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Resume Review: Why It Happens, Tips For Passing & Best Review Services

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Are you stressed about getting your resume reviewed? You’re not the only one feeling the pressure. It’s a common challenge faced by job seekers everywhere.

But the good news is, you can ace it! All you need to do is list all your career achievements, create a resume to the best of your abilities, and then get a professional review service to help you.

Let’s get started on making your resume review process a piece of cake!

What Is a Resume Review?

A resume review is a critical evaluation of your resume by a professional or an organization to improve your chances of landing a job.

They review your education, work experience, skills and achievements, format, layout, and language used in the resume to ensure that they meet industry standards.

What Is Resume Review in Interview

In an interview context, the resume review is a preliminary screening to help hiring managers and recruiters determine if you’re a good fit for the job. It’s also a tool to help you prepare for your interview, as the feedback you receive can be used to ask thoughtful, relevant questions.

Think of your resume review as a way to get a booster shot for your career. It provides valuable feedback to help improve your resume, and you’ll have extra confidence when sending it out.

What Should Be Included in a Resume Review?

While each industry may have slightly different standards, there are several resume review elements that you can expect across the board. A comprehensive review should include evaluations of general style and content.

1. Overall Appearance Review

The overall appearance review examines your resume’s layout, design, and visual appeal. It assesses the reviewer’s first impression of the overall aesthetic to ensure it entices hiring managers to dig deeper.

2. Formatting Review

Formatting is what makes your resume reader-friendly. This step assesses your use of headings, bullet points, and font styles to ensure your resume is easy to read.

3. Spelling and Grammar Review

A typo or spelling error can be the difference between landing an interview and having your resume tossed aside. A carelessly written resume can reflect poorly on you, so it’s essential to take the time to ensure your document is mistake-free.

4. Writing Style Review

Your resume is an opportunity to showcase your personality, and the writing style review checks that you’re doing just that. It assesses your resume’s tone, language, and style, making sure it’s professional yet personable.

5. Relevance Review

You need to customize your resume to the job you’re applying for, and the relevance review ensures that’s the case. It checks your education, work experience, skills, and achievements, making sure they align with the job you’re after.

What Are the Stages of Resume Review?

A thorough resume review is an essential step in your job search journey. It’s the perfect opportunity to assess your skills, experience, and achievements and check the correct type of resume was used.

First, gather all the relevant information about the job you’re applying for and ensure your resume is up-to-date and accurate.

Next, it’s time for some self-evaluation. Closely examine your resume and assess its overall appearance, formatting, spelling and grammar, writing style, and relevance to the job you seek.

Now you’ll want to ask trusted friends, family members, or colleagues for feedback on your resume. If you’re looking for an expert’s opinion and a comprehensive review, consider working with a professional resume writer or a career coach.

Make any necessary revisions to your resume before submitting it, and do a final review to ensure it is the best it can be. Remember to show off your skills, experience, and personality.

Who Should Review My Resume?

Getting a second opinion on your resume is essential to ensure that it’s in top shape before you submit it. Let’s take a look at who you can turn to for a thorough resume review:

1. Your Connection in the Company

You’re in luck if you know someone who works at the company you’re eyeing. Tap into your network and ask them for their thoughts on your resume.

They’ll be able to give you a sneak peek into what the hiring manager is looking for and what they expect to see in a candidate’s resume.

2. A Professional Resume Writer

These experts have seen it all and know what works and what doesn’t. They’ll help you craft a resume showcasing your unique skills, experience, and personality and ensure that it’s free of errors.

3. A Mentor

A mentor can help you assess what you’ve accomplished and determine what’s most relevant to the jobs you’re interested in. They’ll also offer their thoughts on your strengths and weaknesses and suggest how to improve your resume.

4. Career Coach

A career coach can give you a comprehensive review that covers everything from your format and design to your language and content. They’ll provide practical advice on making your resume more impactful and help you stand out from the competition.

5. Human Resources Professional

If you know someone in HR, consider asking them for their input on your resume. They’ll give you the behind-the-scenes perspective on what the hiring manager is looking for and what they expect to see in a candidate’s resume.

How Can I Review My Resume for Free?

There are various ways to review your resume for free. Job search websites often feature resume review tools. Additionally, some career centers and non-profit organizations offer free resume reviews by experienced professionals.

Is Indeed Resume Review Free?

Yes, Indeed offers a free instant resume scan. It provides a report with tips to enhance your existing resume.

Does LinkedIn Review Resumes?

Yes, LinkedIn offers resume building support if you upgrade to the premium account level. Additionally, a search on the platform yields several free resume review services.

How Much Does It Cost To Review a Resume?

The cost to review a resume can vary depending on the service or provider used, but it can range from free to several hundred dollars.

Factors that can impact the cost of a resume review include the level of detail and customization requested. The experience and credentials of the reviewer can also contribute to the price.

How Much Does It Cost To Review Resumes on Indeed?

There is both a free and paid version to review a resume on the Indeed platform.

The free version of Indeed allows users to upload and search for jobs but does not include additional features such as resume reviews. The paid version, Indeed Pro, has resume reviews at $149 per month.

Is Paying for a Resume Review Worth It?

The decision to pay for a resume review ultimately depends on a person’s job search needs and budget.

Some individuals may feel that the added cost of a professional resume review is worth the investment as it can help them craft a more effective and impactful resume.

Is Paying for Indeed Resume Worth It?

If you choose to pay for a resume review on Indeed, the cost of Indeed Pro can be worth it if you feel you will benefit from access to more job listings.

However, if you can improve your resume through other, less costly means, such as seeking advice from a mentor or career coach, you should opt for that.

How Do I Become a Resume Reviewer

Becoming a resume reviewer is a great way to utilize your expertise in human resources, writing, or recruitment. Here are steps you can take if you’re looking to start a career as a resume reviewer:

  • Work in HR: One of the best ways to gain experience as a resume reviewer is to work in a human resources or recruitment role. In these positions, you can review resumes regularly and provide feedback to job seekers.
  • Look for Relevant Internships: Interning at a human resources or staffing firm can be an excellent way to gain experience and build your resume review skills.
  • Get Experience: It’s crucial to actively look for opportunities to examine resumes and provide comments to job seekers, whether you work in human resources or are pursuing an internship.
  • Get Certifications: Consider obtaining certifications in human resources, recruitment, or resume writing to demonstrate your expertise and commitment to resume review.

Best Resume Review Services

Getting a second opinion from a trusted source is your best option for creating a winning resume. Even if you work with resume writing services, it’s best to get another pair of eyes on the final draft before sending it out. Here are some of the best options for resume reviews.

Best LinkedIn Resume Review

LinkedIn is the go-to for many professionals, and the platform offers access to hundreds of jobs at any given time. When it comes to LinkedIn profile and resume writing, a few services stand out.

TopResume and ZipJob offer comprehensive resume reviews. Additionally, you can access other employment search support.

Best Instant Resume Review

When you’re in a rush and need feedback fast, look to Ladders for a quick turnaround. You get results immediately rather than waiting for a day or more. Plus, the site covers all the basics to produce a polished resume.

Best Free Resume Review and Rewrite

A tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t find help with your resume, especially with the fine folks at ResumeWorded offering quick, easy, expert support.  

Wrapping Up

A clear, clean, comprehensive resume can land you a spot on top of the stack or in the reject bin. That’s why it’s important to do a thorough resume review with input from trusted, experienced sources.

Whether you’re working with a professional resume reviewer, using a service like LinkedIn or Indeed, or relying on a mentor or career coach, you need third-party input.

Don’t be afraid to put in the effort and invest the time to create an outstanding resume!

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