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9 Great Questions to Ask in Your Next Job Interview

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A job interview is about more than providing the right answers; it’s also about knowing what questions to ask.
Job seekers nowadays face a difficult landscape. All that hard work of landing a job happens before even entering the interview room.

Not only do you need to perfectly answer any questions thrown at you by the interviewer, but you also need to ask questions that would entice the interviewer and make him/her take note of you. You need to be more than just qualified for the job. With the modern job market you need to stand out from the crowd to get the job and asking excellent questions is the best way to demonstrate your excellence. You can also use these questions to assess your potential employer and avoid getting stuck with bad bosses.

Avoid asking the same questions everyone else does because this is just a waste of the opportunity before you. What you should be doing is asking questions that hide a statement. The statement in question should give prominence to your qualifications and showcase your commitment and confidence. It should show that you are accountable and understand the challenges your employer is facing. Most of all it should make you look like the ideal candidate.

Asking the right questions is how you can showcase not just how you recognize and understand the challenges the employer is facing, but also why you are the best choice to tackle these problems and why you are interested in doing so. Asking the right questions means you’re demanding the position.
So what are some good questions for a job interview? Here are what I consider to be 9 great questions to ask in your next job interview given all my research and experience.

Asking About the Firm
• What is it that the company values most? How will the work I do be contributed to these values?
• What do you value the most in the company’s culture? And what are the least? Can you provide me with some examples?
• How do you determine success?

Asking About the Tasks
• What processes will you allow me to work on collaboratively?
• When it comes to team work, what areas could use more fine-tuning?
• What should my primary focus be in my first sixty (60) days on the job?

What to ask Your Interviewer
• What makes you good at your job?
• How long would you say you’ve worked for the company?
• What would you say you like the most about your job?

Bonus Questions
• How long do employees stay with the company on average?
• Will I be mentored or will I be a mentor?
• Where will the company be in five years?
• How will my success be judged? What could I do in the next six months to show you that I meet the expectations?
• This position certainly appeals to me – is there room for me?
• Now that you’ve reviewed my qualifications, what concerns do you have about how successful I would be here?
• What’s the next stage of the recruiting process?
• When do you expect to make a decision on who gets the job?
• When can I expect to have a response?
• When is expected start date for the position?
• If I have questions, who can I contact?

These questions should be used as typical examples for questions contingent on the position you’re being interviewed for. Polish them up a little and really make the questions your own. Not everyone can ask these kinds of questions but the reality of the current job market is that not everyone can succeed.

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