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The 11 Best Work From Home Jobs for 2021

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Is the job commute getting you down?

Are you tired of the hustle, the lack of flexibility, and the stress of organizing daycare for your kids (or your dogs)?

Do you get home feeling drained with no energy left for family, friends, or yourself?

This all too familiar scenario is what’s driving many Americans to seek remote jobs and work-from-home jobs that offer a better quality of life.

There has never been a better time to work from home.

More companies, from the largest corporations to the smallest businesses, are hiring remote workers.

Many employee-based work-from-home opportunities even provide health care and other company benefits so that you still get all the perks of a work-on-site job.

If working at home appeals to you, there are plenty of online job opportunities — as well as the potential to run your own home-based small business.

Although there are pros and cons to working from home many find that it’s a real game-changer, providing more flexibility and freedom to enjoy a better quality of life.

As long as you have a reliable internet connection, a quiet work environment, and a motivated mindset, you can make a good income.

But what kind of online jobs can you do from home? And how do you find genuine work-from-home opportunities?

We take a look at 11 of the best full-time and part-time work at home jobs for 2020 — where you can work on your own schedule from the comfort of your home office.

1. Teach English Online

There is a high demand for English language teachers who are available to teach online.

Students include adults and children alike who wish to learn or improve their written and spoken English.

And tutors are widely needed, especially in China and other parts of Asia.

If you are a confident and clear speaker who enjoys teaching others, this might be an ideal work-at-home job that offers flexible hours and a reasonable income.

Job Requirements

Some companies require you to have a bachelor’s degree and/or teaching experience.

Others just ask for a good command of the English language.

You’ll also need a computer, a high-speed internet connection, a web camera, and teaching props (such as charts and pictures).

Average Earnings

You can earn between $18-$40 per hour, depending upon experience.

Job Search Tips

Take your time to find an approved and reputable English teaching company that offers you reliable hours and pay that suits your requirements.

2. Be a Remote Customer Service Agent

More companies than ever are hiring work-from-home customer service agents to deal with online or call center phone enquiries.

This is a great job if you enjoy helping people, have great interpersonal skills, and enjoy resolving problems.

There are a variety of customer service representative roles, from responding to general queries to dealing with disputes, and you’ll work agreed set hours.

Job Requirements

You’ll need excellent customer care, administration, and communication skills for this role.

You might also need to prove you can type quickly and deal with enquiries in a prompt and courteous manner.

You’ll need a quiet home office with a fast internet connection and a headset and landline if the role involves taking calls as a call center agent.

Average Earnings

You can expect $8-$12 per hour with options to work on a part-time or full-time basis.

You can earn more if you take on an experienced customer service management role or if you can offer a second language, like Spanish.

Job Search Tips

Check out:

3. Become a Social Media Manager

If you already spend hours on social media, you might as well get paid for it by becoming a Social Media Manager.

This is an ideal flexible job for a home mom or anyone who wants to work their own hours.

There’s potential to specialize as a Facebook Marketeer if you have experience optimizing Facebook pages and running successful ad campaigns.

Job Requirements

You’ll need to be familiar with all the main social media channels and know how to get the best out of your client’s posts.

Good creativity and communication skills are needed as you’ll be replying to comments and drafting post ideas that have potential to go viral.

Knowledge of marketing ad campaigns is also desirable.

Average Earnings

You can make anywhere from $15-$45 per hour.

You can gain a higher fee if you have a proven track record of producing results.

Job Search Tips

Check out Indeed or Remote for businesses who need social media support.

You can offer this service to local businesses too.

4. Work From Home for Amazon

The mammoth company that is Amazon is starting to hire more remote staff to ensure the smooth running of their business.

From Delivery Trainer to Market Manager to Data Engineer, there are a host of home-based jobs available.

Most of the positions are technical in nature, but there are also some entry level customer service positions.

Job Requirements

Amazon looks for qualified individuals that are self-driven, motivated, and have a ‘work-like’ environment with uninterrupted internet access.

It also doesn’t hurt to have an AWS certification, especially if you’re in the customer support role on that side of the business.

Average Earnings

Amazon offers a wide range of salaries, but you can earn good rates depending upon the position and your experience.

Job Search Tips

Visit Amazon’s Virtual Locations jobs board for job postings.

When we looked, there were over 500 remote working jobs available.

5. Be a Full-Time or Part-Time Transcriber

Why not set up your own transcription business.

This is an interesting and profitable work from home job that involves transcribing media, such as audio notes, podcasts, videos, and webinars.

Job Requirements

You’ll need to be a good listener and a fast typist.

Accuracy is a necessity, too.

Average Earnings

You can earn $9-$25 per hour.

There’s potential to earn a good part-time or full-time income.

Job Search Tips

Offer your skills on sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

You can also find local transcribing work by introducing yourself to legal, financial, or medical businesses in your area.

There are also various transcription platforms, including Allegis Transcription and Transcribe Anywhere,

6. Work in Web Design and Solutions Service

One of the forerunners of work from home jobs is web design, and it’s still a viable opportunity today.

Even though technology and software has changed, people still need websites built — plus web-related assistance — to help them maintain an impressive and secure online presence.

Job Requirements

You need to have a sound knowledge and ability to build websites, and an eye for design.

You don’t necessarily need to learn coding, but it will certainly earn you a higher income if you can take on specialist web design contracts.

Average Earnings

Your earning potential varies depending on your skills and experience.

You can earn anything from $100-$5,000+ per site.

Job Search Tips

You can set up your own business as a web designer and promote yourself through social media.

There are also opportunities to be an independent contractor for other media companies.

Take a look at freelance websites like Upwork for job opportunities.

7. Become a Blogger

Would you like to make money from blogging about a topic that you’re passionate about?

It’s not necessarily a reliable or quick way of earning income.

It can take a few months to a year before you see a possible return from your own blog, and your success depends on the popularity of your topic and how you monetize the site.

Once you have good traffic to your blog, it’s possible to earn from paid ads, affiliate marketing, and sales of your own products or services.

Job Requirements

You’ll need writing skills, marketing skills, and a genuine interest in the topic you’re writing about.

Average Earnings

This online role is more of a gamble.

You can earn anything from $0-$100,000+.

Job Search Tips

You can set up your own blog easily, but you’ll need some patience to generate an income.

If you need to earn quickly, you can try writing blog posts for other people.

Look for advice on how to start a blog on Bloggingtips.com.

8. Rent Your Spare Room to Travelers

If you have a spare room in your home, you can make an excellent part-time or full-time income by providing accommodation to vacationers or people seeking a temporary place to stay in your area.

Job Requirements

You’ll need to provide suitable accommodation, and be an excellent host.

You don’t need a travel agent background but it helps to be good with people and have excellent communication.

Average Earnings

You can make $500+ per month, depending on how many days the room is rented out for.

Job Search Tips

You can list your accommodation on Airbnb, which is one of the biggest and most popular holiday accommodation sites.

Make sure you thoroughly read their guide to understand your obligations and risks before you start.

Check out:

9. Work as a Virtual Assistant

Busy entrepreneurs and small businesses are realizing the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) to take care of all those small, time-consuming tasks.

From managing social media to booking flights, a VA will perform various tasks to support their client.

This is an ideal work-from-home position, and you could find yourself working for a famous entrepreneur or celebrity.

Job Requirements

You’ll need to be an excellent and organized multi-tasker with a range of administrative skills.

Clear communication is essential along with the ability to complete tasks quickly while making life easier for your client.

Average Earnings

This role will pay anywhere from $18-$35 per hour.

Job Search Tips

Check out our Virtual Assistant Jobs Guide for freelance virtual assistant jobs.

10. Become a Freelancer

Use your writing, art, illustration, photography, or video editing skills to gain one-off or regular home-based freelance commissions.

Combine skill sets (such as freelance writer and photographer) to broaden your options or specialize in your own niche, like logo design or magazine illustration.

There are many options to use your creative expertise and plenty of clients willing to pay good money for your art.

Job Requirements

You’ll need to be good at what you do and professional in how you provide your freelance service.

Showcase your talent using your website, social media, and Linkedin.

Average Earnings

You’ll earn anything from $5-$500+ per project, depending on your experience and the nature of the work.

Job Search Tips

Start by advertising your freelance service on Fiverr.

Search for dedicated job sites such as Freelance Writing.

If you’re an artist, there is also an option to sell your creations on sites like Etsy or Artfire.

11. Complete Online Tasks

Companies pay good money for honest and thorough feedback on everything from shopping habits to product suitability.

You won’t make a fortune but there are plenty of options to earn extra income by doing simple online tasks.

These tasks include testing websites or apps, data entry, completing marketing surveys, providing opinions, or cleaning up search engines.

This is a great way for stay-at-home parents or students to make some extra money in their spare time.

Job Requirements

You don’t need any specific experience for some of these online tasks, such as completing surveys.

You may need to take a test for search engine evaluation, which is more involved.

You can complete these simple online tasks any time, using your computer or mobile device.

Average Earnings

You’ll make $5-$15+, depending on the task.

Job Search Tips

Look at Userfeel, Userlytics, uTest, Airtasker, and GlobalTestMartket for job alerts.

Be Part of the Work-From-Home Revolution

No matter where you are, whether in America or elsewhere in the world, the opportunities to work at home have never been better.

It’s becoming blatantly obvious that there is a clear trend towards more flexible, remote jobs.

Whether you’re an employee, freelancer, independent contractor or run your own online e-commerce business, homeworking gives you the flexibility and freedom to enjoy a work-life balance that suits your needs.

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