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How Long Should a Cover Letter Be

Cover letters are a challenge to write for two reasons. The first being that we rarely write letters anymore. Quick emails, messages, and comments are crafted, drafted, and sent by the dozens. But complete letters with full paragraphs and formal sign offs? It’s been a while. How long should a cover letter be in a world […]

How to Put Together the Most Relevant Skills for Resumes

The skills section isn’t the main feature of your resume, but it’s still a mighty tool. Aside from the main portion, which consists of your work experience and education, a list of skills is a small but important part of the overall picture. A strong skills section usually contains about 10 skills (in a list […]

How Long Does It Take to Find a Job? Stay Sane During Your Job Hunt

Were you recently laid off? Are you tired of your current role and looking for a new job in an entirely different industry? If so, the job search may be daunting. According to CareerBuilder, job seekers spend an average of 11 hours per week looking for employment. The site also indicates that the average job search […]


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