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Spotify Internship: Types, Positions, Pay & How To Apply

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Did you know that you can apply for an internship at Spotify?

They have a variety of internships to choose from, depending on your interests and experience.

If you want to learn more about what types of internships Spotify offers, we will review its internship positions, process, and more.

Does Spotify Have an Internship Program?

Spotify does provide an internship program for those to apply.

Their internship program is set in the summer, so job listings for internships, mentorships, and more open in the fall for applications.

Types of Internships Offered by Spotify

Whether you are still a student or a college graduate, there are various Spotify internships to which you can submit your applications.

  • Student Internships: This is one of the primary internships, which is for any college student, from freshman to alums, to apply to work for their company. They offer an array of internship programs and positions.
  • Summer Internships: One of the most well-known programs they offer is their Global Summer Internship which provides opportunities for potential candidates from all over the world, primarily in the US, Europe, and Asia.
  • Part-Time Internships: Compared to the previously mentioned, this type of internship is open to any student who expresses interest in working for Spotify but is available only part-time rather than full-time.

How Many Interns Does Spotify Have?

Now there is no exact number of interns that Spotify has.

Also, depending on the number of internships they offer for their summer and other programs, the number of interns hired varies.

However, the general employee count has been approximately 6,617 since 2022.

Spotify Internship Positions

Now that you know what kind of internships Spotify offers, those interested in various job positions can apply.

These job positions include the following:

  • Software Engineering: This is a vital internship position as it allows those to manage the software and other technical features of the Spotify application, including security management, data, developer tools and infrastructure, and tech research.
  • Product Design: This position enhances the user experience for Spotify’s customers, creators, and external partners with its products. This position’s sole purpose is to learn how to create an efficient, user-friendly experience to increase positive engagement and to have a functional product.
  • Social Media: This position relates to Spotify’s marketing strategy. This position entails image and brand management through social media accounts. Examples of accounts would be Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc.
  • Data Scientist: This position primarily deals with data, research, and insights concerning Spotify’s products and services. Based on the data collected, it helps users connect with the right content, and their product’s strengths and weaknesses are based on foot traffic, engagement, and other factors.
  • Marketing: This internship position deals with the brand, message, and overall image of Spotify. This position uses the information to enhance the brand by utilizing the collected data. This position deals a lot with consumer, content, and brand-related marketing.

What Does an Intern at Spotify Do?

An intern at Spotify aims to monitor and learn how to work in that specific environment.

Your responsibilities vary depending on what job position you are interested in and to which internship program you apply.

What Does an Intern at Spotify Usually Focus On?

An intern at Spotify usually focuses on what their job position and program consists of.

Their primary responsibility is to gain experience and work towards enhancing and strengthening Spotify products and services.

Who Does Spotify Target for Internships?

The target audience for internships at Spotify is primarily for students who are currently in college to obtain their bachelor’s, master’s, Ph.D., etc.

However, these internship opportunities aren’t limited to just students.

Recent Grads

Spotify internships and other related programs are available to those who have recently graduated.

Spotify is most known for being more open to those who are not only Bootcamp students but to new university alums.

They do not eliminate potential candidates just because they just or have recently completed their major.

Students Graduating Soon

Future graduating students are most welcome to apply for internship programs and positions.

One of the benefits of applying to Spotify is its wide selection of internship programs, the main one being its Global Summer Internship.

Depending on your selected program, these usually last over the summer or range from 10 to 15 weeks.

Students Who Have Already Graduated

Here, they offer a wide variety of internship types based on your interest or your level of experience.

For instance, if you were interested in marketing, you would want to attend their Aspiring Marketing Professionals program, which provides hands-on experience at their New York headquarters.

What Is a Spotify Internship Like?

Suppose you are applying for a Spotify internship position or program.

In that case, you will be gaining experience in not only working with others but helping in enhancing its business by collaborating on new ideas and strategies.

Spotify Internship Process

Now, if you want to apply for an internship at Spotify, you have to approach this process as if you were applying for a full-time or part-time job.

They have an internship program for the summer and several others that last 15 to 24 months.

It’s essential to note that applications open up in the spring or fall.

Is It Hard to Intern at Spotify?

Unfortunately, it is challenging to intern at Spotify, so it’s essential to research the dates and requirements to apply.

Their primary target for potential candidates is those who are well-qualified and have substantial experience.

What Notable Projects Can Interns Potentially Work On?

The primary goal for an intern is to acquire skills and experience over time through interaction and collaboration.

Since the responsibilities differ for interns in comparison to full-time employees, there are several projects that they can work on.

Several of those include social media analytics, marketing, and more.

How Many Hours Do Spotify Interns Work?

Since most Spotify interns are students, they would have to work part-time.

So, because of this, interns usually work for 10-20 hours a week.

However, if they are a graduate, they do have the option to work full-time.

Spotify Internship Benefits

Becoming an intern at Spotify grants students and graduates the opportunity to work in an active and efficient company.

Some of those benefits include the following:

  • Free Spotify Premium: If you enjoy using Spotify for music, they provide internships and full-time employees a free premium subscription.
  • Free Food: They provide free food to their employees and interns.
  • Live Music Events: They offer various music events that interns and employees can attend.

What Do You Learn In a Music Industry Internship?

Students will have the opportunity to learn how to manage and maintain factors in the music business.

Here, interns can hone their skills and build connections by organizing events and working in a studio.

Are Spotify Interns Paid?

Spotify interns do get paid.

They also provide paid leave, vacation days, and adjusted salaries.

However, this might vary depending on your job position.

How Much Are Spotify Interns Paid?

Spotify interns are paid $24 per hour.

Requirements for Getting an Internship at Spotify

If you want to acquire an internship at Spotify, there are minimum requirements you have to complete.

The primary one is to submit an internship application that tailors to the position for which you are applying.

Spotify Internship Acceptance Rate

The Spotify internship acceptance rate isn’t visibly public.

However, every year, they hire up to 1,000 candidates.

So, even if it’s unlikely to be chosen, you can try again.

It also might vary in location.

Suggested Areas of Study for Spotify Interns

The primary area of study would usually be related to music.

There are also positions you can apply to if you mainly deal with marketing, software engineering, product design, and more.

So, there are other opportunities aside from music management to apply to.

Does Spotify Care About GPA?

Spotify doesn’t care about your GPA.

However, their primary focus is on your experience and which area of study you’re interested in majoring in.

Potential candidates are determined if they are qualified or have substantial resume credentials when applying for positions.

Recommended Skills for Spotify Interns

Recommended skills for Spotify Interns are primarily teamwork, efficient communication, time management, and more.

It’s optional to have extensive experience as those might have minimal to none.

Does Spotify Background Check Their Interns?

Spotify does background checks on their interns to see if they are a perfect fit for the position.

However, this is only for their employment history, contact information, and other personal data.

Does Spotify Drug Test Their Interns?

It’s unclear if Spotify requires its interns to complete a drug test.

However, even though the percentage of that occurring is low, always be prepared just in case.

Do Spotify Interns Get Hired?

There isn’t a definitive answer as the chances are almost unlikely to be hired.

They receive hundreds of applications, but you might be a fitful candidate if you have an enriched resume showing substantial experience.

How Likely Will an Internship at Spotify Turn Into a Full-Time Job?

The likelihood of acquiring a full-time job is based on how well you manage your internship.

However, you have to be aware that there is a 50% chance that you will be selected for your internship to turn into a full-time job.

How Do I Get an Internship At Spotify?

Spotify provides internship opportunities on its job website.

One of the ways you can obtain an internship is by applying for programs and positions when applications open.

Where to Find Spotify Internship Opportunities

You can find their Spotify internship opportunities in their student’s section.

However, internship applications open either in the fall or the early spring.

Interview for a Spotify Internship

The interview process for a Spotify internship takes up to 4 to 5 weeks.

If you are a potential candidate, they will request an interview, which can be a phone, in-person or technical interview, depending on the interview coordinator’s decision.

What Should I Wear to a Spotify Internship Interview?

Spotify doesn’t have a strict dress code, but ensure that you dress casually yet professionally for the interview.

Though this is still a professional environment, don’t dress too casually.

How To Answer “Why Do You Want To Work at Spotify?”

The best way to answer this is by being as truthful and authentic as possible.

Then, use your experience and goals to your advantage to produce three reasons why you would be a perfect fit for a Spotify internship.

How Do I Prepare For a Spotify Internship?

You prepare for a Spotify internship by gathering the necessary information for that position or program and researching which position you would be suited for.

You also have to keep track of when they open applications up.

Is Spotify a Good Internship?

A Spotify internship is an excellent opportunity to hone your skills and gain experience in your area of study.

It’s also a great way to collaborate with others.

It’s a perfect blend of fun and efficiency in the workplace.

Is an Internship at Spotify Worth It?

An internship at Spotify is worth it if you are interested in the music, marketing, or software industry.

So long as you have the means and necessary information to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are a few commonly asked questions regarding the internship available with Spotify.

Does Spotify hire international students?

Spotify does offer job positions to international students.

They have locations in the US, Asia, and Europe.

Does Spotify require a cover letter?

It’s not a requirement, but it’s recommended to help make your resume stand out.


We understand how overwhelming acquiring an internship can be, so we strive to create a straightforward process of preparing for it.

Whether it’s for Spotify or another company, our goal is to help you obtain that job.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article!

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