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Why Are You A Great Match For This Role?

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Imagine that you’ve just found a job listing that sounds perfect for you, and matches your experience and interests.

You apply to it and get invited to an interview. It’s looking good so far!

However, the interviewer then asks you the big question: “why are you a great match for this role?”

It may seem a simple question, but there are certain things you should include, and certain ways that you should give your response.

But what are they?

Well, we’ve got the answers for you!

In our guide below, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of how to answer this common interview question, along with everything you should include in your response – and bringing you closer to getting that job!

How To Answer “Why Are You A Great Match For This Role?”

There’s a few steps you should follow to give the best answer.

1. Recognize The Question

This question can come in many forms, but the answers will always be the same.

Your interviewer might phrase it differently, such as “why are you the best candidate?”, but they’re trying to get the same kind of response. 

And why are they trying to get a response in the first place?

They want to know what you’re going to bring to their position.

They need to know that you have exactly the right skills for the jobs that the role will have you regularly doing, and that your previous experience is similarly relevant to what you’re going to be doing now. 

2. Sell Yourself

You’re going to want to reply with your strengths – but not all of them.

You need to only highlight the strengths and skills that are going to match the position that you’re applying for.

With each one that you mention, try and link it back to exactly how it’s going to help you do your job even better.

It isn’t just skills, either, your strengths come from a lot of places: your work experience, your education, your personality, and so on. 

Use the ones that are most relevant, and emphasize how you do them well.

You want to match all of your strengths to the needs of the employer, making it clear that you can help them with every issue that will arise within your role.

If you fall down in some areas, like education, make more of your other skills, like previous work.

3. Practise, Practise, Practise

You’ll want to know what these strengths are well ahead of the interview.

If you’re sitting there thinking, deciding your most relevant skills, then it’s not going to look good to the interviewer – it could show that you’re someone who doesn’t prepare.

Therefore, you should write down your skills and then rank them in order of relevance to this company and position.

Then create a speech about them, concise but thorough, and rehearse it over and over.

4. Give The Answer

Why Are You A Great Match For This Role?

When the interviewer asks the question, no matter which phrasing they use, your rehearsal time will now pay off.

Deliver the answer that you created beforehand, hitting all the important points and qualifications.

If the interviewer doesn’t ask the question, it’s worth bringing it up anyway, because it will assert yourself as a unique and correct candidate.

What The Interviewer Is Looking For

When you give your answer, the interviewer is going to be judging it on a number of fronts.

It’s a good idea to keep them in mind when you prepare and give your answer. 

1. Research 

We mentioned earlier how you should prepare your answer well ahead of the interview, and research is a huge part of this.

The fact that you need to sell your strengths in relation to how they’re going to help this role and the company means that you need to know what this company is all about.

What are their values and reputation?

What does the role entail? 

Have a look around the internet and collect relevant information which you can then mention in your answers.

Employers want to see this level of preparation, because it shows that you’ll put a lot of attention and thought into your work if you’re given the position. 

This research is also specific to the role itself.

If you’re applying for a very technical industry role, then knowledge and awareness of how it works will highlight you as a quality candidate.

2. Communication

It isn’t all just about delivering a rehearsed speech, though.

You need to show that you can communicate well, which means more than just talking – you need to listen.

If you listen attentively to everything the interviewer says, without interrupting or ignoring what they’ve said, then the employer look positively on you.

Communication skills are going to be essential in the workplace, and an employer wants to know that you will listen to the tasks that are assigned to you – if you don’t, you won’t do them correctly, and they don’t want that.

3. Specifics

If the job requires particularly specific skills and abilities, you’ll want to be proficient in them.

If you are, make sure that you demonstrate your knowledge to the interviewer.

You may need to know a handful of technical skills for a job, and they will be essential to making the tasks run smoothly.

For example, you may be expected to know how to do basic programming.

If you do, communicate your abilities at it. 

4. Dignity

Never lie. You need to make sure that all of your answers are truthful, because it’s only you who’ll be set back when they do their research and find out.

On top of that, don’t dismiss other candidates – it’ll look rude. 

Wrapping Up

If an interviewer asks you why you’re a great match for the role, make sure to follow all of these tips when preparing your answer. 

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