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Sell Me This Pen: Why It Is Asked & How To Answer [With Sample Answers]

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What would prevent prospective employers from asking questions that would give them insight into your character and inspiration? Your guess is as good as mine.

Thus, preparing for the “sell me this pen” question is essential if you’re applying for a sales position.

How you respond to this query can make or break your chances of getting the job. After all, every organization wants to hire the best salesperson to generate purchases even under pressure.

Read on to find out why hiring managers love this question and how to answer it.

Why Do Interviewers Ask, “Sell Me This Pen”?

Giving you a chance to show off your selling skills is the whole point of asking a job prospect to sell a pen during an interview.

You could have sales experience, but selling pens is probably your first. You’ll need to persuade the interviewer that you can sell that particular pen to pass the “sell me this pen” test.

It’s frequently the hardest to persuade clients to buy something as basic as a pen. The methods you employed to sell your prior goods may not be the most effective while selling pens. Interviewers most want to learn how you make decisions to sell the pen.

It’s easy to assume that they are merely posing this question to test you or place you in a situation where you need to think on your feet, and in all honesty, that is only partially true.

Selling may be an extremely stressful career, and interviewers are more interested in how you respond to a topic than in what you say.

Each kind of sales position will occasionally put you in awkward circumstances. Hence, interviewers do not expect you to respond ideally to this question (but it certainly doesn’t hurt!). They merely want to watch how you react under pressure.

What Is the Interviewer Looking For?

Companies ask candidates this question because it reveals several crucial skills they are probably looking for in a job candidate.

Other things the interviewer is looking for when asking this question include:

  • Your ability to sell the pen demonstrates to the interviewer your level of sales aptitude quickly
  • Your communication abilities
  • Also, the interviewer wants to discover if you are eager to take on the challenge or are hesitant

How To Answer “Sell Me This Pen”

There is no correct response to this query. You can sell a product in various ways, and what works for one person might not work for another.

Your interviewer’s answers will also influence how you reply. As a result, pay attention and be prepared for change. Even though you might need to adjust your strategy tactics, it’s crucial to keep trying.

Use the tips below when answering “sell me this pen.”

What To Focus on When Answering This Question

Why wouldn’t a potential employer ask such a question if it can provide them with a clear understanding of your motivations and personality?

Because every interviewer has a unique approach to revealing a candidate’s potential, you should always be ready with questions before you go in for an interview.

Even though it frequently happens, many job candidates may be surprised when a recruiter asks them to sell a pen during a sales or marketing job interview.

When asked to sell a pen at an interview, keep the following things in mind to impress the recruiters:

  • Find Out Your Customer Needs: First, understand your client’s needs. What types of pens have they previously used? Why do they enjoy using these pens? How might their pens be enhanced? It is preferable to ask open-ended questions because they enable your customer to deliver many details.
  • Appeal to Your Customer Emotions: People usually purchase items out of desire rather than necessity. Your client probably already has a lot of pens and doesn’t require any more. Look for a strategy to elicit an emotional response from your audience to hook them.
  • Overcome Objections: Your interviewer might not be open to all your sales pitches because they want to treat this like a true sales encounter. They might always say no, they don’t like pens, don’t want pens, and don’t need pens.

What To Avoid When Answering This Question

Avoid the following things when answering the “sell me this pen” question.

  • Begging to Pass the Question Along: Instead, express attention and zeal
  • Closing the Transaction Soon: Be careful to inquire about the client’s needs before completing the sales
  • Being Dishonest About the Pen Features: Avoid cheating the client about the pen features and capabilities

Examples: How To Answer “Sell Me This Pen”

Here are a few examples of how to close the deal.

Example Answer 1

“I’d like to know more about how you use pens daily to understand better how my product can benefit you.

  • When during the day do you use a pen the most?
  • How recently have you used a pen?
  • What about the experience?
  • Was the pen satisfying
  • What was it about utilizing your pen that was lacking or frustrating?”

Why This Answer Works

Once you hear the interviewer’s response, you must make a “sale.”

Still, opening with a question shows that you understand that knowing the client’s needs and having good listening skills are crucial components of becoming a successful seller.

This confident response demonstrates the candidate’s capacity to close deals successfully. The candidate is more interested in knowing whether the specific pen type will meet the customer’s needs before making a sale.

Example Answer 2

“I would appreciate being your go-to source for the finest pens. I’ll put in a lot of effort to earn your trust in me and our products, and I’ll make sure you’re delighted with the outcome. Can we proceed with your initial order, please?”

Why This Answer Works

Ultimately, a hiring manager wants to work with a salesperson who can close the deal.

This candidate has a powerful conclusion. It would help if you weren’t afraid to end your attempt to sell the gadget confidently—interviewers look for this attribute in candidates for sales careers.

The candidate believes they sell the highest quality pens that the customer will love and become a regular customer. That goes a long way in convincing customers they are purchasing the best product.

Example Answer 3

“So you’re looking to buy a pen? What do you do with a pen the most frequently?

Naturally, while creating art with a pen, there is no going back and attempting again. While using a certain approach, you must know that the tip will always work similarly and generate the same line, depth of color, and texture.

Which ink shade would you prefer? Here is the pen I would suggest.

It is produced by Staedtler, a reputable company that offers a warranty on its fine liners. They are renowned for their fine tips that generate precise lines without damaging the paper.”

Why This Answer Works

The candidate starts by asking the customer if they are in the market to purchase a pen.

They tell the customer what they should look for when buying a pen. They recommend the ideal pen that might fulfill customers’ expectations to show their confidence in their products.

They provide the customer with the pen’s unique features to close the deal faster. The applicant also tries to convince the buyer to buy their product because it has unique capabilities.

Additional Tips for Impressing an Interviewer Asking Sell Me This Pen

It gives you peace of mind that employers are more concerned with your general demeanor than just the specifics of your response.

You still need to say something; ideally, it will be powerful and remarkable.

Here are more tips to help you respond effectively to this typical query.

1 Always Plan Ahead

This question is common when applying for a sales position. Make sure you prepare enough with some responses.

Research the company to know the real experiences of previous applicants. That enables you to prepare adequately for any queries.

2. Keep Trying

It’s possible that your attempts to ask questions or make an emotional plea won’t work with the interviewer.

Keep talking and maintain your confidence. Backing down is one thing you must never do.

Give it your best go, at least, and you could surprise yourself. Avoid being unfriendly or hesitant to participate.

3. Take the Question Seriously

How would you approach the selling process in real life?

Try your best to demonstrate the approaches you would take in your response. Respond the same way you would on a cold call.

Additional Questions To Be Aware Of

Below are other popular interview questions you should practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most popular questions applicants ask about the “sell me this pen” question.

What is the origin of “sell me this pen”?

The question comes from Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, in which Leonardo DiCaprio requested some salespeople at a conference to sell him a pen while portraying Jordan Belfort, a 1990s penny stockbroker.

How can I promote my pen?

Partnering with a paper company is the most effective strategy to promote your pen. You can also promote your pens through social media and websites.

Wrapping Up

The good news is that recruiters won’t expect you to have a flawless sales pitch ready. Instead, they’re mainly interested in seeing how you handle pressure.

To prepare a response that will convince the interviewer to give you the job and make them want to buy that pen, take a deep breath, calm your nerves, and then utilize these tips.

Now that you know how to respond when the hiring manager asks you, “sell me this pen,” it’s time to practice giving quick responses.

Contact our team or leave a message in the comment section if you have questions about the perfect job for a sales resume.

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