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Ziprecruiter vs Indeed: Which One Is Better for You?

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Each day, millions of employers pray that they would find an exceptional candidate. And millions of job seekers browse new openings hoping to find their dream job.

One platform has 200 million resumes, and the other uses AI to match your CV with the best recruiter. So which one would you use?

The following is an in-depth comparison between the services of ZipRecruiter vs. Indeed. By the time you reach the end of this article, you should be able to tell which one is better for you.  

What Is ZipRecruiter?

ZipRecruiter is a SaaS-based job search website that uses AI to match talent with suitable vacancies.

Ziprecruiter focuses on effective communication, and that’s why they put in a lot of effort to make their mobile phone app exceptional. It’s currently the “#1 rated job search app on iOS and Android”, and among the highest-rated hiring sites in the US.

Ian Siegel, Ward Poulos, Joe Edmonds, and Will Redd launched the company in 2010. In 2018 they started implementing AI algorithms to optimize the employer/employee matching process. And in a few years, they managed to stand beside giants like LinkedIn and Indeed.

Employers looking for skilled candidates to fill job openings can post their requests, and ZipRecruiter spreads this announcement over a hundred other job posting boards. This exchange comes at a cost, which is often is monthly/yearly subscription.

People seeking employment sign up for free and can target specific jobs or leave their CVs on the site. There’s an option to set the profile visibility to “public” which improves the odds of getting a job offer.      

What Is Indeed?

If you’re looking for free job posting sites, then check out Indeed. It’s a job posting platform, so unlike ZipRecruiter, it doesn’t send job requests to other boards. It’s massive and generally considered “the #1 job site worldwide”.  

They’ve been around since 2004 after Paul Forster and Rony Kahan founded this site as a subsidiary of Recruit Holdings. The has offices in Austin, New York, in addition to a huge global presence in 60 countries.

Employers can post job openings for free on Indeed, but that only gets a basic amount of reach. Extra payments provide individually priced services and premium features.

Job seekers can also sign up in Indeed for free. The platform is easy to navigate, and its database is filled to the brim with attractive job listings.  

What Does ZipRecruiter Offer?

ZipRecruiter has a great reputation as a dependable partner that responds promptly to the staffing needs of big businesses. It’s not uncommon to get the right employee a day after posting a job announcement on this board.

The services of ZipRecruiter aren’t cheap, but employers often get their money’s worth. Job seekers are quite happy as well, and they don’t even need to pay anything at all.  

What Does ZipRecruiter Offer Job Searchers?

As a job seeker, you’d like to spend your time on an easy-to-navigate website, that also connects you with the best companies in the field.

Here are some of the benefits you get from using ZipRecruiter.

  • Creating a detailed profile with salary, location, and other preferences.
  • You can link to your portfolio, references, or other professional credentials.
  • One-click for filling up a job application, since your profile is already solid.
  • Optional public visibility to employers.
  • A valuable and extensive database of reputable companies.
  • Signing up and using the board is free.
  • AI matching for optimal placement.    

What Does ZipRecruiter Offer Companies?

ZipRecruiter has had a dedicated R&D facility since 2015, and its main focus is getting the best employee for every job opening. This alone is a great feature, but there’s a lot more that companies get by signing up.

  • Flexible payment plans that you can change at any time.
  • The pricing model is simple and clear.
  • Company dashboard to facilitate the posting, screening, and selection processes.
  • Customizable job posting templates.  
  • No caps on the number of resumes you can receive for each job posting.
  • Traffic boost option to increase the reach more than 3X the normal posts.
  •  Multiple job posting slots.
  • Exceptional customer support.
  • Spreads the job postings quickly to 100 different job boards.  

What Does Indeed Offer?

Indeed is a huge platform buzzing with traffic, and holding more than 200 million resumes in its database.

Most of the services are free for job seekers and employers. And besides that, there are premium features for employers that come at reasonable prices.  

What Does Indeed Offer Job Searchers?

The platform is practical, basic, and doesn’t beat around the bush. They just ask you what kind of job you want, and where are your preferred locations. Then, they jump to action as soon as you press “Find jobs”.  

Knowing how to get a job is an invaluable skill, and this platform helps a lot with that. Here’s what you get when you use Indeed to find a job.

  • A user-friendly platform.
  • Company reviews from peers are often available.
  • Optional assessment to improve your CV.
  • Job alerts are a great way to be always in the know.
  • You can make your profile private or public to employers.  

What Does Indeed Offer Companies?

The giant recruitment platform is on point with what it offers potential employers.

  • Free plan to use the basic features of the platform.  
  • Pay-per-click pricing plus budget control.  
  • Online skill assessment options.  
  • A company page for added reach.
  • Easy to handle employer dashboard.
  • Resume database of more than 200 million professionals.  

How is ZipRecruiter Similar to Indeed?

ZipRecruiter and Indeed both offer premium features at a cost. And they’re both free for job seekers.

Employers can receive an infinite number of resumes from both sites, they can include screening questions, and there are smart search tools in ZipRecruiter and Indeed.

How is ZipRecruiter Different Than Indeed?

The main differences between Ziprecruiter and Indeed are their business models and pricing plans.

ZipRecruiter sends job postings to other job boards, while Indeed is a huge platform that aggregates job postings from various sources.  

Ziprecruiter is a subscription-based service, with various payment plans. There’s a 4-day free trial, but that is almost never used. On the other hand, Indeed provides a pay-per-service model for companies, plus a free plan.

Other differences include multiple job postings, 8 user seats, and background screening in ZipRecruiter only. On the other hand, Indeed has a bigger database, online skills assessment, a dedicated company page, and free job postings.  

Conclusion: Is Indeed or ZipRecruiter Better?

ZipRecruiter and Indeed are both reliable options. Whether you’re an employer looking for skilled candidates, or a job seeker aspiring for career advancement you can’t go wrong either way.

ZipRecruiter is a bit more costly, so it’s a great choice when you have a bunch of positions to fill. Scaling up, branching out, and acquisitions call for such action, and that would be your best option.

If you’re a small company, with only two urgent job postings, then Indeed would be a better option. Especially, if you choose the free plan for job postings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Trust ZipRecruiter?

ZipRecruiter has been in the market for more than 10 years, and its track record is stellar. Also, it’s known for accurately matching skilled people with the right employers.  

I’d say you can trust ZipRecruiter to get you the desired outcome.

Can I Trust Indeed?

Indeed has also been operating globally for decades, with a high rank in the field. It provides full transparency in its financial dealings and screening processes, and that’s why it’s easy to trust such a platform.
This platform can offer you many places to find a job you love.

Wrapping Up

Employers spend weeks on end looking at resumes and interviewing candidates whenever they try to fill a job opening. This could get frustrating, and quite often, the recruiters settle for an average employee.

The same time-consuming story happens with job seekers. They send their resumes to a bunch of job boards and hope for the best.

With platforms like ZipRecruiter and Indeed the process becomes much easier. They both have individual perks, but in most cases, you can choose either one of them and still get great results.

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