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CVS Hiring: Jobs, Requirements, Salary and What Work Is Like

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CVS is a large company with almost 10,000 locations.

That means the company often hires for several positions, including customer service representatives and management.

Learning the CVS hiring process, including how to apply, what to expect from the interview process, and what’s included in the training, can help you decide if this is the right career for you.

CVS Hiring Basics

The CVS hiring process is standard; it includes an application and interview process, followed by training.

Why Would Somebody Want to Work at CVS?

Working at CVS offers a good amount of job flexibility.

This type of position is fantastic because employees often control their schedules, including what hours and days they work.

Many employees also report that CVS has a good culture and that compensation packages include benefits like PTO and 401k.

Is CVS Hiring?

With almost 10,000 locations, CVS is always hiring.

That also means that working at CVS offers employees plenty of upward mobility with the opportunity for promotions.

What Positions Does CVS Usually Hire For?

Interested candidates can usually find a wide range of positions at CVS, including store associates, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, supervisors, store managers, or warehouse stockers.

Corporate-level positions may be available at the CVS headquarters in Rhode Island.

CVS also hires many seasonal employees during the fall and winter months.

Working at CVS in a seasonal position is a convenient option for people who want to supplement the high costs of the holidays.

Does CVS Offer Remote Positions?

Some CVS positions are remote.

CVS hires customer service representatives to work remotely, who are responsible for dealing with customer service inquiries and complaints.

Where To Check To See if CVS Is Hiring

There are a few places to check to see if CVS is currently hiring.

You can walk into your nearest CVS location to inquire about open positions.

You can also search for open positions online.

CVS also frequently hosts job fairs, where you can meet with local recruiters and learn about the open positions.

How Hard Is It To Get Hired at CVS?

It’s not difficult to get hired at CVS.

With so many locations all over the country, CVS is always looking for qualified candidates.

The positions are typically open to a wide range of skill and experience levels.

Requirements to Apply at CVS

The CVS hiring process is simple.

CVS is a great company to work for because you can qualify for exceptional benefits and job flexibility, even with minimal work experience.

Do You Need Experience to Work at CVS?

Most CVS positions don’t require candidates to have prior experience.

However, any previous retail experience can help speed up the hiring process.

In addition, some CVS employees may earn a higher starting pay with prior experience.

Some CVS positions do require previous experience.

CVS expects supervisors and managers to have prior management experience in the retail industry.

How Old Do You Have To Be to Work at CVS?

The CVS hiring process requires all employees to be at least 16 years old.

CVS Educational Requirements

There are no educational requirements included in the CVS hiring process.

CVS no longer requires a high school diploma or GED to apply for an entry-level position.

CVS Hiring Process

The CVS hiring process typically involves the following steps:

  • Submit your application
  • Complete a phone screening
  • Complete the Virtual Job Tryout (VJT)
  • Attend in-person interview
  • Discuss compensation and benefits
  • Complete orientation and training

How Long Does It Usually Take To Get Hired at CVS?

The CVS hiring process can take anywhere between one to five weeks.

The number of open positions at your nearest CVS location and the manager’s availability for interviews can affect the hiring timeline.

CVS Interview Process

The CVS hiring interview process measures a candidate’s ability to complete the duties of the open position.

Interviewees can expect a casual, conversational interview that allows them to learn more about the position and compensation.

The interview is also when the hiring manager will ask about the potential candidate’s availability.

The interview process also includes a virtual job tryout, allowing candidates to test out the position’s duties.

What Should I Wear to a CVS Interview?

Candidates should wear business casual to a CVS interview.

That includes dress pants or khakis paired with a blouse or button-up shirt.

Make sure your shoes are clean.

Does CVS Require an Assessment Test?

The CVS hiring process does include a pre-employment test.

This test includes questions that measure professionalism and cognitive abilities.

It also includes exercises that allow candidates to try out different duties of the specific position to which they’re applying.

Does CVS Drug Test?

Yes, the CVS hiring process usually includes a drug test.

However, some store locations may not drug test for certain positions.

Does CVS Background Check?

The CVS hiring process includes a background check for all U.S. candidates.

The background check can take one week to complete.

CVS Orientation and Training

Orientation and training are a part of the CVS hiring process if you receive a job offer.

Your first day of work is orientation.

The good thing about CVS is that they pay employees for their time spent in orientation and training.

Does CVS Offer Training to New Hires?

CVS trains all new employees.

Employees will receive compensation during training, and the timeline varies depending on the location and position.

What is New Employee Orientation Like?

The new employee orientation at CVS is one day.

The 8-hour orientation includes a tour of the store.

All employees will also spend a few hours on a computer completing learning modules.

How Long is CVS Training?

The CVS training program varies depending on the position.

For example, training to become a health pharmacy technician is 120 days.

Store managers in training can expect to complete a program anywhere between 12 weeks and 24 months.

What Is It Like to Work at CVS?

Working at CVS offers a flexible, fast-paced work environment.

Employees can expect to work closely with customers, helping them find products.

Some CVS employees may be responsible for stocking shelves or using the cash register.

How Long Are Shifts at CVS?

The typical shift at CVS is between 7-10 hours.

CVS employees work one of three shifts, morning, afternoon, or night.

Many CVS employees are also required to work on weekends and holidays.

What Is the CVS Dress Code Like?

CVS employees must wear tan or black pants, a CVS shirt, and closed-toe shoes.

Many stores also require employees to cover up any visible tattoos.

What Benefits Does CVS Offer?

Full-time employees at CVS may receive benefits.

Some benefits available to CVS employees include health insurance, prescription coverage, dental care, vision care, holiday pay, 401(k), tuition assistance, paid time off, and store discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the CVS hiring process:

How do I pass the CVS assessment test?

Interested candidates can prepare for the CVS assessment test by answering mock questions and working through scenarios.

Reviewing the requirements of the position can also be helpful in successfully passing the assessment test.

How long does it take to receive a job offer from CVS?

It can take anywhere between one week to six weeks to receive a job offer from CVS.

This timeline varies depending on the store’s availability.

Learning the CVS hiring process can help you land a career.

You can expect assessments, interviews, and orientation and training if hired.

CVS is a well-known company with thousands of store locations and a fantastic benefits package.

Wrapping Up

Applying for any new job can be a stressful endeavor.

Through the application, interview, assessment, and training process, you’ll want to take in as much information as possible to give you the edge that pushes you to the front of the line.

With the above knowledge, you’ll have a promising future with CVS.

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