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Restaurant Manager Resume Examples: 5 Best Samples & Why They Work

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Job searching in the food industry is competitive, especially in higher-level positions like restaurant manager roles. Are you having difficulty getting your restaurant manager resume to stand out in a pile of others all looking for the same job?

We have tested templates that should help to tailor your resume to meet the needs of this job position.

The resumes also represent jobs with different levels of experience and education, including entry-level, assistant restaurant manager, fast food, fine dining, and a regional position that oversees lower-level restaurant managers.

Restaurant Manager Resume Examples

There are many different types of restaurant managers, from fast food to fine-dining and regional managers, who delegate to individual restaurant managers. Each one requires different sets of skills and work experience. These resume examples all include managerial experience and food service or similar experience.

Entry-Level Restaurant Manager Resume Example

This resume is for someone looking to obtain employment as a restaurant manager with little to no experience with that title. An entry-level restaurant manager should have experience in front and back-of-house duties and general business management, which this resume attempts to demonstrate.

Kitchen Manager, Family Restaurant & Bar, Rochester, NY | October 2018 – Present

  • Inspected kitchen facilities before and after service to ensure they met food safety regulations and cleanliness.
  • Completed bi-weekly schedules that covered time-off and restaurant needs for 20 employees, including front and back-of-house.
  • Calculated food costs, maintained inventory levels, and assisted with the kitchen budget.
  • Keep sanitation and safety records as appropriate for government agencies.
  • Resolve customer complaints through investigation and meal replacement.

Sous Chef, ABC Bistro, Queens, NY | February 2015 – September 2018

  • Served as liaison between the head chef and other kitchen employees, encouraging smoother communication between departments.
  • Hired and trained all new kitchen staff on food safety, kitchen protocols, seasonal menus, and weekly specials.
  • Organized food and beverage deliveries from a variety of vendors across the city, verifying all product quality and quantity while keeping in contact with suppliers.
  • Co-managed 30 employees, including line cooks, prep cooks, pastry chefs, and grill staff, for lunch and dinner services with minimal supervision.
  • Acted as Head Chef during lunch and dinner services when necessary to ensure continuous service while maintaining quality and keeping customer feedback in mind.

Event Experience

  • Developed a promotional, romantic eight-course Valentine’s Day tasting menu that saw an overall check increase of 12%.
  • Co-wrote the launch menu for ABC Bistro opening in 2015, including formatting and printing.
  • Participated in restaurant launch preparation and execution from beginning to opening day training alongside the acting restaurant manager.


  • Forecasting and planning
  • Customer service
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Budget management
  • Food service industry knowledge


  • Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa, Canada – Graduated Grand Diplôme program | 2015
  • Adelphi University New York, NY – Completed Basic Accounting Certificate | 2021

Licenses & Certifications

  • ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification
  • IFSEA Certified Food Manager
  • OSHA 10

Why This Resume Works

This resume focuses on the placement in past restaurants and elaborates on the experience gained from different positions within the restaurant. Although the experience is mostly kitchen based, each step relates the experience to a part of the restaurant that a restaurant manager will be responsible for.

The skills listed and the duties detailed for each position showcase the relevant kitchen and business experience necessary to succeed as an entry-level restaurant manager. While there is no specific experience as a restaurant manager, the resume shows that the managerial expertise is there to take that position.

The project experience section demonstrates the ability to see large projects through from conception to launch day and any additional revenue earned from the project. It also shows front-of-house experience, which the job seeker needs to add to the primarily kitchen-based work experience.

Fast Food Restaurant Manager Resume Example

A fast food restaurant manager must be able to work in a team and be very flexible in marketing decisions. Focusing on money management and staffing in a high turnaround industry will be a benefit, as well as demonstrating the ability to work in high-pressure environments during tough economic times.

Restaurant Manager, Burgers Fast & Fancy, Madison, WI | April 2019 – Present

  • Implemented delivery-only procedures and collaborated with services such as QuickDeliver.
  • Trained 175+ employees during the time of employment, including 15 supervisors and assistant managers.
  • Curated and maintained vendor relationships for ingredients, restaurant supplies, and advertising.
  • Created and adjusted monthly employee schedules to ensure appropriate staffing levels.
  • Administered payroll and paid franchisee dues on time.

Assistant Restaurant Manager, PizzaPie, Madison, WI | December 2017 – April 2019

  • Assisted the general and restaurant managers in organizing and implementing financial strategies from brainstorming to implementation.
  • Planned 15+ employees schedule three weeks ahead so the general manager can sign off.
  • Optimized multiple productivity objectives to streamline employee hours, resulting in a 21% increase in daily revenue.
  • Monitored and tracked inventory and resources for a monthly budget presentation to upper management.
  • Managed the customer experience with cultural sensitivity and resolved customer complaints according to company policies.

Professional Accomplishments

  • Maintained 90% of past years’ revenue during the 2020 and 2021 shutdown.
  • Received first place in the 2019 Fast food Madison Awards for Best New Manager.
  • Worked with community charities to raise $5000 for the local food banks.


  • Scheduling
  • Customer relations
  • Budget management
  • Hiring and staffing
  • Workplace optimization


  • Restaurant Management – Technical diploma, Northeast WI Technical College, Green Bay, WI | Graduated 2016

Licenses & Certifications

  • ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification
  • IFSEA Certified Food Manager
  • OSHA 10

Why This Resume Works

This resume showcases past experience as a fast food restaurant manager, including the steps taken to keep a business running during difficult economic times. The work experience shows the ability to work with others as both an assistant manager and the restaurant manager and also having the creative insight to implement innovative solutions to problems managers may encounter.

In addition to work experience, the strong licensing and education sections show formal standardized management training and the willingness to pursue education outside of the job. The skills section reinforces a strong background in business administration, including money management and staff training.

For job seekers with less experience as a fast food restaurant manager, focusing on accomplishments and education can help balance the resume.

Assistant Restaurant Manager Resume Example

As the next step towards becoming a restaurant manager, assistant restaurant manager job descriptions usually include some managerial or supervisory experience, including taking on the tasks of a manager occasionally. Focus on quantitative improvements you have made to the business.

Assistant Restaurant Manager, Fish-Tail-Fin, Irvine, CA | July 2021 – Present

  • Addressed customer complaints and offered solutions, replacing dishes or providing refunds as appropriate.
  • Acted as duty restaurant manager while the full-time manager was away one day a week and whenever necessary.
  • Trained 15 new front-of-house staff on serving, clear down, and customer relations duties.
  • Coordinated day-to-day operations with supervisory staff, including during an extensive restaurant renovation.
  • Inspected food preparation areas to ensure the restaurant met food standards and cleanliness.

Bartender, Wooden Cask Bar, Newport Beach, CA | December 2018 – July 2021

  • Mixed and served 1500+ drinks to customers weekly, customizing to suit customer taste.
  • Performed closing duties, including balancing cash float and verifying all cash and credit card transactions at the end of shift for all staff.
  • Trained new bar employees on drink service and customer management and assisted with hiring.
  • Kept the bar clean and safe for customers and coworkers by verifying ages and ensuring employees served customers appropriately.  
  • Maintained stock levels of all alcohols, including specialty liqueurs, and kept inventory, placing orders where necessary to replenish.

Event Experience

  • Organized and tended bar for a “casino night” event for a local non-profit where the bar was rented out and assisted in raising $150,000 for charity.
  • Developed 16 signature drinks for a 2019 California wine and cocktail pairing event that were all positively received.
  • Received a 97% customer satisfaction rating during the 2019 Secret Shopper event.


  • Conflict resolution
  • Report creation
  • Team leadership and management
  • Customer service
  • Duty flexibility


  • Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration, University of California, Irvine, CA | Graduated 2019

Licenses & Certifications

  • Certified Food Service Manager
  • Adult CPR and First-aid
  • ServSafe Alcohol Primary training

Why This Resume Works

Assistant manager positions are often entry-level from either other industries or roles elsewhere in the restaurant. As assistant restaurant managers report to a general manager, showing the ability to work as a team in a variety of circumstances is important.

While there are less than two years of experience as a formal assistant restaurant manager, it is still backed up by a focus on customer service. Past serving experience elevates the bartender position as they work in a fast-paced environment, with a variety of customers and with little to no supervision.

A formal degree in business administration and events experience with non-profits also shows how you can expand your work experience with life experience.

Fine Dining Restaurant Manager Resume Example

Managers for fine dining restaurants must work with both front and back-of-house staff and often lead weekly or biweekly meetings to learn about new menus and to be able to offer customers dining advice. They should be able to demonstrate the ability to resolve customer complaints online and offline.

Fine Dining Restaurant Manager, Gold, San Francisco, CA | January 2022 – Present

  • Managed FOH staff of 20+ employees, including waitstaff, bussers, and bartenders.
  • Led weekly restaurant staff meetings for menu tastings and acted as a liaison between FOH and BOH to improve in-house communication.
  • Prepared weekly schedules adjusting staffing levels as necessary for high and low seasons.
  • Trained FOH staff and assisted in training kitchen staff, resulting in a 9% decrease in check time.
  • Answered all telephone and internet inquiries promptly, including restaurant reviews and follow-ups on customer concerns.

Catering Manager, Lifestyle Foods Catering, San Francisco, CA | June 2018 – July 2020

  • Introduced a two-phase marketing program in collaboration with local hotels resulting in a customer base growth of 25% and expanded territory out of state.
  • Responsible for daily operations and managing events on the day of celebration.
  • Assisted chefs with the development of catering menus, budgets, and services, including parties where invoices exceeded $500,000.
  • Oversaw quality control of food presentation, preparation, and delivery at the event.
  • Managed set up and breakdown of all events.

Event Experience Highlights

  • Managed the catering of the Red Carpet San Francisco Gala with a 450-person attendance and 98% customer satisfaction.
  • Curated the themed food and drink menus for the five-day Valley Wine & Small Plates event attended by 1200 people, as well as allergy options.
  • Assisted in the management role during Gold’s award of one Michelin star in 2022.


  • Customer service
  • Attention to detail
  • Hiring and training
  • Communication Skills
  • Hospitality trend awareness


  • Social Media Strategies, California State University, Dominguez Hills, CA | 2022
  • Managerial Accounting, California State University, Dominguez Hills, CA | 2020
  • Certificate of Completion in Meeting and Event Planning, California State University, Dominguez Hills, CA | 2018

Licenses & Certifications

  • Proficient with Maitre’D POS software
  • SafeServ Certification
  • California Cottage food operator license

Why This Resume Works

This resume features a job seeker who has limited experience as a restaurant manager but many accomplishments as a manager elsewhere in the industry. It focuses on transferable skills like working with the back-of-house staff, budgeting in a variety of circumstances, and training front-of-house staff.

In addition to hands-on industry experience, the education section features individual courses taken from an open university that will showcase learning current market trends. The managerial accounting course translates well, and the Social Media strategies course reflects in the fine dining restaurant summary by answering customer complaints online.

This template also gives space to expand on the parties or events the job seeker has managed. Events highlight a portion of the resume and offer tangible examples of events the person has participated in, the type of clientele they catered to, and the outcome, such as a high customer satisfaction rating or awards.

Regional Restaurant Manager Resume Example

Companies hiring regional restaurant managers usually focus on managerial skills and formal education related to business or hospitality. These positions typically devise and construct plans that individual store managers then complete. The regional manager will then report to a higher board or national manager for the company with the accumulated facts and figures.

Manager, Cake & Steak: Store #214, Denver, CO | September 2019 – Present

  • Implemented a national marketing campaign with local additions to appeal to a Denver customer base and a 7% increase in sales.
  • Trained newly hired employees for Colorado stores #214, #216, and #308 according to franchise regulations and guidelines.
  • Devised and submitted additions to the national daily operations manual to improve efficiency by 3% on a monthly basis.
  • Delegated tasks to the appropriate department and employees to boost productivity, stepping in to assist when necessary.
  • Maintained communication with other franchise managers, regional managers, and national stores for problem-solving and consistency.

Restaurant Manager, Smith Family Restaurant, Albuquerque, NM | May 2005 – August 2019

  • Completed probation and annual employee performance and wage reviews, including documentation.
  • Trained FOH staff and delivered additional training for special event drink pairing experiences.
  • Streamlined inventory and ordering process, including re-evaluating merchant networking which resulted in a 15% reduction in delivery costs.
  • Responsible for daily operations, including opening for breakfast service and closing after the kitchen staff had cleaned the kitchen.
  • Resolved customer complaints to the satisfaction of all parties quickly and efficiently.

Project and Policy Experience

  • Wrote new delivery and take-out-only guidelines for Cake & Steak employees in 2020, which were adopted nationally.
  • Managed the first-place team for the 2010 Casper restaurant wars competition, which included a full menu and pop-up restaurant design.
  • Colorado representative and Secretary for the National Cake & Steak board in charge of new policies.


  • Proven cost-control expert
  • Trained in performance and wage reviews
  • Conflict resolution techniques
  • Budget management
  • Marketing and advertising


  • Master of Business Administration, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO | 2010
  • Graduate Cert. Business Management, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO | 2004
  • Bachelor of Science Business Administration, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO | 1998

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Spanish

Licenses & Certifications

  • ServSafe
  • Certified Restaurant Manager (CRM)
  • L3 sommelier certification, Colorado | 2020

Why This Resume Works

For a regional restaurant manager position, this resume template focuses on the many years of managerial experience at a standalone restaurant and franchise levels. It shows the level of responsibility given to the manager and how the manager endeavors to make the business as efficient as possible.

As a regional manager must work with multiple store managers, this resume stresses the ability to delegate, supervise and train employees to accomplish necessary tasks. The tasks are either pre-existing national mandates, as shown by the ability to follow guidelines, or have been devised to fit in with pre-existing regulations with the invention of streamlined policies.

As well as experience, the resume mentions that the job seeker speaks both English and Spanish and has in-depth education experience accumulated over time working in the industry.

Common Skills & Action Verbs to Include On a Restaurant Manager Resume

Prospective hiring managers will either run a resume through a computer program to check for critical phrases or manually read the resume for skills and action verbs that apply to their job posting.

Ensure that many of these common skills are listed and action verbs are included in the work experience summaries to improve the chances of the resume making it to a second reading and a possible interview.

Common Skills for Restaurant Manager Resumes

  • Problem-solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Leadership
  • Multi-tasking ability
  • Flexibility
  • Conflict resolution and management
  • Staff training and coaching
  • Language skills
  • Positive attitude
  • Customer service
  • Commercial awareness
  • Business administration
  • Organizational skills
  • Staff management
  • Schedule construction
  • Budget management
  • Food quality and safety
  • Proactive
  • Passionate
  • Teamwork

Common Action Verbs for Restaurant Manager Resumes

  • Scheduled
  • Lead
  • Adopted
  • Introduced
  • Prepared
  • Streamlined
  • Executed
  • Coached
  • Trained
  • Encouraged
  • Guided
  • Created
  • Developed
  • Delegated
  • Formed
  • Educated

Tips for Writing a Better Restaurant Manager Resume

Your resume is the first impression an employer has of you, and that impression should be as positive as possible in order to secure an interview. General managers give restaurant managers a lot of responsibility. A resume that doesn’t showcase your ability to complete tasks will earn you a place near the bottom of the pile.

If your managerial experience isn’t food related, show through your summary how your experience relates to a food service industry job.

Tailor Your Resume For the Job Description

While job descriptions will usually all be similar for the same job title wanting a certain amount of formal education and work experience, every business has different needs and wants, so each job posting will have specific requirements.

When writing your restaurant manager resume, go through the job description line by line. Make sure your resume includes all of the mandatory prerequisites like food service experience, managerial experience, and formal education, if applicable. You should address each required skill with strong action verbs on the work experience summary and the details elaborate.

Using a bold font or a bulleted list can be a great way to draw attention to skills or experience the job posting mentions as being more important. Tailoring to a job posting also helps to show your attention to detail.  

Show Your Accomplishments

A resume is an excellent time to be bold about your previous accomplishments. It’s a chance to boast a little and show a potential employer that you are a successful employee. As long as the achievements are related to the job you are applying for or can be shown to be connected, they can set you above the competition.

Awards, certificates, licenses, and professional projects all showcase what you have worked towards outside your everyday job duties. A prospective employer can use an award to see how you have taken the skills you learned on the job and where you placed in competition with them.

Proofread Your Resume

Employers will pass over even the best resume if it has multiple spelling or grammatical errors. On top of maintaining professionalism, it’s essential to have a clear resume because restaurant managers need to have excellent attention to detail, and missing errors in a resume may show you lack this skill.

In some roles, you may be expected to have high-level written communication skills, especially when it comes to menu planning and management, and a surplus of errors in your resume will certainly not give the impression you want.

A built-in spell-check function will catch many spelling and punctuation errors but checking for grammatical mistakes may require third-party software to ensure the sentences flow well and the correct word has been used. There are plenty of reliable tools you can use. If you want to go the extra mile, you can hire a proofreading service to check your resume.

After reading over your resume and running it through a spell-check, let someone else read it over to pick up on any other errors you may have mixed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a couple of frequently asked questions regarding restaurant manager resumes.

How Do You Make a Restaurant Manager Sound Good on a Resume?

Explain your past work experience in a way that is relevant to the job you are looking to get. Show how you have already managed people and worked in food service employment. Don’t be afraid to boast of your academic accomplishments highlighting food and management courses. Include achievements and quantitative results from your efforts as separate sections.

What is a Good Example of a Restaurant Manager’s Resume Objective?

Enthusiastic and team-oriented manager looking to use nine years of experience managing staff to support a positive workspace, encourage teamwork and help team members grow as chefs. My past experience includes a busy one Michelin star restaurant with a staff of over 100 people and discerning fine-dining guests.

Similar Resume Types to Reference

Many different resume types could be applicable and valuable for a restaurant manager position as they focus on managing situations and helping to accomplish projects in a team.

  • Office Manager Resume: The office manager’s resume highlights managerial experience and the skills necessary for working efficiently in a team.
  • Program Manager Resume: A program manager coordinates an organization’s projects and ensures that everything works in harmony, just like the kitchen and front-of-house must work together.
  • Project Manager Resume: Like a restaurant manager, the project manager’s resume focuses on accomplishments and the ability to budget, allocate resources, and train staff for an event.

Wrapping Up

Job searching can be stressful, and writing a resume doesn’t need to add to that stress. A resume template takes some of the design work out of the equation and allows you to focus on showcasing your skills as best you can.

What did you think of these restaurant manager resume templates? Have you tried one of our templates? Leave a comment and share your opinions. Please share the article if you know someone already in the food industry or are looking to break into it. Happy job hunting!

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