communication skills. Although, depending on the position, some other qualities may be crucial.

For example, medical receptionists need a well-rounded understanding of medical terms. Other than that, front desk workers need to be presentable and friendly.

So, before you begin writing your resume, read the job description.

What Is a Good Example of a Receptionist Resume Objective?

An amazing objective statement must be short with a little personal flare. In addition, it should include a snippet about your greatest accomplishments.

This makes it easier for employers to identify whether you’re right for the position or not.

Similar Resume Types to Reference

It’s a good idea to reference a few different resume types while applying for jobs. That will make tailoring the document much easier.

  • Customer Service Resume: Customer service and receptionist positions have a lot in common. Their duties often overlap and they require similar skills.
  • Executive Assistant Resume: If you want to advance your career, this resume can help you out. It’ll show you what employers are looking for in the executive branch.
  • Office Manager Resume: Office managers have a lot more responsibilities than receptionists. Although, both positions rely on organization and communication.

Wrapping Up

There’s a lot of work that goes into perfecting your receptionist resume. For starters, you should tailor the document to match the position you’re applying for.

Other than that, keep the resume as short as possible, and make sure it doesn’t exceed two pages. This will ensure the document is simple for the employer to dissect.

For that reason, try to only include relevant experiences and skills. In addition, remember to limit your personal data and make use of ATS.

Did our writing guide on receptionist resumes help you land a job? Let us know down below and don’t forget to leave a comment if you have more questions.

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