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Restaurant Manager Resume Sample

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The main responsibility of a restaurant manager is to ensure that the restaurant runs efficiently and the profits keep rising.

In this job role you will have to care for the reputation of your restaurant.

In the hospitality sector bad word can spread like fire, you have to ensure that customers do not have any reasons to complain.

The managers are also responsible for maintaining the standards for hygiene, food and service.

Being in the role of a manager you will have to get involved in strategic planning for growth, organizing the employee shifts and managing their day to day activities.

If you work for a large restaurant then there may be scopes to get involved in marketing activities.

In the role of restaurant manager your experience in the hospitality sector will be called upon.

You have to be fast paced, quick thinking and have an eye for perfection.

Well written restaurant manager resume by professional resume writers has the capacity to carry you forward in the profession and earn best jobs.

How to Write Restaurant Manager Resume Objective?

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Restaurant managers are keys to the success of a restaurant.

They have to oversee many tasks.

It is their task to make best use of the employees available.

If there is any issue with the customers, the restaurant manager should think quickly and resolve the situation.

There are a lot of management tasks that rest upon the shoulders of a restaurant manager.

Not only does a manager have to care about the loyal guests but make the restaurant enticing enough to draw new crowds.

A significant experience in the hospitality sector is useful to earn a restaurant manager job.

The objective in your resume should reflect what you are and how your presence will enrich the company.

Some Sample Restaurant Manager Resume Objectives

  • Looking to bring in my culinary knowledge, management skills and experience in the hospitality industry in the role of Restaurant Manager.
  • Seeking the position of Restaurant Manager where my skills of customer service, management and strategic planning would be utilized.
  • To bring in my skills of handling employees and bringing out the best in them leading to best customer experiences, in the role of a Restaurant Manager.
  • Having years of experience in the hospitality industry and customer related services to bring about great customer satisfaction and grow the company in the role of a Restaurant Manager.

How to Write Restaurant Manager Resume Skills?

As a restaurant manager you should be customer oriented.

You should have skills to communicate well with the management and manage the wards under you.

Successful restaurant managers can monitor the everyday business, check and re-stock the inventory and attend to the housekeeping needs.

Restaurant managers should be masters at strategies and understanding what their competitors are doing.

You should be adept at coming up with innovative services that give the restaurant an edge over others.

Combination of skills is required to blossom in the role of a restaurant manager.

Some of these skills are mentioned below:

  • Skilled in managing the hospitality & culinary aspects
  • Ability to monitor and control the front and back of house operations
  • Cost controlling and setting budgets
  • Developing five star menu
  • Skilled in team building, supervision and training
  • Good at managing inventory and vendors
  • Controlling quality, sanitation and security features
  • Excellent in guest services
  • Setting strategies for marketing and sales campaigns
  • Managing payroll
  • Developing strategies to increase profit
  • Designing kitchens within restaurant settings
  • Experience of working with best wine coolers in wine cellar

These are some general skills that you may use.

Though, it is advisable to customize the skills as per the job descriptions.

Give details about your prior experiences in the hospitality industry.

Mention the key tasks you have performed there.

Education and other special skills should be mentioned in your restaurant manager resume.

Restaurant Manager Resume Sample [Download]

If you’re serious enough to get the job it is advisable to hire a professional resume writer to make the restaurant manager resume for you.

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Restaurant Manager Resume Sample

Restaurant Manager Resume Example

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407 Some Avenue, Raleigh, North Carolina 27603
contact@anymail.com, (012) 345-6789


Looking to bring in my culinary knowledge, management skills and experience in the hospitality industry in the role of Restaurant Manager.


  • Cost Controlling and setting budgets
  • Developing Five Star Menu
  • Good at managing inventory and vendors
  • Controlling quality, sanitation and security features
  • Setting strategies for marketing and sales campaigns
  • Managing Payroll
  • Developing strategies to increase profit


  • Conducted a marketing campaign to find new business areas and exceeded the goals set.
  • Trained and then deployed new staff batches of cooks, hosts and other general employees for the restaurants branches.


Culinaire – Raleigh, North Carolina
(2011- Present)

Restaurant Manager

  • Managed the staffs and scheduled functions to be held at the restaurant
  • Greeted all the guests arriving and arranged their seats
  • Ensured that the service was accurate and timely
  • Interviewed and hired employees for the restaurant
  • Coordinated between the back-end and front-end staff
  • Monitored the stocks and maintained the inventory
  • Met and solved all the customer queries

Outback Steakhouse – Raleigh, North Carolina

Restaurant Manager

  • Managed all aspects of service operations
  • Hired and trained employees
  • Evaluated performance of the employees
  • Maintained highest level of customer service
  • Developed new menu for the restaurant
  • Developed marketing programs to promote the restaurant effectively


  • Good customer service skills
  • Ability to handle working in rotating shifts
  • Good communication skills


Bachelors in Hotel Management from North Carolina University


Signature of Malcolm Phillips


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