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FedEx Background Check: How They Work & How to Pass

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So you’re thinking of joining the international FedEx team?

Well, considering that FedEx is one of the best logistics companies in the world, it’s only natural that the FedEx background check is rather extensive.

In other words, the FedEx hiring process can take a while and that’s why I wrote out this detailed guide.

Here, I prepare you for the company’s background search by going through every element you should expect or look out for.

FedEx Background Check Basics

Let’s start with the basics.

As I’ve said, the FedEx background check can be quite overwhelming, so it’s safe to begin with the fundamentals.

Do You Need to Do a Background Check to Apply at FedEx?

The short answer is yes, FedEx has to look into each and every applicant that wants to come work for them.

In this section, I cover a few positions in FedEx that require a mandatory background check beforehand as well as why FedEx conducts a search first before they hire for these jobs.

Package Handler

Due to the nature of their job description, package handlers shouldn’t be previously convicted of theft or fraud—and that’s where a criminal background check comes in handy.

Warehouse Worker

Warehouse workers are expected to have a certain range of skill sets along with a strong temperament.

Making sure that applicants for this position have what it takes is thus important.

FedEx Corporate

FedEx is a company that values honesty and integrity.

If you are to be considered for a FedEx corporate job, the business has to make sure you’re able to uphold that image.

FedEx Drivers

Delivery drivers need the proper paperwork and license to fill out their job forms.

They shouldn’t have recent DUI charges either—all of which FedEx looks for in their background check.

Can You Work at FedEx Without a Background Check?

Not really.

Background checks are an essential part of the FedEx hiring process so don’t expect to work at the company without them checking that you’re an eligible hire first.

Who Runs the Background Checks?

Typically the HR department is responsible for performing the necessary employee background checks.

They may use various background screening providers to aid with the process too.

What Does the FedEx Background Check Look For?

You know the basics, now let me take you through what exactly FedEx looks for during their background check.

The main purpose of the FedEx employee search is to ensure that what the job applicant put down on their resume is truthful.

In other words, the background screener has to fact-check every item on and document included with your CV.

Vehicle Report

Motor vehicle reports (MVRs) are full records of the hire’s driving history.

That’ll include the person’s license, traffic violations, car accidents, or any police records, such as DUIs.

Criminal Background Check

A criminal background check is essential.

While FedEx won’t discriminate against hiring felons, they still need to go over your current criminal record and know who’s working for them.

Driving Record

Driving records are not that different from MRV.

It’s just that they focus more on information related to your driving records and credentials.

Will They Check My Credit?

Looking at your credit rating is part of a security check that many companies have to do before hiring anyone.

They’ll also go over your career history to make sure that you’re fit for the job.

How Far in the Past Does the Background Check Go?

Most FedEx background checks will go digging as far as five to seven years in the past.

That said, they might go deeper if the role you’re applying for is quite important and requires it.

More appropriately, however, FedEx will probably check ten years of your criminal record and three years of your career history.

The company might search for about five years of DMV records as well.

What Do I Need to Supply For The FedEx Background Check?

To perform a background check, all applicants to FedEx will need to supply certain documents.

Without this information, the third party that runs the background checks will not be able to move forward to complete your check.

You’ll need to provide them with:

     Full Name

Your full name, as it appears on your license or government identification.

They may ask you to provide them with a document that proves your identity as well, such as a passport.

     Date of Birth

The Date of Birth (DoB) that you write down must match the one written on your government identification as well as other official documents.

     Social Security Number

Not everyone will be able to provide a Social Security Number (SSN), especially non-US residents.

However, FedEx doesn’t require that you have one—but only for certain positions.


Similar to your Full Name and DoB, make sure that the address you put down is the same as the one documented in your government papers.

     Contact Information

Your Contact Info may include an email address or a phone number that FedEx can reach out to you with.

     Consent Form

Finally, you fill out and sign a Consent Form to provide FedEx with the legal clearance the company needs to perform a thorough check on you.

Do FedEx Background Checks Cost Anything?

Lucky for you, a potential hire is not required to pay anything before, during, or after their background check as the company takes care of it.

In other words, all you need to do is double-check that your documents are up-to-date and that you’ve provided FedEx with the information they asked for.

How Long Does a FedEx Background Check Take?

How long your background check takes will certainly depend on how big of a record you have.

Average Waiting Time

If you’re clean and the business won’t expect to find much, then your background check should take no longer than two to three days.

On the other hand, in case there are convictions or an MVR report of some sort, then FedEx may take longer to get back to you.

Reasons FedEx Background Checks are Taking So Long

Don’t fret if it takes FedEx over a week to call you back since it’s normal for background checks to run over.

Because the company needs certain certificates and clearance papers to go asking around in the first place, the process can be rather extensive.

The check will take longer, the higher the position you’re applying for is as well.

How to Check The Status of Your Background Check

You can use websites, such as checkr.com, to stay updated about your background check.

You’ll need to submit the same information you’ve given FedEx and the site will take care of the rest.

Different Statuses of Background Checks

Alternatively, you can check the status of your background check on another online portal, namely ncsi.com.

They’re the governmental branch responsible for follow-ups of this kind.

The different statuses you expect to see are as follows:

●     Pending

●     Pending Verification

●     Canceled

●     Error

●     Passed

●     Failed

●     Flagged

What Each Status Means


The background check is still in progress.

     Pending Verification

Certain personal info needs to be validated still.


FedEx has attempted to reach out various times and the hire was unresponsive.


There was a problem processing certain info or there was a system issue.


The applicant has passed the screening process.


The applicant has failed the background check.


The background check has come back with a record that the company needs to review.

What Happens If I’m Rejected?

Rejection is an inevitable part of any hiring process so don’t sweat it.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need to wait two years before reapplying to FedEx.

Additionally, it’s important to note that many applicants will get rejected if their background checks come back with records that are unsuitable for the position they want.

How Can I Avoid Rejection?

Honesty is the best policy.

If you know your past might hinder you from getting the job, declare those records to the interviewer.

Even when they don’t ask, take initiative and give them a heads-up.

On top of that, make sure that the information you’ve provided was submitted correctly and that you followed the given instructions accordingly.

Not being available when the company reaches out also guarantees rejection.

Is a Rejection Final?

Not necessarily.

You can attempt to appeal a rejected FedEx background check in case that was the problem.

If it was a different issue, however, you may need to move on and apply to another company.

Appealing a Rejected FedEx Background Check

When FedEx rejects your background check and you’re confident that you’re clean, then why not consider requesting an appeal?

Here’s how to go about doing that:

●     Write by mail, facsimile, or online to the NICS

●     Use a professional and respectful tone

●     Point to what you believe might be the issue

●     Request that the business (FedEx) perform another background check

●     Include in your letter your full name, mailing address, and NTN or STN

●     Go the extra mile and attach a set of your rolled fingerprints as well

Why You Should Dispute a Rejected Background Check

To reiterate, if you’re certain there has been a mistake and that your background check shouldn’t have been rejected, you should dispute it.

Ask to review the results so you can ensure that the info is accurate.

In case you come across a mistake, you’ll need to argue them in your letter to the NICS.

Any misconduct or mistakes in your check should take at least a month before the government can correct them.

The Chances of Getting FedEx’s Decision Reversed

If you’ve followed the necessary steps and submitted a civil appeal, then there’s a good chance that FedEx will reconsider employing you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do FedEx background checks happen?

Since background checks take up much of the company’s budget and effort, they’re not a regular occurrence.

The business will only check the past of applicants they’re actually considering.

Does FedEx hire felons?

FedEx has nothing against felons as the company will hire anyone so long as the charges aren’t too dangerous or will affect the nature of the applied-for position.

Is a FedEx background check confidential?

Yes, it’s essential that all information found during a background check remain confidential.

Not even hiring managers are told the results unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Does FedEx also drug test employees?

FedEx performs a drug test as a pre-employment precaution as well as every four to six months after employment.

Wrapping Up

This article’s main purpose was to fully prepare you for the FedEx background check since the FedEx hiring process can take longer because of it.

Remember to keep the required documents above in mind and to follow the steps mentioned to a tee—that’s to ensure no issues happen during your background check and that FedEx accepts you as soon as possible.

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