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Why Use a Recruiter To Find a Job: Top 10 Reasons

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The beginning is always the hardest, they say, which is true, especially when finding employment. In fact, a 2018 study reveals that it takes job hunters at least five months to land a new position.

Since the entire process can be tremendously daunting, you might want to consider seeking help from a professional recruiter. So, why use a recruiter to find a job? We’ve rounded up the top ten reasons.

Why Use a Recruiter To Find a Job

Below are the ten reasons why seeking help from a recruiter can help you find your dream job sooner than you think.

1. Get Hired ASAP

Recruiters get hired by companies to find top talents quickly. They help organizations achieve faster levels of growth while helping job seekers land their dream jobs.

These professional headhunters spend an average of eight hours a day matching applicants with potential employees, checking resumes, and shortlisting candidates. Adopting an effective and streamlined recruitment process, they can find the perfect candidates for different roles in no time.

Statistics show that recruiters take an average of six seconds to scan a resume. That said, they won’t keep you waiting. You will know right away if you’ve been shortlisted for a job.

2. Find a Remote Work

Working from home or off-site locations is becoming more of a trend these days. However, if you’re new to this setup, you might be clueless about where to start with your job search.

Recruiters work with different companies, mostly big corporations that outsource projects or work to freelancers. They can connect you to the online jobs that match your skills.

3. Access More Jobs

Job hunting is time-consuming. If you’re still employed, you’re likely spending less time looking for a job than you’d want to. It can also mean you could be missing out on more opportunities.

Recruiters have access to larger networks. As you know, some companies only post available jobs on their websites. Others rely on third-party agencies when sourcing candidates.

Since recruiters work directly with different organizations, they have first-hand information on job openings and vacancies. They may even have access to hidden jobs or those that aren’t advertised on the internet yet. With more options, you have better chances of getting hired for the job you want.

4. Get Shortlisted Quickly

If you match the qualifications for a particular job, you’re shortlisted automatically for a smaller pool of candidates. That means you have a better chance of getting hired through them than if you would apply directly to the company.

Even if you aren’t hired for the first potential employer, your records stay in the recruiter’s database. That said, your resume won’t get lost in a vast pool of applications.

Most recruiters use specialized software to pull specific information from the database that matches relevant jobs. That means when the right opening comes along, there’s a likelihood that your resume will resurface.

reasons why use a recruiter to find a job

5. Get Career Advice

Another significant benefit of working with a recruiter is that this person can help you through the process. Since recruiters get paid by the company that hires you, they will do everything to help you land the job.

Thus, recruiters provide job seekers with strategic career guidance. They can help you create a winning resume, cover letter, and other documents necessary for your application.

They will also give you a job overview for each position and other relevant information about a potential employer. When you get scheduled for an interview, your recruiter will give you some tips and teach you interviewing techniques. The best part is that you get all the help you can for free.

6. Access Helpful Resources

Seasoned recruiters can help you identify crucial skill gaps for the role you wish to apply for. They can share resources, such as free training courses or recommendations. Once you’re armed with new skills and knowledge, you can find better job opportunities, even a higher-level position.

A savvy recruiter can also provide great insights into trends in your field or industry. They can also inform you about salary expectations according to job roles, must-have skills, and more.

7. Find the Perfect Position

People with specialized skill-sets, such as software engineers or developers, may struggle to find a job without a recruiter. Since many job openings are intended for entry-level workers, you will benefit from the large connections recruiters have.

These people know who’s hiring and planning to expand. That said, recruiters often have access to high-level positions. With a recruiter, you are likely to cross paths with potential employers who need your specialized skills.

8. Find Work Abroad

If you plan to move to a different country, it’s a smart move to work with a recruitment agency. Since it’s a different location, you most likely don’t know what companies were working out there. A recruiter can give you all sorts of insights about your employment options.

9. Ace the Interview

Recruiters can help you prepare for a job interview. Your recruiter may have worked with the hiring manager for prior placements. Chances are, they already know specific questions that your interviewer may have prepared for you.

Also, your recruiter most likely has some inside scoop about your potential employer, especially the expected skills and other qualities that the hiring manager desires in a candidate.

10. Leave It To the Expert

You should also know that a recruiter has a stellar ability to promote you. Needless to say, it’s the recruiter’s best interest to help you get a job.

Aside from guiding you throughout the application process, some recruiters will even go the extra mile of providing you with ongoing development advice. That includes career tips that will help you thrive as a professional.

Final Words

Why use a recruiter to find a job? Why not? It’s one of the easiest ways to find work.

We all know that the daunting process of job-hunting often thwarts the excitement of a new career. Thankfully, working with a recruiter allows you to skip the process and land a job ASAP.

The right recruiter will also equip you with the knowledge and know-how that gives you a competitive advantage over other applicants.

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