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Walk Me Through Your Resume: Why It Is Asked & How To Answer [With Sample Answers]

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Do you need help answering the “walk me through your resume” question when you are in a job interview? You are not alone; many qualified potential employees find this question challenging.

Fortunately, we will give you all the help you need to impress the recruiter and hiring managers. We will also give you an insight into what interviewers seek and possible answers.

Why Do Interviewers Ask, “Walk Me Through Your Resume”?

When an interviewer asks you to walk through your resume, they first want to learn about your work history. They will also look to see your ability to communicate your story to your job.

Your answer adds a human touch to a simple list of experiences and skills, forming a connection between your experience and the interview position.

Interviewers ask, “Walk me through your resume?” because they understand that a single document cannot tell your professional story. When answering the interviewer, stay clear from a long resume explanation. Instead, highlight the essential parts of your resume that will help present your character.

What Is the Interviewer Looking For?

Anticipating what the interviewer wants will increase your chances of landing the job. Your answers will let them know if you are an independent and analytical problem solver. The interviewer will also pay close attention to see if you are a good communicator with excellent interpersonal skills.

Tell them why you would make a great colleague, how you will fit in with company culture, and what benefit you would provide to the company. Some of the basic pieces they will evaluate include your soft skills and body language. Before your next interview, you must ensure you possess the following qualities:

  • Proof of research and preparation
  • Confidence
  • Ability to perform the job
  • Interest and enthusiasm for the job
  • Understand the organization and what it does

How To Answer “Walk Me Through Your Resume”

The following steps will assist you in identifying what to focus on or avoid when answering the question.

What To Focus on When Answering This Question

The important thing to focus on is your eloquence and expertise. To show that, you should:

  • Describe your work experience: Your previous work experience relevant to the job you are applying for should take up most of the answers you give. Explain how your career began, its progress over the years, and what lessons you’ve learned.
  • Show the value you can add to the organization: The next step is to show your work experience will add significant value to the company. Try to prove that your former employer valued you as part of their company; this shows to the interviewer you are hardworking and motivated for the applied position.
  • Show your skill set: Read the job description in advance to see what your potential employer seeks. Format your answer to show how your skills from past employment will influence how you perform the job.

Employers want to know you are a great investment when they hire you. Your answers will go a long way into showing you are a great fit and would be a strong long-term employee in their organization. If there are any possible gaps on your resume, then use the opportunity to address them ahead of time.

What To Avoid When Answering This Question

Interviewers want to see that you are a coherent storyteller when they ask you to walk them through your resume. Stay focused, ensure your answers center around the question, and show why you are a suitable candidate. Some of the mistakes to avoid when doing this include:

  • Going off topic: You will have only a few minutes to answer this question. You need to make sure everything you say is relevant. Going off topic may frustrate your interviewer since they’ll likely be expecting clarity and precision with your answers.
  • Being repetitive: Taking time to over-explain simple points or constantly repeating yourself is a common mistake most job seekers make. Instead, adjust your timing to mention everything on your list without getting stuck on a topic for too long.
  • Not having an updated resume: Though your resume might be impressive, it can negatively impact your portfolio if it is not up to date. Update your resume before each interview to include all relevant work experience.

Though there are other critical mistakes to avoid, it is important not to attend an interview without any preparation. You otherwise run the risk of going off-topic or repeating yourself. That, in turn, could make you appear less confident, especially if you stammer through your talking points.

Example Answers To Consider

The right approach will help you make a strong impression on the interviewer. Below are three example answers that will help you answer the question to be as concise and efficient as possible.

Example Answer 1

I graduated from high school six years ago and immediately took a part-time sales position with ABC Software Company. My interest in technology enabled me to enroll for a computer science degree and intern at the same company.

I worked on several projects at the company, such as website and video game design. The knowledge acquired in the company has enabled me to start my career and gain experience in agile development methodologies. I am eager to work in your organization and learn new skills that will enable me to grow as a professional developer.

Why This Answer Works

This answer works because it is clear and to the point. It shows your commitment and hard work. Taking a part-time position out of high school shows your interest in learning more about software development.

Highlighting that you carried out different tasks, such as website and video game design, shows some of the skills the interviewer might be looking for. The answer also signifies that you used the skills to gain more experience in development methodologies, which you can use in your new position.

Example Answer 2

I started my career as a software developer and have previously worked in different roles, including team leader. After being in that role for a while, I transitioned to product management in a multinational. In that role, I was responsible for developing the company’s product strategy.

Why This Answer Works

The answer proves you have the skill set to work in your desired position. It shows your career progress through the years, which adds to your authority. The answer also shows the interviewer the organizational and leadership skills that helped you rise through the ranks.

Further, your answer signifies that you can handle yourself well and the skills you can use in the new position. The clarity and precision of explaining years’ worth of experience in a few sentences is an added advantage.

Example Answer 3

Well, as you can see on my resume, I took some time before getting to where I am today. It shows that I majored in computer science and marketing. I found out earlier that marketing wasn’t for me, and at some point, I looked forward to getting home to work on my personal project of mobile application development.

That is why there is a two year gap in work experience. I took time to get a graduate degree in computer science. I am trained in different programming languages and am excited to bring my skills and experience to your company.

Why This Answer Works

The third answer shows a candidate is passionate about the specific field the employer advertised. It also acknowledges the work experience gap in their updated resume and explains why there was some time off, showing that you are honest, which is a valuable trait.

The study and work experience during the gap also works in your favor. It shows the skills, for example, the programming language knowledge that the interviewer is looking for. Focusing on the relevant skills shows the interviewer how your knowledge will benefit the company.

Additional Tips for Impressing an Interviewer Asking Walk Me Through Your Resume

For some interviewers, having a structural answer to the question might seem too formal or stiff. It might not even be an authentic way for you to express yourself. Here are some additional impressive tips for responding to “Walk me through your resume.”

Start With the Most Relevant Experience

Start the conversation by listing the most relevant experience in the position you seek. Avoid rambling throughout every part of your resume, as it will not focus on the talking points from previous past jobs that matter.

Describe Takeaways From Each Experience

Interviewees should be able to discuss at least one crucial aspect of their previous experiences. For example, they can show how the management skills learned in a certain position have benefited them in future positions.

This shows the interviewee that the candidate is perceptive of their professional working life. The candidate will also be able to communicate that they are capable of learning and personal growth.

Tell Your Story in a Non-itemized Manner

Try to resist the temptation of listing every item on your resume. Though it seems like a logical response to the interviewer’s question, it may seem like you are reading a grocery list. Let the narrative you give show that your career is more than a series of bullet points.

Additional Questions To Be Aware Of

Other than “walk me through your resume,” there are additional questions that you should be aware of. This will help you prepare to answer them effectively to impress the interviewer.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may still have unanswered questions. Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding this common interview query

What does walk me through your resume mean?

The interviewer’s request allows you to walk through your resume. The company is looking to learn about your employment history. You should be precise and clear to show you are a good fit.

Is walk me through your resume the same as tell me about yourself?

Though there are similarities, there is a different approach to answering the questions. Walk me through your resume and focus solely on what is in your resume.
While tell me about yourself is a typical invitation to discuss your interests and hobbies that will play into your employment.

Wrapping Up

The biggest takeaway when you are asked to walk them through your resume is that you are telling the interviewer your relevant experiences. Ensure that what you say about yourself is framed effectively. Take some time to practice before the interview to have a clear and precise narration.

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