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Can A Resume Be 2 Pages? Sometimes, Here’s When

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The job application process can be tedious. There is, however, no denying that one of the essential documents in a job search is the resume.

One of the main questions that boggle the minds of applicants is, “How long should my resume be, and is it professional to have a two-page resume?”

In this article, we delve deep into this question and offer insights on what length employers prefer.

Can a Resume Be 2 Pages?

Your resume can be 2 pages in instances where you’ve a lot of job related skills, or experience to include.

Also, for high level management positions, it’s common to have resumes that are longer than 2 pages.

Is It Unprofessional To Have a Two-page Resume?

No, It’s not. A research study from ResumeGo revealed that a 2-page resume could increase your chances of landing that prestigious job you’ve been eyeing.

The main misconception associated with two-page resumes is the belief that the hiring team is usually too busy or preoccupied to go through a 2-page resume. It’s said that many hiring managers lose patience, and so many experts will advise you to stick to the nitty gritty of a resume.

The key, however, is to ensure your document does not include irrelevant information that may lead your employer to skim through it instead of taking enough time to get to know you.

When Can My Resume Be 2 Pages?

The answer to this daunting question is -it all depends on a few factors. Many hiring experts will offer you varying advice on the best length for a resume based on their opinion. However, remember that different recruiters have varying requirements when hiring.

Additionally, the recruitment space is constantly evolving, so the old standards are slowly being eradicated and replaced with new formats. Ensure that the information presented on the two pages is relevant to the job you are applying for.

Let’s look at the following factors that allow for a resume’s length to be two pages:

If You Have Extensive Experience

Recruiters don’t mind going through a two-page resume if it has relevant information that may help them gauge your experience level. If you have accumulated a wide array of skills, don’t shy away from extending your resume to sing your praises humbly.

A resume is your chance to include information on your previous employers, the promotion trajectory, and professional achievement.

Companies looking for people to fill their senior management positions will most likely expect an extensive resume highlighting an excellent and detailed history that speaks to your leadership roles and accomplishments.

Additionally, highlight the list of professional certifications, publications, critical projects you contributed, and any additional technical skills you may have.

A longer resume can be a great way to set yourself apart from the competition.

If You Have a Lot of Relevant Information To Include

Say you’ve contributed a good number of accomplishments to your industry, or you’ve been successful in several areas that could be a worthwhile testament to your application. Wouldn’t it be wise to include this information?

Showing the evolution in your career or area of expertise may prove relevant to your hiring manager, especially if they are looking for someone with extensive knowledge in the role.

The key here, however, is to condense the data to produce quality and relevant information that will make an impact when attached to your application.

If you want our recruiter to go through two pages, your resume must tell a good and worthy story of your career.

As you summarize this information, talk about how you improved your job, project, or role and the skills you contributed.

Why a Resume Should Not Be More Than 2 Pages

Make your resume as short as possible while including all the information the recruiters may need to see your experience. In most scenarios, the preferred length of a resume is a page and a half or two at most.

Some of the reasons why your resume should not exceed two pages include the following:

Makes It Difficult To Read

Long resumes make it difficult for recruiters to pick the necessary information. This will make qualifying you for an interview a bit daunting.

Be sure to structure your resume to accommodate 20-25 words in a sentence, with your paragraphs featuring around four sentences each.

Takes Attention Away From the Important Information

A good resume should feel like a presentation between you and your hiring manager where you showcase your skills. You should prioritize information that speaks of your capabilities for the job.

Makes Hiring Managers Less Likely To Read Through

Many hiring managers receive plenty of resumes; thus, they might not have the time to fully invest in reading your resume.

Time constraints may push them to abandon your document and move on to the next candidate if your resume is long with unnecessary information.

A resume that contains all sorts of unnecessary information will also portray you as a candidate who is all over the place.

Do Employers Prefer One or Two-Page Resumes?

A two-page resume is now the norm, especially if you would like to showcase your skills and experience to the recruiting team.

The extra page allows you to include concrete examples while discussing your achievements. This is an aspect that hiring managers will want to see more of.

How Many Pages Is Okay for a Resume?

Depending on the information you wish your recruiters to have, it’s okay to have either a one or two page resume. In many cases, condensing your resume to one page will stifle essential highlights that may be the selling point of your resume.

Always opt for a resume that isn’t longer than two pages, although the length of your resume can vary depending on the job you’re seeking and your experience.

Nevertheless, if you have enough material to showcase your trajectory legitimately, go for it.

Wrapping Up

Your resume can pique the recruiter’s interest or hinder them from considering your application.

If you have the needed experience for the position and want to include all the relevant information, feel free to customize a two-page resume.

Want to make any queries about crafting the ideal resume? Write to us in the comment section below.

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