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What Companies Are In The Technology Field?

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Over the last 50 years, the tech industry, and the field of technology in general, has exploded into the mainstream.

From being a few computers being used by the government and some very niche uses in its field, technology has managed to creep its finger into pretty much every other industry’s pie, so to speak.

There are probably only a handful of industries that do not use technology in some way, whether it’s a major reliance, or for simplifying and making things more efficient.

An Overview of Technology Companies

Every industry is making use of technology in ways that only be imagined just a few years ago, and that innovation shows no signs of slowing down either.

With so much room to expand, it is no wonder that the biggest companies today focus primarily on the production and distribution of technology.

Many of these largest companies are based in the US, although several companies that originated in Asian markets are fest up-and-coming too.

With so many names to learn, track and remember, it can be difficult to get an idea of what types of tech companies are big right now.

Luckily, with this guide, that won’t be nearly as big of a problem!

We’re going to show you just a few of the major companies that work primarily in the tech industry, as well as what they specialize in.

1. Apple

We couldn’t discuss major tech companies, without mentioning the king of them all, for right now at least.

An absolute titan in the field of technology, it was not just the first company to burst through the trillion-dollar net-worth barrier (One of only two companies in this astoundingly wealthy bracket), but also the first company to completely shatter the two-billion-dollar mark as well.

It is hard to visualize just how much this company is worth.

And it has managed to do that through the selling of its vast array of hardware and software products that are used by hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people.

Whether it is through their Mac computers, the iPod, the iPad, or, of course, the forever popular iPhone.

Apple has been able to maintain a steady-to-high level of growth in the first quarter of this year and is expected to do it again this quarter as well.

Such domination of the market, despite the long list of also incredibly successful competitors that barely even come close, goes to show how successful this 45-year-old company is in the technology field.

2. Microsoft

Coming in a little ways behind Apple, yet still, far ahead of its many competitors, we have the iconic tech company Microsoft.

Founded in 1985, Microsoft has since gone on to dominate the world of computers, before finding new widespread popularity and use with the next generation of technology, thanks to its renewed focus on services and programs that are cloud-based.

And this success has paid off well for them. We mentioned how Apple was one of two businesses to be worth more than $2 billion.

Guess which company is the other?

Why, none other than Microsoft, with an estimated market value of 2.3 trillion dollars!

And with plenty of new pushes into innovative technology, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cloud computing, it’s not hard to see how they become one of the biggest names in this field

3. Samsung Electronics

What Companies Are In The Technology Field?

For our first Asian technology entrant on this list, we have Samsung Electronics.

Originally founded in South Korea in 1969, the company, an industrial part of the wider Samsung group, struggled to find its niche and industry for several decades, before it began making its name in component and design manufacturing in the mid-90s, before becoming the world’s biggest mobile phone manufacturer in the late 2000s and has only gone from strength-to-strength since then.

Samsung is a major manufacturer of components for not just their laptops and mobile phones, but also of a variety of lithium batteries, semiconductors, displays, and a vast range of other products for many other client companies, including many of their commercial rivals such as Nokia, HTC, Sony, and, you guessed it, Apple.

In terms of revenue, Samsung Electronics was the second largest, behind only the tech juggernaut itself, Apple.

Given its somewhat shaky roots, it has certainly found its niche by now!

4. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing

Whilst maybe not as much of a household name when compared to the other companies we have mentioned so far, Taiwan Semiconductors is just as major a player in the field of tech, especially so as Apple themselves.

Founded in Taiwan in 1987, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSM) is the world’s largest microchip manufacturer and is the most valuable company in this particular niche of the tech market as of the time of writing.

TSM is the only company that manufactures the signature A- and M-series of microchips that are used by Apple in their products.

In fact, as of November 2020, TSM is the only manufacturer of Apple’s microchips.

This may explain why TSM is currently experiencing a significant amount of growth, and only looks set to increase in revenue in the coming quarters.

5. Alphabet Inc.

Alphabet Inc. may not be a name that everyone is immediately familiar with, but their other subsidiary companies most certainly are, as Alphabet Inc. is the parent company of the titan of search engines, Google itself.

One of the Big Five information and technology multinational companies, the others being Amazon, Meta, as well as Microsoft, and Apple, alongside Alphabet Inc.

Being the founders and owners of the Google search engine, Alphabet Inc. is considered one of, if the leading company in the search engine sector of the field of tech, and are also behind the AI that is going into self-driving cars too!

Final Thoughts

These are simply the biggest companies in tech right now.

Hopefully, this list has given an idea of the sheer variety this industry offers.

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