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Frequently Asked Questions


What font is used on the resume designs?
All of our resume designs use system fonts that you can find on all Macs and Windows. You can easily change the font if you want to spice your resume up.

Are your resume templates compatible with Mac or PC?
The Microsoft Word files are compatible with Mac and PC, as long as you have Microsoft Word 2007 or newer on your PC or Microsoft Word 2011 or later on your Mac. Some of our resume templates also come in Apple iWork Pages format.

Does your Word resume templates work on Google Docs or OpenOffice?
We have a selection of resume templates that work with Google Docs. You can filter resumes by format by clicking the format options on the product page sidebar. Always read the listing description to make sure that the package includes the format that you want. You can also download the free trial version of Microsoft Word for both Mac and Windows here: http://products.office.com/en-us/try

Can I edit the resumes using Photoshop?
The purchase does not include Photoshop files. If you need a Photoshop version of certain resume, contact our customer service and we’ll create the files for you for a small fee.

How can I be certain that your ATS-friendly templates will work?
Our ATS resumes are basic Word documents and don’t use any text boxes or other design elements that ATS won’t read. You can also edit them with Google Docs or save them as .doc format for the ATS.

When will I get my files?
After purchase your files will be available for download immediately. Please note that you’ll need to be logged in to download your files. If downloads do not become available immediately after purchase contact our customer service

Where can I find my files?

  1. The download link will be emailed to you 2. You will also find the files under My Account and by viewing the order details.

How many times can I download the files?
We have no download limit but you do need to be logged in to download your files. If we suspect suspicious behaviour (such as hundreds of downloads) we will suspend the account and to be able to download again you’ll need to contact our customer service.

Resume Editing Service

**Please Note – We are temporarily putting our resume editing service on hold. If you’d like to have a resume professionally edited, contact us through our contact page and we’ll be happy to give you a referral of one of our partners to ensure you get the best quality editing.

What does the resume editing service include?
You can order a resume editing service with your resume template and that means that we will fill in your resume information for you. The service includes 3 revisions. The final resume is delivered digitally in PDF as well as editable Microsoft Word .docx format. The resume editing service includes max. 3 resume pages and color edits can be done at the same. Editing of cover letter is included.

How fast can I get my resume edited?
This is a custom order and creating the requested file can take 1-3 days once we have received all the necessary information. If you are in a hurry, please ask for time estimate before ordering. Please note that we cannot start working until we got all the necessary information and content from you.

What do you need from me?
You can provide us a link to your LinkedIn or a Word document with your work history, education and other needed information.

Can you fix my typos?
We don’t provide writing service. You are responsible for any typographical errors. We suggest that you carefully proofread your resume and have someone else proofread it for you as well. The service includes 3 revisions and you can use those for typo fixes.

I ordered the editing service 2 months ago and would need some edits done, can you do those for me?
We offer updating service for a small fee. Updates are not included with the editing service and once you have approved your resume we consider that our job is done. All revisions must be used within 7 days of the delivery of the proof.

Can I edit the resume myself?
Absolutely. With your order you will receive your resume in a Word .docx format that you can edit.


What payment methods do you accept?
When purchasing from MyJobSearch.com you can pay securely with PayPal. You can use your credit card or PayPal balance to pay. You do not need to have an account with PayPal to pay with your credit card. View the image below to see how to pay with your credit card:


I just made a purchase but the files are not available for download. The payment has been deducted from my PayPal.
When this happens contact our customer service. After payment always to return to the webshop otherwise the payment may record as Pending or Cancelled.

I made a purchase using PayPal eCheck but my files are not available for download.
If an eCheck was used, it takes 3-5 days for this kind of payment to be processed. Once the funds have cleared the downloads will become available.


Do I have to pay taxes?
Everyone who lives in European Union country will have to pay VAT (Value-added tax) determined by the country that you live in. Buyers out side of European Union don’t have to pay taxes in the MyJobSearch webshop.

I have a business in EU with valid VAT number, do I need to pay taxes?
Currently we charge taxes from EU businesses and you’ll need to claim back the VAT from your local tax office. Receipt in PDF format is available upon request.