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Signs Your Boss Likes You but Is Hiding It

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Since we spend long hours at work every day, it’s natural for employees to create bonds and develop chemistry with each other.

This isn’t exclusive to colleagues alone, but it’s also common for bosses to develop feelings for some of their subordinates.

When this happens, bosses may try to keep their feelings subtle so that they don’t cross the fine line between personal and professional relationships.

If you’re wondering whether your boss is trying to make a move on you, this guide is for you! Today, we’ll show you 11 signs your boss likes you but is hiding it. Let’s dive right in!

How Do You Know if Your Boss Secretly Likes You?

As unlikely as it may seem, your boss is a human outside of work. Like everyone else, they may develop feelings towards other people around them, and in some cases, this person happens to be one of their subordinates.

While some bosses may be confident enough to let the other party know right away, others may find it difficult to express their feelings in such situations for many reasons.

For example, some bosses may find it awkward that they’re attracted to someone from their work, especially when there’s an obvious hierarchy between them.

Additionally, while some boss crushes might be innocent, it’s not always the case. In fact, statistics reveal that over 85% of affairs start at the workplace, which explains why a married boss might need to stay subtle.

Also, since office romance is sometimes frowned upon, they might be trying to abide by the company’s rules to avoid consequences leading to getting fired.

However, even if they try to fight it, some can’t help but display their interest in a subtle way to gauge your reaction.

Signs Your Boss Likes You But is Hiding It

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1. You Have a Gut Feeling About It

Let’s start with one of the clearest and simplest signs of all. If your instinct tells you that your boss is attracted to you, there’s a great chance that you’re right.

For example, if you work with other managers in your department but you only get this vibe from a particular person, you’re probably not wrong, especially if the same boss reacts differently to other coworkers.

Of course, you’ll have to give your boss the benefit of the doubt. And luckily, there are others signs to help you confirm your instincts.

2. They Schedule Private or Late Night Meetings

If your boss is having a crush on you, they’ll try to be as close and private with you as possible. In that case, they’ll schedule one-on-one meetings with you more often.

Sometimes, your boss will also schedule these meetings beyond normal business hours or late at night in order to gain more privacy while talking with you.

Of course, there are situations where these meetings are quite necessary and legitimate, such as working on a certain project. But, if you get too many of these meetings, it’s probably due to personal interest.

3. They Call or Text You Not About Work

It’s common for bosses to contact their employees about certain projects after work hours. Since they’re usually quite busy, they shouldn’t have time to talk about anything other than work.

For that reason, if you start getting random calls or texts for no reason, such as “just checking in”, it’s usually a sure sign of romantic interest.

4. Their Body Language

Sometimes, your boss’s body language can reveal a lot more than they want to let off. For example, if you always catch your boss checking you out at meetings or have longer eye contact than usual, it’s probably because they’re attracted to you.

Besides prolonged eye contact, faster breathing, uncontrollable smiling, and leaning in your direction are other signs of attraction, especially toward female coworkers.

5. They Give You Preferential Treatment

showing favoritism in the workplace can happen for a lot of reasons. It can be because you’re actually good at what you do and your boss is having full confidence in your skill.

However, special treatment is also a classic sign of attraction when the admirer wants to flex their power and authority to a subordinate they like.

6. They Confide in You

This one can be a little tricky because it can also mean that they generally trust you. You may also notice that they value your opinion in both personal and professional matters more than others.

However, if your boss shares personal life secrets or confidential work details with you, it’s usually because they like you.

This is especially true if they don’t do this with other employees no matter how competent they are.

7. They Promise You the World

A boss will promise you a great future if the company if they’re love-struck. They’ll give you an inside track on development opportunities within the company.

Of course, this is also one of the subtle signs your boss wants you to stay at your job. However, if weren’t planning on leaving, why else would they be this exclusively generous?

8. They Offer Compliments

If your boss is attracted to you, whether physically or emotionally, they’ll often through subtle yet suggestive comments at you.

This is one of the strongest signs of subtle attraction, whether it’s a male or female boss. The use of certain phrases that are strictly off limits is a more obvious sign, even if they downplay it and pretend it was a joke.

9. They Change Their Appearance

Emotional attraction makes us extra attentive to how we look. Since your boss wants to attract your attention, you’ll notice a sudden change in their appearance.

This can be anything from new outfits and accessories to haircuts or even a makeover of their office.

On the other hand, you may also notice that they compliment how you look more often and seem eager to hear compliments from you specifically.

10. They Invite You to Do Something Outside of Work

A lot of bosses might try to be extra nice during work hours to motivate their employees. Of course, this might trick you into thinking that they like you romantically.

However, if your boss invites you to do something outside of work (during or after work hours), it’s usually a clear sign that they’re into you.

11. They Make Physical Contact

Lastly, your boss might take it a little too far and start getting a bit “handsy”.

Of course, this a definite sign that they’re trying to make a move on you but also a major red flag for sexual harassment and often lead to a lot of problems, such as anxiety before work.

What Should You Do if You Suspect Your Boss Has Romantic Feelings for You?

Although learning that someone is attracted to you is flattering, it can sometimes be a little awkward.

Of course, your reaction toward your boss’s feelings will vary depending on how you feel back. Here are some tips on what you should do in such a situation.

1. Check the Company’s Rules and Regulations About Office Romance

A lot of people overlook this step despite how critical it is, whether you want to go on with the relationship or not.

Each workplace may have its own policies about romance and PDAs in the office. For example, you may need to make your relationship public in written form.

Some companies even prohibit any kind of relationship between their employees outside work. In that case, one of you may need to leave their job.

2. Give Yourself Some Time to Think

Patience is important in these situations because it can help you take a step back and assess the whole situation.

This will also help you see things clearly and decide on the right way to move forward, whether you share a mutual interest or not.

3. Be Upfront About It

Whether you want to move on with the relationship or you want your boss to stop, you’ll need to be honest and clear about your intentions.

Some may find it easier to send subtle vibes that they’re not interested. However, if that doesn’t work, you’ll need to choose a private place away from work and let your boss know how you feel about this.

You should also be ready to seek a transfer to another department or even look for another job if you don’t think you’ll be comfortable working with your boss again.

Final Thoughts

This wraps it up for today’s guide that walks you through all the various telltale signs that your boss is into you but is hiding it.

Subtle flirting, extra attention, and preferential treatment can always give away a secret admirer, even if it’s your boss.

If you’re both single and the previously mentioned signs helped you confirm your hunch, it’s a match!

As always, don’t forget to drop a comment if you have any questions or suggestions to help others handle the situation.

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