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Esthetician Resume Sample

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Estheticians are a group of persons who are associated with the duty of beautification of the people.

They are not the medical doctors, but they are usually given license to do the work.

Esthetician performs cosmetic skin treatments such as facials, light chemicals peels, body treatments, waxing etc.

They can also offer skin care products.

Esthetician does some other works including make-up, spa treatments, wraps hair removal, foot reflexology.

To become an esthetician, you have to be high school graduate and need to have cosmetology diploma degree.

The estheticians work also with aroma therapy, at present largely they work on health care with great care and devotion.

According to BLS, skin care specialist made a median salary of $28,640 in 2012.

The highest paid 10% in the profession earned $51,900 but lowest paid earned $17,460 in that year.

The average annual salary is $31,720.

Like any other profession if you want to be involved with skin care treatment in any organization, you need to apply through a good esthetician resume.

How to Write Esthetician Resume Objective?

Image courtesy of marin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Objective is an important part of any job resume.

Like wise, esthetician job resume is based on its core part of objective.

Through this portion you will be judged and selected for the job.

Viewing this, you should be very particular to furnishing the objectives.

It is the determining factor by which you could be able to come close to the authority or the recruiters.

Some Sample Esthetician Resume Objectives

  • Seeking to perform skin care treatment of the clients properly.
  • To do well in excelling of the facials and hair removals.
  • Having vast knowledge of massage therapy by which I can treat the patients too.
  • Can do waxing well and by its proper use can maintain the suitable standard of beauty.
  • With good knowledge about lymphatic drainage by which immunity capacity can be developed.
  • Quite used to do reflexology process and by its uses tension can be relieved and clients can be given comforts.

How to Write Esthetician Resume Skills

Certainly skills are one of the most important parts of an esthetician resume.

This portion shows up your capability what you can do or what not.

If you go through the profession of an esthetician, you must be careful that it is one of the services related with health care, so you must think that it is a dignified job.

You need to be very much focused about this profession and be alert to disburse the quality properly.

Some Sample Esthetician Resume Skills

  • Can well perform the skin treatment.
  • Well aware about waxing, and the process of spa.
  • Having expertise in facials.
  • Quite used to doing the lymphatic drainage.
  • Well known body massage therapy.
  • Vast knowledge about anti aging treatment.

Esthetician Resume Example


66, Pollock Street, Central Park Ohio
Julia@example.com, (543) 223-7754

Having deep desire in heart to serve in health care sector, I intend to utilize my talents and potentials, so that the organization as well as I both will be benefited from my service.


  • Can perform well on the treatment of skin.
  • Having good knowledge of use of spa.
  • Having good idea of the usage of various creams and herbal products on skin.
  • Expertise in waxing.
  • Well accustomed to doing lymphatic drainage.
  • Can treat well the acne problem.
  • Expertise in hair removal.
  • Having vast knowledge about massage therapy with that the effect of it on various parts of the body.

Professional Skills

Sun Skin Beautification Center, Los Angeles
Assistant Esthetician, (2011-2014)


  • Worked as advisor of skin treatment.
  • Served as spa specialist.

Royal Skin Health Care, NY
Junior Esthetician, (2008-2011)


  • Worked as massager.
  • Served as one in the group of skin care treatment.


High School Graduate
Owens Community College, Tokay (2004-2008)

Beautician Course
Toledo Academy, Toledo, OH (2003-2004)

Other Activity

  • Deeply interested in music.
  • Like watching Hollywood movie.
  • Loves rock climbing.


(Julia Roberts)

Esthetician Resume Sample [Instant Download]

As considering the situation, it is clear that as a branch of health care sector esthetician based profession is in demand, so many youths are taking it as a challenging job.

First of all if you want to aim for this job you must prepare a good esthetician resume.

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