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Amazon Internship: Types, Positions, Pay & How To Apply

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Amazon is unquestionably among the most recognizable brands globally.

In addition to being the third most well-known brand in the world, it’s a major player in e-commerce, AI, and cloud technologies.

It should come as no surprise that Amazon attracts the best and brightest in the technology industry every year, given its huge footprint and ongoing demand for innovation.

The Amazon internship program is a popular entry point for new employees.

To help you understand what the Amazon internship requires, we have compiled an extensive guide on the Amazon internship program.

Does Amazon Have an Internship Program?

Yes. The Amazon internship program aims at giving students a taste of what it means to work for the company.

Types of Internships Offered by Amazon

  • Student Internships: Amazon offers internships for Ph.D., master’s, and undergraduate students worldwide.
  • Summer Internships: Amazon has summer internships in various fields. They divide the positions between technical and non-technical categories, with several opportunities for each. The company’s website filter allows applicants to choose any region or nation they like. The opportunities are open to students currently undertaking their undergraduate and recent graduates.
  • Part-Time Internships: Individuals can choose from various part-time positions at Amazon that suit their schedules, interests, and skill sets. Part-time internships are ideal for undergraduate or master’s students who wish to work part-time to pay for their studies and develop financial independence. You’ll need to meet several set prerequisites to secure a position.

How Many Interns Does Amazon Have?

According to the record, Amazon does not adhere to every year’s standards regarding employing interns.

However, they typically pick over 5,000 each year.

Amazon Internship Positions

The majority of internship positions at Amazon focus on technical and engineering, research, and business-related areas.

In these positions, interns will push themselves to excel and adapt to the high uncertainty of developing and delivering previously unimaginable innovations.

Technical and Engineering: Amazon offers many internship opportunities to students in technological fields.

These can include developing and building cutting-edge innovations in a large distributed computer system to designing cutting-edge consumer goods for Amazon’s clientele.

Research: Students contribute to resolving various technical issues spanning multiple large-scale platforms.

Positions in this category require knowledgeable students in machine learning and distributed computing to create unique, scalable software applications.

Business: Students contribute to the company’s growth by developing strategic project plans, collaborating with critical business units, and applying data and analytics to address Amazon’s clientele’s most pressing issues.

Common job categories include:

  • Accounting
  • Operations management
  • Product management
  • Marketing
  • Business development
  • Analytics

What Does an Intern at Amazon Do?

Interns are allowed to work on a project from the start and take full credit for their efforts.

Throughout your internship, interns have the support of a mentor assigned to them.

Furthermore, the management expects students to plan and execute the entire project.

What Does an Intern at Amazon Usually Focus On?

Interns undertake projects with far-reaching effects, delving into goods, initiatives, and services that touch many people.

Students benefit from thorough orientation and the opportunities to network with people beyond their immediate managers, mentors, and teams.

Furthermore, the company gives students a chance to present their projects to the company’s staff at the end of the program.

Who Does Amazon Target for Internships?

Internship positions at Amazon are available to current undergraduate and graduate students in areas such as software engineering, support, product and operations management, applied science, vendor management, sales, and finance.

The company offers opportunities to students from diverse backgrounds.

They place much more weight on whether or not candidates demonstrate their leadership principles.

What is an Amazon Internship Like?

Amazon recognizes the importance of providing its staff with a safe and comfortable working environment.

It’s an employer that cares about its employees and works to advance their interests whenever possible.

The company strives to foster a welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds and skill levels.

It upholds gender equality and rejects all forms of discrimination.

Amazon Internship Process

The first step is to visit the company’s Opportunities for Students page.

After submitting the application form, you’ll need to take an online test for evaluation.

That might be a math, logic test, or a working style evaluation based on the position you’re going for.

The next step is to expect a call from a human resources representative for a preliminary phone interview, a second phone interview, and an in-person evaluation.

Is It Hard to Intern at Amazon?

No. But irrespective of your project team, be ready for intense scrutiny.

The company grades interns based on how well they adhere to its leadership principles and deliverables and how well they meet their project’s goals.

The company highly values mentorship, so every intern has a manager and a mentor to offer direction, feedback, and career guidance.

What Notable Projects Can Interns Potentially Work On?

Interns typically get hands-on experience with live projects, although the specifics vary from team to team.

They could be requested to develop a new course or module.

Therefore, internships provide opportunities equivalent to those of full-time senior software development engineers.

Each team’s projects will differ.

For example, the database team will deliver some database projects.

How Many Hours Do Amazon Interns Work?

The company works on a shift-based model which enables students to balance their academic work life.

There are three shifts every week; from 8 am to 5 pm, from 12 pm to 9 pm, and from 3 pm to 12 am.

You’ll need to work a minimum of 40 hours weekly as an intern.

Amazon Internship Benefits

Interns go through a thorough wrap-up process at the end of their internship, which may involve presenting their project to Amazon staff as a part of their assessment.

They walk away having accomplished something worthwhile that will look well on a CV and serve as a talking point while networking.

What Do You Learn in an E-Commerce, Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence Internship?

You will become an excellent engineer if you complete the internship since it will provide you with real-world industrial experience and exposure to practical cases.

Most students can grasp the theoretical knowledge taught in engineering curricula, but they need the training to learn how to apply that knowledge professionally to any branch of engineering.

Are Amazon Interns Paid?

Yes. Interns are paid a fair wage for their work.

The company holds the fifth position in the recent Glassdoor list of highest-paid internships.

Interns participating in the hybrid model receive an extra relocation allowance during the 12–16 weeks they spend in their internship location.

How Much Are Amazon Interns Paid?

The intern’s salary is proportional to their role within the organization.

It also depends on the frequency of the payments, whether they are made weekly or monthly.

Amazon interns can expect to earn $ 8,000 per month, which translates to $46.15 per hour for 40 hours weekly.

Requirements for Getting an Internship at Amazon

Amazon has minimal standards for its internship programs.

To be eligible, you must study a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program in Electrical Engineering, Data Science, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or a related discipline.

Though not mandatory, Amazon gives preference to applicants with prior technical expertise.

In particular, experience in at least one programming language.

It’s also a requirement that you’re able to commit to working up to 40 hours every week and are available for a minimum of 12 weeks.

Amazon Internship Acceptance Rate

Less than 1% of candidates receive an offer for Amazon’s highly sought-after internship program.

Amazon does not have a set application deadline for internships.

Still, the company encourages students to submit their resumes and cover letters in the late summer or early fall for the best chance of landing an open position.

Suggested Areas of Study for Amazon Interns

Electrical Engineering: Amazon offers ambitious Electrical Engineers internships to help with system design, integration, and product launch.

Data Science: Interns at Amazon’s data science department are tasked with helping the company make better decisions by providing insights from data analysis and getting to the bottom of business challenges.

Computer Science: Amazon recruits Computer Science interns to help provide answers that build on previous industrial research.

Furthermore, they might have to put those answers into mass production as products that end up in customers’ hands.

Does Amazon Care About GPA?

There is no set GPA requirement at Amazon.

Instead, they seek out individuals who are better problem solvers, action-oriented, intellectually inquisitive, and visionaries.

If you let these qualities come out in your interviews and resume, you’ll have a decent chance of moving on to the next level.

In most cases, your skills will be given much more consideration than your GPA.

Recommended Skills for Amazon Interns

Technical Proficiency: You’ll require an in-depth understanding of programming, as well as data structures, algorithms, and operating systems.

Communication: Amazon recognizes that employees who can effectively communicate with their superiors, peers, and customers are at an advantage as they value this trait highly.

Teamwork: You have to work alongside other interns and full-time staff.

You’ll need to be conscious of your strengths and limitations to contribute effectively to a team.

Does Amazon Background Check Their Interns?

After completing and submitting your internship application, you must consent to a background check.

You won’t be able to move on with the application process until you allow Amazon to conduct a background check.

Does Amazon Drug Test Their Interns?

An internship lasts 12 weeks, plus the time it takes your body to remove all traces completely.

If you’re truly worried about it, you should stop doing it for that long.

However, unless legally compelled, Amazon does not conduct drug testing on developers, whether intern or full-time.

Do Amazon Interns Get Hired?


Roughly 75% of Amazon’s interns get offers for full-time positions, which is about the industry average for giant tech corporations.

However, eligibility is contingent on how well one performs during the internship.

How Likely Will an Internship at Amazon Turn into a Full-Time Job?

If your performance meets or exceeds expectations, you will be eligible for a pre-placement offer.

If your performance were satisfactory but not outstanding, you’d get an interview as a second chance.

Average performers will not get a promotion but can apply again in 6 months.

How Do I Get an Internship at Amazon?

To succeed at Amazon, you need to be an individual with a strong work ethic, a unique perspective, and a drive to succeed.

Your educational background and professional experience are crucial, as are your interests.

Where to Find Amazon Internship Opportunities

Your university’s job listing site and alumni network will put you miles ahead of other applicants if you can access such a database.

LinkedIn: Use the keyword “internship” in the jobs search bar at the top of the page to find internship postings.

Google: Amazon does google listing for all their internships.

Interview for an Amazon Internship

The procedure entails an application, two online tests, and a final interview.

The Online Tests feature multiple-choice coding questions.

Questions in the last round of interviews with the hiring manager may be either behavioral or technical.

What Should I Wear to an Amazon Internship Interview?

It’s best to wear a suit since the worst thing that could happen is that you look too formal for the setting.

However, if the recruiter specifies candidates shouldn’t wear suits, that is OK.

Slacks and a dress shirt are the worst you can do.

Ensure your clothes are clean and ironed and you get a nice haircut.

How to Answer “Why Do You Want to Work at Amazon?”

Say, “Amazon is currently the most inventive firm globally in e-commerce, AI, and cloud technologies .”

Customize your response to highlight their unique nature while also relating it to what you do.

Focus on the company rather than yourself. What can you do to assist them in growing?

Don’t discuss how the internship will help your career or how much you’ll learn.

It’s not about yourself but their needs at this point.

How Do I Prepare for an Amazon Internship?

The core of the matter is that you should do all in your power to stand out from the other applicants, including making a good impression with your appearance, asking insightful questions, and doing thorough research about the company and the position.

Is Amazon a Good Internship?

Since prudence is among the company’s guiding principles, Amazon provides fewer perks and advantages than some of its rivals.

The organization gives formal training opportunities and fosters a collaborative team environment, contributing to the intern’s professional growth and development.

Is an Internship at Amazon Worth It?

Amazon’s internship program combines classroom instruction with practical training.

That permits interns to earn a living while gaining relevant expertise to launch successful professions.

Future leaders, engineers, and senior managers can use these openings to hone their craft while gaining insight into Amazon’s distinctive culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions from people seeking an Amazon internship.

Does Amazon hire international students?

Amazon actively seeks to recruit bright and motivated students from universities worldwide.

It is a multinational corporation made up of people from diverse backgrounds to satisfy clients.

Does Amazon require a cover letter?

Given Amazon’s internship application pool, they require you to prepare a cover letter outlining your qualifications for the position you are applying for.

Wrapping Up

Anyone wishing to gain work experience in their field of study can participate in the Amazon internship program.

In addition, the purpose of this program is to assist students in making a smooth transition into the high-stakes and fast-paced environment in which they’ll be working.

The program isn’t only about understanding what it takes to succeed at Amazon and developing the skills you need to make your success a reality.

Click here to check out Amazon’s fantastic careers page.

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