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Social Media Manager Resume Examples: 5 Best Samples & Why They Work

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If you’re a social media strategist, you might think of upping your game and applying for a social media manager position. However, the competition is aggressive, so your resume must be top-notch to stay above the other candidates.

You’re not alone in this hitch. Many people, especially first-timers, grapple with creating the perfect social media manager resume.

Fortunately, there are easy key points and templates you can follow. In this article, we’ll walk you through the best approaches to writing the best resume for the job.

Social Media Manager Resume Samples

To make the best social media manager resume, highlight the qualifications and practical experiences making you suitable for the position.

Keep in mind that social media managers carry numerous responsibilities, so you should include any skills or talents you can bring to the table.

Entry-Level Social Media Manager Resume Example

In writing an entry-level resume, you should emphasize your soft and hard skills.

If you have limited experience, focus on your education while showcasing your personal interests, hobbies, or background relevant to the position you’re applying for.

Social Media Moderator

  • Assisted in establishing the company’s social media brand through several online platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Responsible for responding to Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok queries about the products and services of the company.
  • Managed consumer engagement in social media by ensuring prompt replies with accurate information to aid the customers.
  • Tasked with making weekly and monthly reports about social media trends.
  • Established and maintained an uptick of 20% in social media page traffic in a span of two years.

Customer Service Representative

  • Exhibited great communication skills pertaining to customer service, boosting the overall satisfaction rate to 80%.
  • Praised for excellent soft skills, such as friendliness, social listening skills, and a positive attitude under pressure.
  • Received an outstanding service record award, catering and solving issues for over 10,000 product consumers.
  • Directly responsible for responding to calls, emails, and social media queries and providing accurate and reliable information for consumers.
  • Developed empathy and understanding for customers requiring assistance.

Project Experience

  • Responsible for writing creative captions to boost consumer interaction on social media platforms.
  • Edited and posted online advertising photos for the company’s products gathering tens of thousands of likes and shares.
  • Managed social media posts to engage with the community and successfully increased Facebook and Twitter followers from 10k to 50k.


  • Fundamentals of marketing strategies
  • Solid knowledge of photoshop image editing
  • Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok
  • Organization and planning skills
  • Communication skills


  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing: Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (August 2016 –  June 2020)
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology: Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (August 2015 –  June 2016)

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Photoshop Editing – Essential Training Course Certificate
  • Photoshop Editing – Advanced Training Course Certificate
  • Content Marketing Certification – Engage Academy

Why This Resume Works

As an entry-level applicant, you should show that you’ve got the right arsenal for the position. That you can work as efficiently as applicants with considerable experience.

With that in mind, you should put emphasis on how your experiences, albeit not directly related, can help you fulfill the roles and responsibilities of the said job.

That angle is what makes this resume exceptional. It connects certain aspects, like transferable skills, of your previous job to the work you’re trying to get.

A clean-looking yet creative template will also go a long way. Resumes aren’t merely papers you write and pass but also a medium where you can provide a peek at the quality of your work.

Experienced Social Media Manager Resume Example

The challenge of an experienced resume is how to present your qualifications to catch the employer’s eye. Simply scribbling your years of experience and skills won’t do.

How you organize the information within your resume is the key to a fantastic social media manager resume. Stress the positive outcome of your projects to impress confidence and reliability.

Social Media Manager

  • Oversaw the company’s interaction with the public through online platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Tiktok.
  • Worked closely with the social media strategist, ensuring all social media marketing efforts support the company’s digital goals and brand.
  • Has hands-on experience creating online marketing content, such as advertisement photos and videos.
  • Analyzed data through google analytics and used the data for online marketing planning.
  • Headed digital planning campaigns and successfully increased brand awareness to 80% within six months.

Online Content Manager

  • Created marketing content for several online media platforms, including the company website’s blog posts and product reviews.
  • Wrote over 600 marketing articles in a span of 2 years, increasing the company’s website traffic by 15% and receiving awards as one of the top marketing content creators.
  • Organized over a dozen online podcasts to engage with consumers and promote awareness of a brand’s services and products.
  • Handled several advertising campaign videos that received tens of thousands of likes and shares from Facebook and Twitter users.
  • Managed online marketing budget for paid social media posts, increasing brand awareness and recognition.

Project Experience

  • Spearheaded customer engagement for YouTube video advertisements, significantly increasing the subscriber base from 20k to 60k.
  • Was in charge of optimizing content for social media algorithms, setting trends, and boosting website traffic.
  • Organized seasonal paid advertisements online to boost brand awareness and successfully increase brand name recognition.


  • Adobe photo and video editing
  • Copywriting
  • Solid knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok
  • Google Analytics


  • Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication: Oregon State University, Corvallis, USA (2017 – 2020)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts: California College of the Arts, San Francisco CA (2013 – 2017)
  • Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing: Southern New Hampshire University, Hooksett, New Hampshire (2021 – 2023)

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Coursera Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization Certification
  • Social Media Marketing Certification
  • Copy-wright Copywriting Course Certification

Why This Resume Works

The reason why this type of resume works is it focuses on your tangible achievements, which is what every employer wants.

Numbers are your best friends when making an experienced social media manager resume. So, throw in as many numbers as you can to flaunt your accomplishments.

It’s also crucial to include any practical talents and skills that can be useful for the position. It shows your resourcefulness and that you can work any role in any project.

Any leadership or management experience is an edge over other candidates. It shows that you have the capability to handle responsibilities and direct a group to achieve a goal.

Lastly, avoid writing a dense wall of text to your resume—which is the tendency for experienced applicants. Instead, write in a clear, concise, and readable manner.

Social Media Manager Internship Resume Example

Internships are your gateway to gathering enough experience and skills for a full-time position. As such, your internship resume should outline your best qualities and potential.

As an intern, you likely don’t have enough experience related to the position. That said, you can bank on any unique experiences that help you develop skills or talents you can offer.

Social Media Content Creator

  • Established social media presence on Tiktok, Facebook, and YouTube, garnering over 20k followers and subscribers.
  • Filmed and edited photos and videos, boosting website traffic and mentions.
  • Collaborated with other social media influencers in making online content and gathering over 600k views on YouTube, Facebook, and Tiktok.
  • Crafted memes and funny clips weekly that gathered an average of 20k views per video on Facebook and Tiktok.
  • Granted sponsorship and advertising contracts from several renowned brands.

Photographer and Videographer Assistant

  • Assisted in filming over 200 videos for weddings, birthdays, holidays, and occasions.
  • Implemented set design, makeup, and lighting for studio and outdoor photography and videography sessions.
  • Collaborated with customers to maintain the quality of photos and videos by soliciting feedback on retouching the images and clips.
  • Assisted in editing over 10,000 photos using Adobe Photoshop while incorporating the customers’ opinions and wants.
  • Created a friendly environment for clients with disabilities, children, and pets, successfully increasing customer satisfaction by 20%.

Project Experience

  • Personally engaged with the online community through social media comments, emails, and feedback.
  • Supervised several social media pages, monitoring trends, and keeping track of community interactions.
  • Crafted creative captions for advertising photos and videos, boosting brand awareness, and up-ticking monthly business.


  • Extreme efficient with Adobe Photoshop editing
  • Fundamentals of Adobe Premiere CC
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Highly creative
  • Attention to detail


  • Bachelor of Arts in Photography: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Carbondale, Illinois (2014 – 2015)
  • Bachelor of Visual Communication Design: The University of Newcastle, Tyne England (2015 – 2019)
  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management: University of Michigan-Dearborn College of Business, Dearborn, USA (2019 – 2021)

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Commercial Photography Certificate
  • Fashion Photography Seminar Certificate
  • Digital Marketing Convention Certificate

Why This Resume Works

It can be challenging to convince employers to give you a chance despite your limited work experience. That’s why you have to ensure that everything you put in your internship resume adds value to your profile.

This resume works because it provides the hiring manager with enough information to gauge your worth as an employee. It also outlines your raw potential as a new addition to the team.

Maintain a clean and professional-looking resume that strategically exhibits your assets as an employee. Focus on what’s relevant and helpful for the position you’re trying to fill.

Finally, prioritize your resume objectives to show your eagerness to join the team. Nothing beats an employee that works his/her capabilities to benefit the company.

Freelance Social Media Manager Resume Example

Traditional resumes present your qualifications to the hiring manager. A freelance resume, however, heavily relies on the quality of your work and the number of clients you have.

These are the aspects you highlight in a freelance social media manager resume. Stress your accomplishments and technical skills rather than your education and soft skills.

Freelance Social Media Manager

  • Crafted, launched, and managed a strategic social media campaign for the holiday promotional launching of iPhone 13.
  • Initiated and spearheaded the social media launching of several iPhone products locally and internationally.
  • Moderated social media programs, such as internet forums, blogs, online conventions, and customer feedback boards.
  • Completed a 2-year social media moderating contract that established a potent online presence for the Bar and Grill food chain.
  • Worked closely with the marketing department to make a potent online presence and identity for Bright Telecommunications.

Freelance Marketing Consultant

  • Handled marketing campaigns on several platforms, such as radio, social media, text messages, email, and online articles.
  • Developed marketing strategies and programs for small to medium-sized businesses on several digital platforms.
  • Made data-driven consulting and recommendations for local food businesses in implementing strategies to reach their target market.
  • Collaborated with several project teams and managers, establishing good relationships and ties in the field.
  • Keeping track of new marketing trends through online courses, seminars, workshops, and research.

Project Experience

  • Led a social media marketing campaign with 15 people and a budget of 50k from launch to completion.
  • Initiated a successful social media campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for local businesses, increasing sales by over 20% in six months.
  • Created, implemented, and maintained a social media brand awareness program that received a 25% uptick in online customer interaction.


  • Communication skills
  • Solid website SEO knowledge
  • Fundamentals of data analytics
  • Collaboration
  • Excellent leadership and management


  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2014 – 2018)
  • Digital Marketing Analytics Short Course: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, USA (August 2020)
  • Digital Marketing – Short Online Course: Yale School of Management, New Haven Connecticut (September 2022)

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certification
  • Hubspot Content Marketing
  • Google Analytics Skillshop Certification
  • UC Davis Search Engine Optimization

Why This Resume Works

As an independent provider, you should convince the hiring manager that you can deliver.  Establishing credentials is essential since you’ll be working on vital projects that affect the company’s overall success.

What separates this type of social media manager resume from others is its appeal to authoritative figures and brands. By listing the names of the companies and business entities you’ve worked with, you’re showing that you’re trusted in this field.

Another crucial aspect of this resume is how it describes your accomplishments. Indicate the numbers and scales of the achievements you’ve performed. Numbers and outcomes are always good reference points for any employer.

Senior Social Media Manager Resume Example

Like in an experienced resume, the key to an excellent senior social media manager resume is the effective organization of information. This type of resume must focus on leadership experience and managerial capabilities.

Hiring managers may already know about your extensive expertise, so it’s more practical to emphasize qualifications that match the job description of a senior social media manager.

Senior Social Media Manager

  • Managed a heterogeneous team of 15 individuals, such as full-time employees and independent contractors, for the company’s SEO optimization and online social strategy.
  • Initiated a marketing plan utilizing several channels of multimedia and online communications.
  • Annually implemented social media consumer satisfaction surveys and maintained a 95% satisfaction rating for over five years.
  • Coordinated with several social media influencers to establish sponsorship and advertising contracts, boosting brand awareness by 40% in two years.
  • Integrated several social media platforms to amplify customer reach and successfully generated an uptick of 20k followers for the company webpage.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

  • Briefed and instructed clients on SEO marketing approaches fitting for their business and company types.
  • Analyzed and reviewed client websites to create detailed SEO reports for crafting intervention and marketing programs.
  • Developed online strategy for SEO optimization, amplifying content relevance, and successfully increased website traffic by over 60%.
  • Collaborated with clients to gather insight into their company goals and incorporate them into building an effective marketing program.
  • Managed marketing campaign expenses, ensuring all efforts stuck to the budget, and created well-rounded financial reports.

Project Experience

  • Increased online sales by 50% through effective budget allocation across several marketing staff and channels.
  • Fostered excellent communication across the various departments of social media marketing teams, improving productivity by 20%.
  • Handled strategic marketing planning on the launching of an AI assistant product for iPhone and Android phones.


  • Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • SEO website content analysis
  • Content Specialist
  • Leadership and organizational skills


  • Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration: The University of Colorado, Denver School of Public Affairs, Denver, Colorado (2010 – 2014)
  • Bachelor of Digital Marketing: Arizona State University, Phoenix, Arizona (2015 – 2018)
  • Digital Marketing Analytics – Short Online Course: Michigan Institute of Technology (MIT), Sloan School of Management (2018 – 2019)

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Hubspot SEO Certification Course
  • Ahref Advanced SEO Course Certification

Why This Resume Works

When applying for any job, it’s paramount that you have the skill set and capabilities to handle its responsibilities. This type of resume relays exactly that information to the employer.

As a senior media manager, you’ll be responsible for developing and handling marketing strategies for the whole company. You’ll constantly work with teams and groups to achieve the goals the company sets.

This resume outlines your leadership, management, and organizational skills. These are the most essential qualifications for a social media manager position.

Common Skills & Action Verbs to Include On a Social Media Manager Resume

As in any job application, you must list all relevant skills for your desired position. Hiring managers will evaluate the utility of these skills, so avoid including unnecessary and irrelevant information.

Apart from the skills, action verbs are one of the most important aspects of your resume. Using this type of verb makes the most striking statement and impression of your abilities and skills.

Action verbs stand out because of their clear-cut and concise message. Job descriptions that don’t use action verbs are less effective because they’re less concise.

With that in mind, here’s a list of the skills and verbs you can use to make the perfect social media manager resume:

Common Skills for Social Media Manager Resumes

  • Collaboration
  • Social Listening
  • Copywriting
  • Customer service
  • Communication
  • Social Media Trends Analysis
  • Video editing
  • Photo Editing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
  • Multitasking
  • Creative Writing
  • Hootsuite
  • Data Analytics
  • Written Communication
  • Content Moderation
  • Leadership
  • Management

Common Action Verbs for Social Media Manager Resumes

  • Administered
  • Managed
  • Initiated
  • Handled
  • Organized
  • Spearheaded
  • Arranged
  • Crafted
  • Oversaw
  • Planned
  • Engaged
  • Devised
  • Designed
  • Pitched

Tips for Writing a Better Social Media Manager Resume

There are many styles and methods you can use in making a resume. However, it must reflect not only your qualifications but also your character.

The words and appearance of your resume are as important as the information inside. Employers evaluate hundreds of resumes, so make sure that yours stands out.

Here are some tips to remember when writing your social media manager resume:

Incorporate Important Keywords on Your Resume

Many modern companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to sift through the resumes that applicants submit. It enables them to accelerate and automate the whole hiring process.

The ATS system evaluates and decides whether a recruiter should see your resume or not. This is where incorporating resume keywords come in.

To do this, carefully examine the job posting you’re interested in. Employers typically leave hints and keywords they’re looking for in potential candidates.

For example, a social media manager hiring post may include SEO in the job description. Pay attention to these details and incorporate them into your resume.

So, when the recruiter searches for that specific keyword on their application database, the ATS won’t exclude your resume from the results. Use more resume keywords, and the system will rank you higher.

Focus on Relevant Skills and Experiences

This is a common mistake among newbies. They write their job skills and experiences exhaustively and cram all the information in their resume.

While it’s tempting to include your extensive experience and educational background, we strongly advise against it. You actually want enough white space to keep your resume scannable and reader-friendly.

Hiring managers deal with hundreds of resume applications. For this reason, they don’t have the time to read walls of text and detailed job experience descriptions.

The best thing to do is to organize the information inside your resume according to relevance. Try to prioritize skills and experiences directly related to the position you desire.

Finally, outline recent experiences and achievements over old ones. Information from 10 years ago might distract the recruiter from other aspects of your resume.

Write Concisely

According to research, employers look at applicants’ resumes for only six to eight seconds. That’s a considerably short time, given the years of information you put in there.

This is why writing concisely is more practical when it comes to resumes. Brevity stands out because it exhibits your consideration for the employer’s time.

It also emphasizes your command of the language, a vital quality for social media managers. The ability to separate relevant information from fluff is a great asset in this field.

Clear and brief statements are easier to understand. It improves the readability of your resume, which is crucial to make lasting impressions.

We also recommend using active voice and action verbs. Active voice ensures clarity, while action verbs highlight your capabilities and skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for a social media manager position can be perplexing if you don’t know what to expect. That said, here are some frequently asked questions by other applicants:

What Should I Put In My Portfolio as a Social Media Manager?

The purpose of a portfolio is to present your skills in a tangible way. For social media managers, you should showcase your expertise by exhibiting your best work.

Thus, you must carefully tailor the content of your portfolio, ensuring that it matches the company’s background.

What Is a Good Example of a Social Media Manager’s Resume Objective?

Companies typically stress the importance of creativity and innovation in social media marketing.

Your resume objective should highlight your knowledge and expertise in utilizing social media as a marketing platform.

We also recommend outlining your impact on the online community to demonstrate your potential as a social media manager.

Similar Resume Types to Reference

Now that you know how to write an effective resume for a social media manager position, take a look at some other resume types that might be useful to you.

  • Marketing Resume: Resume type specifically highlighting your educational background and credentials for generating marketing strategies.
  • Photographer Resume: Resume outlining your photography experience, ability to utilize equipment, and employ photo editing software.
  • Graphic Design Resume: Graphic design resumes offer an overview of your education, training, designing experience, and relevant skill set.

Wrapping Up

We’ve all struggled to create an impressive resume that we’re confident would land the job. It’s even more difficult if you’re just starting out or changing careers.

In a competitive job market, you need a resume that effectively sells your unique qualities as an applicant. It’s where articles like this become extremely helpful as it provides handy references.

With this, you should be able to write the perfect social media manager resume. Tell us your thoughts in the comments section, and share this post to help others!

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