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Software Engineer Resume Examples: 5 Best Samples & Why They Work

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As a Software Engineer, you likely invest in building your technical knowledge. When it comes to resume writing, you may strike out.

The role is in high demand, thanks to the role’s market penetration reaching over $123.5 billion. Subsequently, gaining a footing in the field tends to be competitive.

Rather than rely on resume writing services, we can help guide you through the process through our resume samples and tips. Your document needs to illustrate your accomplishments and relevant skill for a software engineer job.

That said, creating a winning resume involves positively phrasing your work experience and perfecting your layout.

How to Write Software Engineer Resume Objectives?

Objectives are the sales pitches that you make to sell yourself in the job market.

The objectives that are targeted to a particular opening work very well.

The short objective sentence should include a host lot of useful of information such as skills, trainings and experience, which should match with the job opening.

When you are into software engineering the name of the game is to stay updated, so when it comes to objectives the same rule should be applied.

You should remember to rewrite the objective statement when applying for a job.

Recruiters like updated resumes when it comes to selecting for a software engineer interview.

Some Sample Software Engineer Resume Objectives

  • Seeking position of a Software Engineer at …. where I would be able to put to use the knowledge gained in the software development cycle and technical aptitude.
  • Looking to contribute with software development and maintenance knowledge and unyielding commitment for profitable operation of …..
  • Like to contribute with a strong computer networking and network security knowledge to improve the operations of ….
  • Looking for a Software Engineer position at ….. which would utilize my skills of troubleshooting, support and problem solving skills.
  • Seeking a Programmer position at …… where I will have an opportunity to maximize software design and development skills.

How to Write Software Engineer Resume Skills?

The first page of a software engineer resume is like the cover of a book, it will definitely attract eyes.

The skills are decisive part of the resume and they should definitely find their place in the first page of resume.

If you have some special software skills, this is the place to highlight it.

Skills section gives the recruiters an assurance that if you are selected you will be able to meet their needs aptly.

Make sure that the references of skills mentioned in your resume are found in the job responsibilities you have met in your past jobs.

It will give out a clear signal to the recruiters that your knowledge is not confined to theoretical knowledge.

There are many skills a software engineer may possess, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Capability to analyze and design user interfaces and databases.
  • Providing support to legacy systems and taking back-ups from parallel systems.
  • Complete web development knowledge from web scripting, database design to creating user interfaces.
  • Creating policies for software development cycle and putting in place procedures.
  • Managing multiple projects across locations.
  • Providing all types of computer support to ensure maximum run time.
  • Adaptable to changing technical needs and high analytical skills.

Software Engineer Resume Examples

Crafting a Software Engineer resume involves looking into the details of your programming experience. In such a technical field, the software you use and your coding ability should shine among other applicants.

Software Engineer Resume Examples


XX Central Avenue, St. Petersburg 33701
[email protected], (012) 345-6789


Seeking position of a Software Engineer at Rowy Network where I would be able to put to use the knowledge gained in the software development cycle and technical aptitude.


  • Capability to analyze and design user interfaces and databases.
  • Providing support to legacy systems and taking back-ups from parallel systems.
  • Complete web development knowledge from layers, database to creating user interfaces.
  • Creating policies for software development cycle and putting in place procedures.
  • Managing multiple projects across locations.
  • Providing all types of computer support.
  • Adaptable to changing technical needs and high analytical skills.


  • Languages: BASIC, VBA, Pascal, Turbo C, COBOL.
  • Operating Systems: MS XP, MS Vista, SCO UNIX, MS DOS
  • Hardware: SIMM Chips, Installation of Motherboards, Internet/external modems, Printer configurations, SCSI, NIC and IDE Hard Disks, Floppy Drives.


Executive Technology Services – Sacramento, California
2009- Present

Software Engineer

  • Acted as a web developer creating user interface for supporting parallel systems and other trading inquiries.
  • Engineered in the creation of a new customer account system.
  • Developed and later implemented a new feedback system for users where complains could be lodged regarding functionality, defects and bugs in a software.
  • Used coding skills such as JWS, AJAX, XML, XSL and Java.
  • Teamed up with the in-house development team for the creation of a new banking software interface which created cases and insured that these were present in parallel systems.
  • Provided coding support using popular languages such as ASP.NET, Oracle 9i and Microsoft SQL Server.

Truecom Software Solutions – St. Petersburg, Florida

Systems Programmer

  • Deployed and later tested Remote Installation Services for installation on Windows XP.
  • Handled client builds and deployed server builds.
  • Customized Visual Basic applications which were used in post server builds.
  • Provided bi-monthly work reports and processed white papers.
  • Helped the SSL team in managing inventory.
  • Tested SAP systems when it was integrated into Intel.


ITT Technical Institute, St. Petersburg, Florida (Major in Computer Analysis and Programming)

Date: ___________________

Signature of Joe Bass

Download Software Engineer Resume Template

Entry-Level Software Engineer Resume Example

Entry-level Software Engineer positions can be tricky.

You’ll need to rely on a skill-based tactic to secure candidacy. Aside from skills, highlight your participation in any relevant programming projects.

Entry-Level Software Engineer Resume

Why We Suggest this Resume

The resume works well for entry-level applicants since it provides skills and work experience. The project experience section in this resume shows collaborative skills when developing an application.

  • Type of Resume: Entry-Level Software Engineer Resume
  • Best For: Graduates in software engineering applying for entry-level jobs


Adaptable, entry-level software engineer with two years of relevant experience. I specialize in multiple programming tools, from Python 3 and Selenium to HTML and JIRA. I enjoy working in a collaborative environment to test coding solutions and implement reviews and projects.

Work Experience 1

Worked at New York Genome Center as Entry-Level Software Engineer

  • Communicated with ten senior Software Engineers to provide services for the company’s Computational Biologists and Project Managers.
  • Utilized multiple tech stacks, such as Selenium, panda, Python 3, Aspera, JIRA, Bamboo, and Google Cloud Platform APIs.
  • Created and programmed new features to transfer genomic information to institutional consortiums and repositories. One of the stakeholders was the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).
  • Spearheaded open-source access to molecular and genomic information. I was able to contribute to spreading data for global scientific efforts.
  • Assisted in decreasing the software testing process by 10%. I did so by automating atomic tests and minimizing Selenium commands.

Work Experience 2

Worked at JP Morgan as a Software Engineer Summer Intern

  • Collaborated with a team of five experienced Software Engineers to share ideas and brainstorm tech solutions.
  • Operated on software tools such as JavaScript and HTML to produce new applications. I also used my expertise with the tools to modify over 15 applications.
  • Participated in all departmental meetings with senior Software Developers and managers to develop design plans and meet company goals.
  • Used bash and Dosher scripts to create a “remote” coding testing space. I recorded my insights and communicated them with the appropriate parties.
  • Built underlying infrastructure, such as public and private cloud environments and distributed storage.

Project Experience

  • In my experience with JP Morgan, I collaborated on a project to develop a forecasting software tool. It helps predict financial outcomes, whether the company will accumulate losses or wins.
  • Assisted with the creation of the New York Genome Center’s application. The application allowed the distribution of genomic research and data for scholarly purposes.


  • Analytical
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Selenium


  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from New York University


Why This Resume Works

The resume works well for entry-level applicants since it provides skills and work experience. Gaining an entry-level Software Engineering position is challenging since you need to set yourself apart from hundreds of other applicants.

The document works well since it quantifies your accomplishments and specifies tools you can comfortably use. The resume also highlights your project experience section by showcasing your collaborative skills when developing an application.

Associate Software Engineer Resume Example

The Associate Software Engineer undertakes a lot of the responsibility in implemented projects.

In turn, the resume needs to contain insightful work experience and skills. After all, the role is present throughout the project’s steps.

Associate Software Engineer Resume

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume is great because it exhibits industry-specific roles from the work experience portfolio. Additionally, it showcases lots of collaborative work with other departments and team members.

  • Type of Resume: Associate Software Engineer Resume
  • Best For: Software engineers with experience aiming to become associates


I’m an Associate Software Engineer with six years of experience in the industry. My experiences have allowed me to build knowledge in CI/CD pipelines, UXD frameworks, and programming languages. I currently specialize as a Full Stack Software Engineer with extensive know-how in API system functionality and algorithm. I am in search of new opportunities to apply my creative solutions.

Work Experience 1

Worked at Randstad as Associate Full Stack Software Engineer

  • Utilized the You Build You Own model (YBYO) for automated testing and validation.
  • Maintained and updated CI/CD pipelines for cloud space. I used tools such as compiling code, code analysis, binaries creation, and security.
  • Communicated with other departments, primarily architects, to pinpoint technical and functional requirements of a system through prioritization.
  • Designed and implemented API systems for users going through omni-channels in the company.
  • Conducted multiple engineering activities, from performance tuning to deploying, monitoring, and production support.

Work Experience 2

Worked at Boeing as Associate Software Engineer

  • Knowledgeable in using data visualization tools such as Dash plotly, Seaborn, and Matplotib.
  • Helped to maintain the structure, architecture, and documentation of algorithms, designs, and interfaces.
  • Worked with the Boeing Digital Aviation UX team using a standardized UXD framework. I collaborated in developing exceptional user experience through all applications.
  • Catered to a diverse consumer base through a comprehensive assessment of the technical needs of multiple stakeholders.
  • Communicated with other departments in business analysis, project management, and engineering. The team delivered a modern solution for product visuals and enhanced user experience.

Project Experience

  • Worked on a job Board project for my work experience with Randstad. The company specializes in recruitment services, and the job board increased its visibility to potential clients by 20%.
  • Undertook a personal project by creating a game mod on GTA by creating interiors for homes. The game provided a more realistic depiction of the city’s home landscape.


  • Communication
  • UX/UI
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • SDK


  • Bachelor of Information Technology specializing in Software Engineering at La Trobe University


Why This Resume Works

The resume divulges industry-specific roles in your experience portfolio. Subsequently, this earns you points in terms of adaptability.

Additionally, it showcases lots of collaborative work with other departments and team members. The project experience allows you to display your talents in game modification, which doesn’t only appeal to gaming companies.

You can model after this resume if you’ve worked in recruitment or marketing firms. Plus, it can also work for experiences in transportation industries.

Senior Software Engineer Resume Example

Writing a resume may become more challenging as you step into higher-ranking positions.

Fitting all your experiences in a couple of pages requires you to remain concise.

You also provide relevant experience as well that demonstrates your leadership ability.

Senior Software Engineer Resume

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume is excellent because it has solid work experience with quantifiable metrics. Additionally, it includes multiple relevant action verbs and keywords that alert the applicant tracking system.

  • Type of Resume: Senior Software Engineer Resume
  • Best For: Experienced software engineers applying for high-rank positions


I have been a Senior Software Engineer for more than eight years. I am results-driven and interested in applying my leadership skills to enhance employee coding performance and quality. My technical skills include project management, database management, and UI design. My problem-solving extends to technical and managerial points.

Work Experience 1

Worked at Lyft as Senior Software Engineer

  • Worked with a 30-personnel team to re-configure the application for a more user-friendly experience for upwards of 12.5 million riders.
  • Enhanced geo-transit data applications for riders and drivers to improve user content by over 30%.
  • Oversaw and reviewed code developments by associate Software Engineers and ensured quality and knowledge distribution.
  • Trained over 20 Software Engineer recruits by familiarizing them with company standards and coding practices.
  • Created well-crafted code to maintain the company’s roadmap and architecture to cater to its needs.

Work Experience 2

Worked at Google as Associate Software Engineer

  • Read, debugged, designed, and reviewed codes. I also ran tests and wrote unit tests.
  • Crafted creative work solutions to optimize the workflow by decreasing project roadblocks throughout the project process.
  • Settled disputes within the junior Software Engineer team. I also served as an SME for Google coding functions.
  • Engaged in software performance analysis, demand forecasting, system tuning, and service capacity planning.
  • Assisted in training five Software Engineer interns. I guided them through Google’s software workflow and communicated their responsibilities and expectations efficiently.

Project Experience

  • In my initial experiences, I collaborated on developing a mobile app for a FinTech company. The application worked like an e-wallet system, tracking cashflows and creating in-store payments.
  • Worked on a freelance project to develop a website for a fashion store client. Used HTML and UI design during implementation. The client was satisfied with my work and positively rated my work.


  • JavaScript
  • UI Design
  • Project Management
  • Leadership
  • Database Management


  • Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering at California Polytechnic State University


Why This Resume Works

The resume holds a solid work experience with quantifiable metrics. Additionally, it includes multiple relevant action verbs and keywords. The phrases are traceable from the applicant tracking system.

Aside from that, as a Senior Software Engineer, you can display your leadership skills through the training experience. Plus, management certifications attract employers since it showcases initiative to better your management skills.

The project experiences tie your knowledge of website and application development together. Overall, the resume shows a senior worker willing to go the extra mile to push company standards higher through detail-oriented coding and employee training.

Front-End Software Engineer Resume Example

Also popularly known as front-end developers, these software engineers are responsible for crafting website design.

Your role involves providing a seamless user experience for company applications, websites, and other channels.

Front-End Software Engineer Resume

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume is excellent because it displays proficiency in the development of several software tools and multiple accomplishments. If you don’t have certification, you can focus more on your project experiences to showcase relevant certifiable skills.

  • Type of Resume: Front-End Software Engineer Resume
  • Best For: Those applying for front-end software engineering jobs


Currently a front-end developer with more than five years of experience. Primarily worked with recruitment companies to build staffing solutions for businesses. I utilized my technical skills to build user-friendly websites and applications. I am proficient with multiple tools, including TypeScript, Node.Js, and Agile.

Work Experience 1

Worked at Piper Companies as Full-Stack Developer

  • Developed staffing solutions through client memberships, legal platform technology, and automated internal user experiences.
  • Increased visitor time to the website by over ten minutes by creating an immersive user experience using Django. I developed more than 200 landing pages.
  • Collaborated with a 10-person team of developers to renovate the company’s application. We used CSS and JavaScript coding in our processing.
  • Communicated with software engineers when developing and maintaining application UI to enhance system flow.
  • Compiled internal resources for the data analytics team.

Work Experience 2

Worked at Bamboo HR as Front-End Developer

  • Worked with eight other front-end developers and supported other employees in the tech department.
  • Participated in code reviews and task estimations.
  • Used React to migrate a multi-page UI to a single-page application to increase customer engagement by 10%
  • Created a navigated walkthrough of the company’s services using HTML and CSS and enhanced consumer adoption by around 30%. In turn, the company’s revenue increased by about $1.2 million.
  • Built, tested, planned, and released new features using Angular and TypeScript.

Project Experience

  • Worked on developing a job app for a recruitment firm. I implemented the project with React Redux and created a filter feature for qualification checks based on skills and education. The application garnered over 50,000 users.
  • Assisted in creating an e-commerce website for a local fashion brand. The website hosted order summaries, memberships, product lists, and other landing pages.


  • User Interface (UI)
  • TypeScript
  • Agile
  • Node.js


  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania


Why This Resume Works

The resume displays your proficiency in the development of several software tools. Aside from the responsibilities mentioned, your work experience also highlights multiple accomplishments. They ranged from quantifiable metrics to project experiences.

You can dive deeper into your interview about your responsibilities and workflow. Hiring managers searching for front-end developers usually search for action verbs that point to the app and website developments. Additionally, certifications will boost your credibility in the selection process.

If you don’t have certification, we suggest delving more into your project experiences to showcase relevant certifiable skills.

Back-End Software Engineer Resume Example

Back-end software engineers deal with the server end of the application or web service development process.

Back-end developers deal with the structural work, while front-end developers make it presentable.

Back-End Software Engineer Resume

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume is great because it combines multiple responsibilities and accomplishments in the work experience section. It also provides employers with a brief account of programming language proficiencies.

  • Type of Resume: Back-End Software Engineer Resume
  • Best For: Those applying for back-end software engineering jobs


Currently employed as a back-end developer with over six years of experience. I have worked with high-level employers including Uber and Fashion Nova. I am detail-oriented and collaborative. I was involved in developing and programming high-traffic websites and mobile applications. My software tool proficiencies include PHP, JavaScript, API integration, and UX improvement.

Work Experience 1

Worked at Uber as Back-End Developer

  • Aaved company costs upward of $50,000 after collaborating with operations, data science, product design, and engineering departments, .
  • Implemented back-end development duties using multiple programming languages, such as PHP and C#.
  • Architectured new table structures and databases using web application methodologies and techniques.
  • Trained over 15 new applicants as back-end developer interns. I guided them through code reviews and standard operating procedures.
  • Developed and maintained code integrity using SQL Server and Microsoft .NET. I also tested newly implemented features.

Work Experience 2

Worked at Fashion Nova as Back-End Developer

  • Renovated the system to create an updated and streamlined customer account management and content.
  • Repaired and recovered code inefficiencies to increase app and website stability.
  • Maintained and reviewed code developments for the e-commerce site. It houses over 11.5 million, monthly visitors.
  • Architected new features to enhance and optimize website speed. I improved code quality through multiple unit tests.
  • Collaborated with 15 developers, both front-end and back-end. I configured backend usability for the front-end team efficiently.

Project Experience

  • Installed a user authentication system for a FinTech company. I was responsible for developing a secure login and sign-up system. I used my knowledge of PHP and Python programming languages to implement the authorization process.
  • Collaborated with a tech crew to develop an app for a restaurant. The app allowed users to create profiles, order food, track their orders, and reserve tables. I specifically worked on the API portion of the project, which hosted the code and methods. I gained more experience with Create, Read, Update, and Destroy (CRUD) operations.


  • Ruby
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • C#


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the University of District of Columbia


  • Amazon Web Services Certified
  • Oracle Certified
  • Microsoft Azure Certified

Why This Resume Works

The resume combines multiple responsibilities and accomplishments in the work experience section. It also provides employers with a brief account of your programming language proficiencies.

The project portion of the resume goes into what you’ve learned and can offer to the hiring manager as well.

Aside from that, the document integrates collaborative activities you may have undertaken to strengthen your chances of gaining leadership positions. The accomplishments are also clearly stated to allow you to stand out during candidacy decisions.

Common Skills & Action Verbs to Include On a Software Engineer Resume

Indicating common skills and action verbs is critical, whether you’re applying for an entry-level software developer or lead software engineer job. Your resume format needs to include these keywords to trigger the applicant tracking system.

Regarding skill set in resume writing, Software Engineer roles prioritize technical skills. Hard skills like programming are also essential to add.

Common Skills for Software Engineer Resumes

  • Object-Oriented Design (OOD)
  • Java
  • Python
  • C#
  • Cloud Computing
  • Ruby
  • Database Management
  • Docker
  • SQL
  • Linux
  • HTML
  • Optimization
  • Code Review
  • UI Toolkits and Frameworks
  • Project Management
  • Detail-Oriented
  • Analytical
  • Scripting
  • API Knowledge
  • Ability to work under stress

Common Action Verbs for Software Engineer Resumes

  • Installed
  • Developed
  • Architected
  • Coded
  • Automated
  • Debugged
  • Overhauled
  • Compiled
  • Updated
  • Verified
  • Analyzed
  • Programmed
  • Designed
  • Oversaw
  • Reviewed

Tips for Writing a Better Software Engineer Resume

Without further ado, here are some common resume tips to guide you through the resume writing process.

Perfect Your Resume Layout

A software developer’s resume needs to hold an informative layout to display extensive technical knowledge.

Your resume template can differ based on your career level. A principal software engineering resume may offer more detailed accounts of work experience.

An entry-level resume needs to stress your skill set and personal project experience. The latter can include projects you’ve done in university or freelancing work. Either way, indicate the programming tools you’ve used to demonstrate your proficiency.

Aside from work and project experience, your resume should include your personal information, skills, certifications, and education.

You may also add a section for your career objective, especially if you’re a fresh graduate. A resume summary will also help tie all your accomplishments and skills together.

Overall, keep your resume format easy to read and evenly spaced out. Lastly, don’t forget to paste a link for your portfolio.

Customize the Resume

Software engineering extends to multiple positions. It can range from a front-end, back-end, or DevOps engineer. Additionally, the technical role could apply to various industries, such as e-commerce or FinTech.

We suggest catering your resume to the role’s specifications and description.

For instance, a role in a restaurant may ask you to develop a website and application service. Online shops may need you to hone AWS certifications and other web development skills.

The job listing will provide you with keywords to trigger the applicant tracking system. Focusing on those will heighten your chances of candidacy.

Integrate Your Technical Skill Set

Software engineer recruiters scan your resume for your programming skills. Once they notice the frameworks and tools they need, you’ll have better chances of gaining a position.

For this reason, try to state how you’ve used the programming tools to benefit the company. You can apply your technical knowledge to project experiences as well.

Make sure the skills align with the role’s responsibilities. For instance, back-end developers should include Python, Django, or JavaScript.

As a Software Engineer, your skills should extend to interfaces such as Docker, GitHub, and Jira. Mentioning these technical skills will likely keep your recruiter’s interest piqued in your resume.

Highlight Your Accomplishments

Spotlighting your accomplishments is essential when resume writing. Avoid including generic statements, such as, “I successfully reviewed codes for the company’s website.”

Try to go for a more specific and numbered approach.

For instance, you can write, “I used my Kubernetes knowledge to program a cloud-native site and developed hiring solutions for over 30 departments.” The statement highlights the technical skills used and a quantifier to back up the experience.

Aside from that, you should also emphasize skills based on the position. A Senior Software Engineer would need to talk about their project management expertise. Intern resumes should divulge school or personal projects that display technical know-how.

Frequently Asked Questions

Besides resume templates and requirements, check out some frequently asked questions below.

Which Skill is Best for Software Engineers?

Computer programming and coding are among the top skills you need to become a Software Engineer. They’re the stepping stone for any qualification in the field.

Recruiters expect applicants to know how to operate through multiple frameworks and programming languages. They’re the fundamental tools needed for web and application development.

How Can I Introduce Myself in Software Engineering?

You’ll want to introduce yourself by your name in an interview setting.

Then, let the employer know it’s a pleasure to meet them. Once formalities are foregone, you can start by mentioning your personality traits and relating them to your skills.

Build on your skills with work experience. You can use the STAR method. It involves mentioning a situation, task, action, and result of an instance you had at work.

Similar Resume Types to Reference

Software Engineers have similar role responsibilities to other fields. Some of them include

  • Data Analyst Resume: The job encompasses collecting statistical analyses and interpreting them for decision-making.
  • Engineering Resume: Engineers can come from several departments, such as mechanical, electric, or architectural. Each role has its respective responsibilities, like the Software Engineer position.
  • Computer Science Resume: The scientists work towards solving computing issues. Their services include conducting experimentation to create new tech products.

Wrapping Up

Software Engineers are one of the best-paying technology jobs out there. After finding a listing, it’s time to develop your Software developer resume. Creating a professional resume can be stressful since you want to fit in as many technical skills as possible.

Limiting your expertise in the resume to the ones stipulated in the job description will increase your chances of a callback. You should build your resume outline by headlining your work and project experience, education, certification, and skills.

Let us know your thoughts on our writing guide in the comments. Be sure to share the article with your friends.

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