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Two Managers At Work: A Disaster Waiting To Happen

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Businesses need managers to keep track of the details and help the employees.

A company with no managers won’t succeed, so a business with two managers leads to a better work experience, right?

Unfortunately, having two managers poses some problems.

The topic matters to me since I want businesses to succeed and remain organized.

As you go through the information available, you’ll understand why companies have two managers and why you should avoid it.

Can Somebody Have Two Managers?

To keep the answer simple, any business can have two managers if they decide to hire them.

For example, a company may employ a store manager for the day and another for the night.

And it’s not as simple as the difference between a supervisor and a manager.

They can have as many managers as they want as long as they can pay them.

What Does Having Two Managers Mean?

Having two managers means having twice the efficiency as they handle work.

They can also split the work as needed to help multiple employees.

They usually do so through a multiple reporting structure.

A multiple report structure means you must report to each of the managers.

Sometimes, you’ll report in one channel that sends messages to both managers.

Other businesses may have you send messages to each of them, but both managers must know either way.

How Do Two Managers Work Together?

Two managers usually communicate with each other and share the work.

Doing so makes it easier for them to stay informed while doing their best to help the employees.

Why Do You Have Two Managers?

Some businesses have two managers to meet their needs and split the work.

On the other hand, they may have dozens of employees, so they need multiple managers to help them remain organized.

Since middle management is one of the most challenging jobs, having additional managers can help some people.

What Are the Benefits of Having Two Managers?

Even though having two managers can pose some challenges, businesses do it since they enjoy benefits.

As you understand the benefits available, you can determine if they work for your company.

1. You Can Learn From Two People

When you have two managers, you can learn from both of them.

Having two people working together means they can each excel in different regards to help you.

You can ask them additional questions based on their leadership qualities, so you can succeed.

If you just started the job, see if you can work with both managers to pick up on different skills and abilities.

2. Double the Career Development

You can use the opportunity to develop your career whenever you work at a job.

Doing so takes time and effort, so a manager can only share so many details with you.

After all, they have to work with every employee.

If you have two managers, they can split the career development to help you.

Doing so will let you maximize your performance and growth.

3. A More Dynamic Approach

Since you can work with two people, you can take a dynamic approach to work.

For example, you can listen to another manager to make your job enjoyable instead of following one procedure based on what a manager picks.

If you take a dynamic approach, you must communicate with both managers.

Doing so will help you avoid problems or criticism from either manager.

4. Better Conflict Resolution

You may find it challenging to overcome conflict in the workplace.

For example, if you and your manager don’t see eye-to-eye, you may run into issues and affect the workflow.

If you have two managers, the second one can work as a mediator for both of you.

They can easily step in, talk about the problems, and help you overcome them with basic conflict resolution.

5. Multiple Advocates

If you have multiple managers, they can work as advocates for your work situation.

They’ll notice if the employees face unfair situations or problems, so they can talk with the leaders about it.

Doing so means they work as your in-between mouthpiece.

You can bring up different concerns and let them discuss those issues with the leaders.

What Are the Challenges of Having Two Managers?

While you could enjoy the benefits mentioned earlier, you must consider the challenges involved with two managers.

Otherwise, you may mistakenly hire two of them and face too many issues to make it worth it.

1. More Work Responsibilities

You’ll probably have more work responsibilities if you have two managers on-site.

That happens since they have different expectations for you, so they may give you various assignments.

That means you may have to tackle more than you expected, so you can face more stress while trying to tackle those responsibilities.

2. Lack of Clarity

Since you have two people with different expectations, you may not always have clarity with your work.

For example, one manager may want you to tackle your job while the other asks you to do it another way.

That means you may have to change your approach based on which manager you work with that day.

3. Miscommunication

You can also run into miscommunication.

For example, since you have to talk with two managers, you may sometimes fail to speak with one of them.

On top of that, you may ask one of them to send a message to the other, and they forget to do it.

As miscommunication happens, you’ll find it challenging to run your business or finish the work you must complete.

4. Difference in Management Styles

Since you work with two managers, they’ll naturally have different leadership styles you’ll have to apply.

That means one manager may want you to work one way while another manager may want you to take a different approach.

You’ll have to know each manager and figure out how they want you to tackle the work.

How to Work With Two Managers

If you have two managers, or you work at a place with two managers, you’ll need to work with them.

However, two managers can work out despite the challenges, so make sure you apply the following tips to stay on top of things.

1. Talk to Them About Your Concerns

If your managers don’t understand your concerns, they can’t help you. Instead of having them try to read your mind and know your concerns, talk with them.

Doing so will help you work together and overcome potential roadblocks in the workforce.

2. Focus on Communication

On top of mentioning your concerns, do your best to communicate often.

Make sure you let them know what you do and pass information between them when possible.

Doing so will help you avoid miscommunication and unnecessary problems.

3. Learn Each Manager’s Style

If they have different management styles, take some time to understand them.

Doing so will make your work easier since you know what they expect.

Take some time to understand them and learn their styles so that you can become a better worker.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can check out the FAQ below if you have any further questions.

How does a manager collaborate with other managers?

Usually, businesses establish different channels to have the managers collaborate.

They may do so through a cloud service, message each other through email, and even talk regularly.

The process depends on the business and how it organizes its managers.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, you can work with two managers, and they have advantages.

However, if you do so, prepare for the potential drawbacks and work around them.

As you keep those details in mind, you can effectively work with them and have your business succeed.

If you have questions about two managers at work and how to succeed, ask them in the comments below.

While two managers can work, you should avoid it when possible.

If you work for a company with two managers, focus on your concerns, communicating, and learning their management styles.

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