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How To List An Address On Resume: Best Practices For 2023

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Finding the ideal information for your resume may lead to trouble while you create it. You’ll naturally wonder if you should include your address on resume documents, but should you have such information?

Addresses matter with your resume, but you shouldn’t worry about them. Instead, you can concentrate on essential features, see what you can adjust, and make your resume as good as possible.

Ensure you consider adding your address, find the best approach, and know when to include it to improve your resume.

Should You Include Your Address on a Resume?

As you go through what others suggested to list on a resume, you’ll find people mentioning addresses. In short, yes, you should put your address on your resume in most situations, though you’ll have moments you should avoid adding it.

Do You Put an Employer Address on a Resume?

Adding your employer’s address isn’t necessary. If you include the business name, phone number, and email, your potential employer can contact them and ask questions. They can also look up the address, making the information unnecessary.

Why Include Your Address on a Resume

As you consider what to include on your resume, you should understand why you should add your address.

Doing so will help you view and place it on your resume when necessary, so do so in the following circumstances:

  • Most employers expect it
  • Demonstrate your trust
  • Prove you live nearby

First, many employers expect you to include that information. If you don’t, they may think you forgot or overlooked it, leaving a negative impression on some people. Including it indicates you trust them enough to share that information, knowing they won’t misuse it.

Unless you work remotely, employers need reassurance that you plan to work there or live close enough to do the job. They’ll assume you can’t take the position if you live too far away, so either shows your close address or indicates you’ll move to work there.

When You Can Not Include Your Address

Even though you may want to include a resume cover page and other details, you must know  when to not use them.

The same applies to addresses: even though adding it has its uses, you have moments when you shouldn’t include the information.

  • You feel concerned about security
  • You don’t completely trust the business
  • You use a third-party website

Ultimately, you must keep yourself safe, so if you feel adding your address won’t keep you safe, you shouldn’t put it on your resume. Otherwise, someone could get your address without your permission and send you mail you don’t want to receive.

You also don’t want to give your information to a third-party website, so you should avoid including that information when possible. Otherwise, they may collect the details and potentially sell them based on the cookies and rules put in place.

Ensure you think about it before you send a resume with your address. Add the information if you feel you can do it safely since you don’t want to face any risks.

What Address to Put on a Resume When Relocating

While you apply for jobs in different areas, you’ll wonder what address to include.

Do you put your previous address, your current one, or do you not include one?

Either way, you can provide information to inform potential employers about your situation.

Mention That You’re Relocating

You should start by making your intentions clear. Let them know you plan to relocate, so you can include your current and future address. Doing so will let them know they should probably reach out through email or text.

You can also make it clear you intend to move closer, so they know you’ll be in the area.

Say the Timeframe When You’re Moving

They must know when you plan to move, so they’ll know when to hire you.

For example, if you apply for the position but won’t arrive for two weeks, you can’t start working until you arrive there. Because of that, they need a timeframe.

Providing those details keeps everyone informed so you don’t surprise them or face miscommunication.

Include the City You’re Moving To

Even if you don’t have an initial address, you can let them know the city. Doing so informs them you intend to move, but they may need to wait since you’re still securing the details on the situation. Either way, you should keep them as informed as possible.

How to Put Your Address on Your Resume

You must utilize some straightforward steps to add your address, so you’ll know what a resume should look like while you include it.

  • Make space under your name
  • Include your contact information
  • Order them as so:
    • Email
    • Phone number
    • Address
    • Website
  • Include a separating line or box

Ultimately, you don’t need to get fancy with your address. You want to make it easy for the employer to find your contact information, so place it directly under your name. Doing so will not only show them the information, but they’ll associate it with your name.

When you put your address there, you should state the house number, street name, city, state, and country in that order.

You place the items in that order since most employers will reach out to you through your email or phone number. They’ll then use your address to confirm you live close enough to work and go through your website if they need more information.

As for the separation, you can either place a line between them or put your name and contact information in a box. Doing so keeps them separate from the resume, so they won’t distract the reader.

Wrapping Up

As you look to add your address on resume documents, you’ll want to know how to tackle it. You should understand when to put it, when you shoudn’t include it, how to handle relocating, and how to add it to your resume.

Please comment below if you want to know more about putting your address on a resume. As you go through the process and identify the best times to include your address, you’ll enhance your resume and show you live close enough to work there.

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