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Dental Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Dental assistants normally require a Dental Assistant’s Certificate or similar state license, and also an X-ray certification, since taking, developing, and mounting dental X-rays is a standard part of a dental assistant’s duties. Don’t omit a brief reference to your certification in your cover letter, even though you will have included details and transcripts in […]

Marketing Manager Cover Letter Sample

An applicant for a marketing manager position needs to have some previous experience in marketing, even if it was only an internship or entry-level job. You will have listed your former positions in your resume, but your cover letter gives you a chance to describe your marketing involvement in a way that will appeal to […]

Electrical Engineer Cover Letter Sample

Electrical engineers can be employed in industry, education, and consulting positions, and in a wide variety of tasks from minor repairs to major systems, installation, or maintenance. Therefore, before you write your electrical engineer cover letter, you need to be clear about which field and skill level the advertised position is in. The second thing […]

Receptionist Cover Letter Sample

A receptionist needs to combine people skills and an outgoing personality with proficiency in administrative tasks, and these major attributes need to shine through in your receptionist cover letter. Receptionists’ working hours can be very specific and non-negotiable, often requiring them to work either a very early or very late shift so that the front […]

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Sample

As an administrative assistant, the more skills you have, the more likely you are to be employed. Therefore, your administrative assistant cover letter must reflect the diversity of your clerical, secretarial, and organizational abilities, as well as your experience. Don’t be too concerned if you look at what you have done in the past and […]


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