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Walmart Jobs

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Walmart Inc. is a major retailer, and may be a great place to start your job search.

Offering many part-time and full-time in-store, warehouse, truck driving, and corporate positions, Walmart hopes to compete with Amazon and Amazon’s jobs.

Walmart Jobs Currently Available

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Walmart Job Description

Walmart jobs range from distribution centers to in-store sales associates to management positions and beyond, and each job includes a unique job description.

However, the basic requirements for most jobs include:

  • Good people skills
  • Ability to write and speak clearly
  • Clean, appropriate dressing and grooming
  • Good work ethics
  • Ability to listen and follow directions

In-Store Walmart Jobs

Though Walmart has corporate and warehouse jobs, they need to fill thousands of store jobs especially at the supercenters.

Walmart sees a lot of foot traffic in their stores and needs enough employees to meet staffing needs.

Job seekers can find a range of store positions including:

  • Cashier and Front End Support to operate cash registers.
  • Food and grocery to operate the deli.
  • General merchandising and sales associates to help customers find the items they need.
  • Stocker to unload trucks, handle shipments, and stock shelves.
  • Fuel Station and Auto Care Center employees keep customers on the road.
  • Hourly Supervisors and Training staff keep the store operating well.

Walmart CDL Truck Driver

Like many retailers, Walmart always needs more CDL truck drivers.

The company boasts some impressive statistics for their truck drivers, including exceptionally low turnover and early retirement.

Walmart CDL truck drivers get benefits on their first day, including 401K, medical, and dental, paid life insurance, and short-term disability.

Additionally, truck drivers can expect two days off each week and earn up to 21 PTO days in their first year.

Importance of Walmart Jobs

Customers can shop at more than 4,700 Walmart stores (and just under 600 Sam’s Club stores) across the United States.

The chain offers a wide variety of products to provide customers with a one-stop-shop.

Factor in the low prices and you get thousands of customers shopping in-store and online every day.

Walmart needs to employ enough people at every level of the company to ensure it can meet customer needs.

From stocking shelves to marketing, Walmart needs people who can manage the stores, warehouse, and corporate headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Pros of Walmart Jobs

Walmart’s best offering for employees is the tendency to promote from within.

It’s easy to advance, especially in-store where the company offers more than 500 promotions each day, including more than one-third to first-year team members.

Additionally, about two-thirds of Walmart store managers started as hourly associates.

It’s not just about promotion for Walmart employees.

You can take advantage of several employee benefits, including discounts, time off, scholarship and tuition opportunities, and even a 6% 401K match.

The corporation prides itself on being an equal opportunity employers and offering healthcare.

Cons of Walmart Jobs

Though Walmart offers a wide range of full-time and part-time positions and some excellent benefits, it’s not perfect.

Some employees note issues with favoritism and a competitive, sometimes toxic culture in certain stores.

Of course, the competitive environment may have something to do with the implementation of Walmart’s of Great Workplace program that impacted some workers.

The program essentially restructured the stores and led to new promotion standards.

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