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How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Publix?

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Ever wondered, “How old do you have to be to work at Publix?” Many people can relate to that.

You’ll be surprised at how many students are looking for work in this company while studying.

Luckily, there are many job opportunities available for people of different ages.

Even teenagers can start banking on work experiences to save up and prepare themselves for professional life after graduating.

This article will guide you on everything you need to know to secure your Publix job application.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Publix?

Grocery stores sometimes hire at 14, and Publix is no exception. You can find various part to full-time offers with minimum age requirements of 14, 16, 18, and above on their homepage and other job posting sites.

Working students or those looking for internships can apply at any supermarket chain across the United States. Job availability may differ per store, so it’s worth contacting them first or researching online before heading to a specific branch.

Does Publix Hire 15-Year-Olds?

Publix offers plenty of job opportunities great for 15-year-olds. They have the option to apply as a bagger, cashier, or floral clerk.

It’s worth noting that some branches don’t hire underaged applicants if the available shifts aren’t healthy for them.

Does Publix Hire 50-Year-Olds?

While there are companies that no longer hire applicants beyond 50, it’s comforting to know Publix still accepts up to age 70. If they’re still capable and can handle the workload, they’re free to give it a try.

There’s also no age discrimination for senior citizens, as they can work the hours they can if they’re qualified. Most of them go for a cashier role or other less demanding positions.

Other Publix Hiring Requirements

The main hiring requirement of Publix is for the applicant to be at least 14 years old. Most of their job offers don’t demand prior work experience but are favored if available.

They also don’t require a work permit for those who are underage unless mandated by a state policy. What matters most is how the aspirants flaunt their skills and determination.

Does Publix Hire Without Experience?

While having prior relevant working experience ups your chances with a Publix hiring manager, it’s not a mandatory requirement.

You’re free to give it a shot if you’re confident enough about your other skills and have a sufficient willingness to learn.

The hiring of an employee without experience principle of Publix is most evident with them allowing 14-year-olds to apply for specific positions.

However, the hiring process is different for those above 18, where credentials will be taken more into consideration.

Does Publix Hire Without a High School Diploma?

Publix doesn’t require a high school diploma from their applicants as long as they’re qualified for the below 18-year-old jobs. This rule may vary depending on state laws, especially for full-time employment.

Teen Jobs at Publix

In today’s time, teenagers often look for summer jobs or become working students to save up for their plans in or after college. Some parents encourage their children to start as early as 14 so they can gain experience early.

Publix offers a wide selection of potential future professions for young folks. Here are some of the jobs offered to teens looking for part-time work:

1. Floral Clerk

A floral clerk is in charge of flower arrangements, taking orders, and giving tips on flower care in a designated Publix supermarket.

They’re also responsible for general cleaning tasks and inventory management, especially in keeping the flowers healthy and properly stored.

Job Requirements & Skills

Age Requirement: 14 years old and above

Typical Pay: Roughly $18 per hour

These are some of the necessary skills a floral clerk must have to work for Publix:

  • Flower Arrangement: Flower arrangement skills are essential in creating stunning bouquets and flower cuts to attract more customers.
  • Customer Service: Floral clerks or florists need excellent customer service skills to satisfy their clients. This includes taking in calls for bouquet requests and face-to-face interactions for general concerns and flower orders.
  • Inventory Management: Inventory management covers a wide range of skill sets a clerk will need to accomplish daily tasks. They’ll be responsible for ordering, storing, arranging, and selling the store’s flowers.

2. Produce Associate

Produce associates are responsible for arranging product displays, tracking inventory, maintaining cleanliness in the grocery store, and helping customers find specific produce.

They can also assist a bagger in need when it gets busy at the cashier.

Job Requirements & Skills

Age Requirement: 16 years old and above

Typical Pay: Roughly $18 per hour

Produce associates need the following skills to excel in their work:

  • Physical Strength and Stamina: Physical strength and stamina are necessary for produce associates to lift heavy boxes filled with fruits, vegetables, and other products for an extended period.
  • Product and Inventory Knowledge: Produce associates must know where to store and locate products for efficient tracking. This also includes directing customers when they don’t know where to find a specific product.
  • Food Handling: Food handling is an essential skill for every aspiring produce associate. The safety and cleanliness of how they manage food and other products of a Publix store prevent the spreading of food-borne illness and promote the company’s integrity.

3. Cake Decore Trainee

A cake decore trainee is responsible for following instructions on how to design pastries. They’ll also have the chance to create new designs to meet and satisfy the customer’s desires.

This Publix job opportunity is a beneficial stepping stone for those who want to become professional cake decorators or artists in the future.

Job Requirements & Skills

Age Requirement: 18 years old and above

Typical Pay: Around $16 to $20 per hour

These are some of the skills you can expect to hone while working as a cake decore trainee for Publix:

  • Food Designing and Artistry: Cake decore trainees will develop their skills in making intricate designs and generating fresh ideas for pastry decorations.
  • Verbal Communication: Cake decore trainees need the ability to listen attentively and throw ideas back and forth with a senior to help them improve their designs. Verbal communication skills will be honed and tested in the kitchen.
  • Attention to Detail: Having a keen sense of observation is essential for cake decore trainees. While there are easy-to-follow and simple designs, pastry decoration can also be complex, requiring strong attention to detail.

Is Publix a Good First Job?

Publix offers a variety of entry-level jobs for those who are 14 to 18 years old. It’s a great place to start if you’re looking for early working experience while studying in school.

The skills you’ll develop in their wide selection of opportunities serve as a training ground in preparation for the professional world. You’ll have no trouble saving up for your future with their above-minimum-wage salary range.

There are also plenty of notable benefits a Publix employee is entitled to, such as:

  • Year-end bonus
  • Group dental plan
  • Free annual flu shots
  • Service awards
  • Opportunity for purchasing additional shares
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Employee stock ownership plan

Frequently Asked Questions

While the hiring process of Publix is straightforward, there are a few common queries. Here are examples of frequently asked questions about general job requirements:

What Is the Dress Code for Publix?

The dress code for a Publix employee includes a company-provided green collared shirt with an apron. Other than that, their staff must wear black or khaki pants to pair with the top.

Employees are also free to wear jackets and sweaters on their uniforms, provided they don’t have hoods.

Do You Need a Resume for Publix?

As with most jobs or careers, a well-written resume tailored after the position a potential candidate is applying for is required.

For instance, a resume for cashiers must have the relevant skills and work experience (if available) to increase the chances of getting hired.

Alternative Companies to Consider

Publix offers many career opportunities for different fields of expertise. However, part and full-timers have plenty of options to choose from in other businesses.

Here are some alternative companies you can try if the company isn’t up your alley:

  • Aldi Age Requirements: Aldi is another supermarket chain with over 11,000 store locations across 20 countries. It has a wide selection of jobs and careers for aspiring professionals.
  • Kroger Age Requirements: Kroger is a retail company that provides many job opportunities for students and professionals alike.
  • Costco Age Requirements: Costco is a widely-known retail company that offers various career paths for both full and part-time.

Wrapping Up

The younger generation has become more active over the years, looking for ways to save money while training their skills. Luckily, there are companies like Publix who are generous enough to open positions for people of almost any age.

While it may not be too complex or difficult to get a job due to some lenient requirements, that’s not a reason to be complacent. A fruitful work experience still starts from the drive to improve and excel.

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