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Searching For An Internship: Where To Search and How To Find

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If you have ever attended any college institution, you would know the importance of internships.

The hardest part about internships is knowing where to find them.

Aside from being exclusive to specific clubs and groups, finding a well-known internship program is challenging.

With the COVID impact, many institutions have also turned to remote learning and diminished the traditional ways of finding internship opportunities.

This article will help show you the best places if you’re searching for an internship.

What Are Internships?

Internships are the building foundation for your future career.

They are professional learning experiences to give you practical work in your field of interest.

There’s only so much context a person can learn from the textbook.

Internships put that knowledge into use and prepare students to enter the workplace with little confusion.

How Difficult Is It To Get an Internship?

There is no difference between landing a job and landing an internship.

Both opportunities require a lot of skill and luck.

Companies are looking for candidates who have a resume that reflects their dedication.

Internships can be competitive, such as if the company is known to offer incredible benefits to its internship program recipients.

When Should I Start Searching for Internships?

The golden rule is to apply to internships as soon as possible.

If the internship program has a specific deadline, prepare your portfolio and resume six months in advance.

For seasonal internships, most students get in touch with the professor or contact connected to the internship program and plan for the next semester.

Types of Internships To Look for

If you have the qualifications to apply for an internship, you should also know that different types of internships are available.

Depending on your field, your future career may hold more internship opportunities than others.

Your instructor should be providing you will all the information about open programs.

Here are some of the most common internships you can find in your school.

1. Paid Internships

If you find yourself with the choice, apply for companies that offer paid internships.

These opportunities exist in private sectors and large organizations that can afford to pay their interns.

These spots can be competitive, but the benefits are worth the hustle.

Many companies see the value of internship programs and how they ease recruitment.

It makes the position desirable and establishes a healthy workspace.

2. Internships for College Credit

This type of internship is between you and the school.

Some graduate-level classes can assign credit through internships for students to reflect on their experiences.

The academic sponsor oversees the internships and sets the criteria for passing the semester.

At the end of the course, the student would prepare an essay or presentation discussing what they learned.

The reward is knowledge and experience.

3. Summer Internships

These internships are popular due to the time when they are available.

Students can apply to these programs without the stress of school work.

You can apply for a full-time or part-time position, making it convenient for some students with working schedules.

Since this type of internship happens between the fall and spring semesters, more applications are sent to companies by promising students with free time to commit.

4. Nonprofit Internships

A nonprofit internship is not similar to an unpaid internship.

Both programs don’t pay the student any money for their time, but the work differs from each other.

The work focuses on the service provided and gives students an experience that explores their passion for the field.

This internship has no concern for money but for the individual and their determination to work.

5. Co-Op (Cooperative Education)

Co-Op internships require a lot more commitment than other programs.

A partnership exists between the student, school, and employer for a personalized program.

What separates this experience from a regular internship is the length of time.

You can expect an internship to end in a few weeks, but a co-op program can last for years and provide in-depth knowledge.

6. Externships

Also known as job shadowing, externships often allow students to pair with a worker in the company.

Depending on the assigned worker, the experience varies with each student.

This position is less about work and focuses on showing the student the day-to-day routine.

These internships feel like a test drive and give the student a chance to see if their skills and interests match the work.

7. Research Internships

A research internship allows students to be part of a team engaged with exclusive studies of a specific cause.

This type of internship has strict requirements to join, one of them being a close connection with the researched project.

These opportunities go unpaid and provide incredible knowledge in the field.

The experience alone looks good on a resume and can help find you a job.

What Is the Best Way To Find Internships?

Nowadays, the internet is an incredible source for getting the best advice in finding internships.

There are countless people like you looking for the same opportunities.

Online forums connect past and present students with personal internship experiences that start a conversation.

Searching around your school or college can bring immediate results, but a quick google search can confirm your findings.

Who Can Help Me Find an Internship?

It can be hard to find the sponsor responsible for the internship program.

Sometimes the teacher or professor will refer you to a different source with additional information.

It becomes even more difficult finding a credible source if you are studying abroad, online, or off-campus.

However, the search is not impossible.

All you need to do is find the right people.

1. School Resource Departments

You can expect to find help somewhere in the school resource department.

Begin this search by speaking with your class advisor.

The advisor is in charge of holding all the necessary information, including internship opportunities.

Whoever you meet within these departments will give you the specific requirements to apply for an internship.

You can also sign up for online newsletters for internship openings.

2. Internship Websites

Through the internet, you can visit websites that are internship-focused and help students reach out to open opportunities.

Chegg is a popular site that offers textbook rentals, tutoring assistance, and a database for internship programs.

CollegeRecruiter not only helps students find internships but also advises on building a resume and portfolio.

Explore your options and see which internet website works for you.

3. Networking with Others (Ask Around)

Don’t limit yourself to professional connections.

You should also try and find internships through close friends and family.

When you decide on applying for an internship, let the rest of your family know.

This notice will spread the word and let family members know if they find an opportunity.

Reach out to friends who graduated and ask for their advice about internship programs.

Is It Ever Too Late for an Internship?

It is never too late to apply for an internship.

Finding the right program takes a lot of work and dedication.

Some factors could influence the internship’s availability, but with preparation and persistence, the chances are open for the position.

Internships are not like regular jobs.

The opportunity stands if you meet the qualifications and skillsets, giving you a greater chance of acceptance.

When Is It Too Late To Apply for an Internship?

Every internship has a deadline, making it crucial for students and applicants to know all the dates.

These deadlines also apply to seasonal internships during a specific semester period.

Most companies only allow students still in school or college to intern.

If you are no longer part of an accredited institution, an employer would assume you do not need an internship position.

How To Politely Ask for an Internship

Courtesy goes a long way in the process of finding an internship.

Like a job interview, you should make a good impression on your sponsor.

Here are some scenarios to remember when asking for an internship opportunity.

How To Ask a Current Boss for an Internship

If there’s a current internship opening at your company, schedule a meeting with your boss to discuss the details.

Your chances might be higher than those of other applicants because of your relationship and track record of working for the company.

Remain professional and focus on your strengths.

How To Ask for an Internship Over the Phone

When you try to ask for an internship over the phone, keep your language professional and concise.

Keep the conversation about in internship and avoid going off tangent.

The employer needs to see how much you want this opportunity.

How to Ask for an Internship Via Email

When contacting sponsors over email, use a professional email to boost your credibility.

You should address the person by their full name, speak professionally, and thank them for their time and consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some additional questions for finding an internship.

Can a first-year student do an internship?

Students can start applying for internships as early as their first year.

How do you politely ask for a stipend?

Whether you ask directly or through a letter, remain courteous when discussing a stipend.

Wrapping Up

There are many ways to find an internship, and the results depend on how far you’re willing to search.

Start with your school, and use the internet to find better opportunities.

Countless internship websites exist and help you search.

If you have any further questions about finding an internship or want to share your experience, leave your comments below.

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