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9+ Best Cover Letter Generators For 2023 [Ranked & Reviewed]

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Do you have difficulty getting a call back after submitting your best cover letter?

You are not the only one, as many individuals just like you struggle to provide an enticing cover letter that grabs a potential employer.

Fortunately for you, many different tools are available to assist with this problem.

Whether you need help building from the ground up or just a quick tune-up on what you have, there are resources available to help.

Continue reading to find the best cover letter generator for you to put your best foot forward.

How Can You Make a Cover Letter for Free?

There is a bevy of different cover letter generators available at different price points.

The options listed below are great because they are free to use.


Canva is a free multipurpose tool used for page layout and design.

Canva makes creating an impressive cover letter easy.

The website comes packed with premade cover letter templates that can be modified to fit your next endeavor.

Choose a layout that catches your eye and simply place the text you want it to display.

The company offers a premium subscription with some extra tools if you like what you see.

Still, all of the essentials are available for free.

Use a Cover Letter Generator

Many websites offer free cover letters at the click of a button.

A simple search of “cover letter generator” will garner dozens of AI tools built for the job.

After choosing a free generator, simply answer the questions asked of you.

You will be filling out information about what job you are applying for and what skills you can provide.

After that, the generator will compile this information and display it in an appealing format to attract employers.

Use a Free Template

One last option for a free cover letter is to use a free template.

There are hundreds of free cover letter templates available to personalize.

When it comes to a cover letter vs. resume, free templates tend to look better for a cover letter.

Resumes have a little less style than cover letters, so it is especially difficult to stand out when using a template.

Cover letter templates can assist in both the formatting of your cover letter and the content.

Sometimes, you already have all of the pieces. A cover letter template will help to put these pieces into place.

How Do Cover Letter Generators Work?

Cover letter generators work to provide you with a letter that is clean, readable, and puts your best foot forward.

While it is clear that these programs provide a lot of benefits, how exactly do they work?

Cover letter creators work by organizing your information into an appealing format.

These generators have pre-built formulas to organize your information in the most logical order.

All you do is give the program your information to fill in the empty boxes.

Cover letter generators that use artificial intelligence go the extra mile and write using information more specific to your field.

They will attempt to utilize relevant keywords to better match the jobs you are applying for.

These programs are a great way to create a strong cover letter.

You may already have all of the information you need for a cover letter, but a generator will make the process of organizing that information simpler.

How Much Do Cover Letter Generators Cost?

Cover letter generators can vary dramatically in price.

Some cover letter generators are free to use, while others offer premium tools to rack up the price.

This price can be charged either through a monthly subscription or by the number of times you use the service.

Both Resume Genius and Zety offer a 14-day trial period.

Resume Genius costs $1.95, while Zety goes to $2.70.

On the other hand, Resume Genius costs almost $7.95 a month after the initial 14-day trial.

In contrast, Zety costs $24.70 per month after its trial.

You should consider these differences when picking out the generator for you.

Depending on how many cover letters you intend to make and how long you plan on searching for jobs, it may be beneficial to invest in one of the monthly plans.

Best Cover Letter Templates

The best cover letter templates will provide users with clear instructions that keep them focused on their goals.

These tools are built to save you time and catch mistakes when you make them, so the best options will come with grammar software and tips for a better cover letter.

Does Microsoft Word Have a Cover Letter Template?

Yes, Microsoft Word offers cover letter templates. Microsoft easily offers the largest pool of cover letter templates on the market.

If you already have access to a Microsoft 365 account with Word, make sure to check out one of their many templates.

These examples of cover letters serve as a great way to get you started, as their formatting and suggestions will get your brain working in the right direction.

Does Google Have a Cover Letter Template?

Yes, Google also offers an extensive list of templates of r cover letters.

While Microsoft may have a larger list of pre-built templates for you to use, Google Docs offers the same quality without having to pay for Microsoft Word.

Best Cover Letter Generators

Now that you clearly understand how cover letter generators work let’s get into your options for generating a refined letter.

Below are the best cover letter generators currently on the market.

LinkedIn Cover Letter Generator

screenshot of the LinkedIn cover letter

The LinkedIn cover letter generator is the first option on today’s list of generators.

This tool is run through Rezi, so you will need a LinkedIn and a Rezi account to utilize this generator.

What stands out about this first option is the flexibility in how you run it.

The program allows fully automated cover letters made from artificial intelligence and cover letters made from scratch.

If you have a pre-existing resume on Rezi, simply click on the resume, and the program can convert that information into a cover letter.

If you want to build from scratch, you’ll have to enter your name and information for the program.

After entering the data needed, simply press the button, and the program will format it into a refined cover letter.

The program is not free, as users must obtain AI writer credits to work.

These credits can be purchased manually; a few are given by creating a Rezi account.

LinkedIn is a simple and convenient way to create a cover letter since it streamlines the process and puts all your information in one spot.

Resume Genius

screenshot of the resume genius homepage

Resume Genius is another cover letter generator that assists you in writing a cover letter.

The online tool lets you choose from several different tones, such as simple, professional, and creative.

Then the tool helps you customize your cover letter by choosing a field you work in.

Resume Genius stands out because it will show you what other professionals are doing and compare your cover letter to theirs.

Viewing other examples and how your cover letter stands out can help to compare and figure out your best angle.

Resume Genius initially costs $2.95 during its 14-day trial period.

After the trial period, the tool will cost $7.95 per month.

Considering that you will probably only need a cover letter generator for a month or two, this price is relatively low for how much time it can save you.

The only major thing to look out for when using Resume Genius is its automatic renewal.

The plan will renew automatically if you don’t cancel, so make sure to do so once you plan to stop using it.


screenshot of the kickresume homepage

Kickresume is a service designed to work with past applicant tracking systems.

Many hiring managers in charge of sifting through stacks of digital resumes will implement an ats system.

This system works by singling out resumes and cover letters with relevant keywords and skills for the position so that the company doesn’t waste time on unqualified applicants.

Kickresume creates resumes and cover letters designs to work with these ats systems and get picked out of the pile.

By giving the appropriate information to Kickresume, they can design a cover letter with the keywords relevant to your position.

The price of Kickresume depends on which plan you choose.

The company offers monthly access for $19 or a yearly plan for only $5.

While the annual plan is cheaper per month, it only benefits you if you create cover letters for at least four months.

Overall, Kickresume is a solid option for those looking to better their ats rankings.


screenshot of the zety homepage

Zety is a bit different than other cover letter generators because they focus more on the style than the mechanical aspect of cover letter building.

Even though certain formulas work well for cover letters, they are still formulas.

Zety works to grab the attention of humans.

They forgo some of the conventional aspects of a cover letter in favor of a compelling story attempting to catch a hiring manager’s eye.

Zety costs $2.95 during their initial 14-day trial but $23.95 when you change to monthly access.

What is nice about Zety is that they allow you to dip your toes in.

If you are unsure if a cover letter generator is right for you, you can try the 14-day trial and request a refund if you decide it did not help you much.

Resume Now

screenshot of the resume now homepage

Resume Now is a quick and easy-to-use resume generator that will get your information displayed in a way you can be proud of.

What’s nice about resume Now over some of the other cover letter generators is its speed.

Some of these tools can take a little bit to set up, but resume Now gets you right where you need to be quick.

The user-friendly software makes its layout much easier to navigate than other tools.

Resume Now has a limited access 14-day trial for $2.45 or a full access trial for $2.85.

After that, the tool will cost $10.45 for monthly access to the software.

Unless you plan on using a cover letter generator for a long time, this monthly price is much lower than the competitor’s offers.

Overall, resume Now is great for those looking for a simple process without all the extra fuss.

Cool Free CV

screenshot of the cool free cv homepage

Cool Free CV might be one of the more basic cover letter generators, but it costs a low price of $0.00.

The tool takes your CV basics to understand what you are trying to accomplish with your cover letter.

As a free tool, Cool Free CV is not as flashy as your other options, but they do what a cover letter generator needs to do.

Simply place your information in the box, your employer’s information in their box, and then write the cover letter.

While you are doing most of the work, the tool will still offer helpful suggestions using placeholder text and organizing your data professionally.

This tool is for those on a tight budget.

As far as a free cover letter generator goes, this one does what it needs to.

Best Cover Letter Generator AI

Another option for generating a cover letter that suits your needs is to use an AI program.

AI cover letter generators will construct a cover letter without having to write much of the letter at all.


screenshot of the resume.io homepage

The smart tool used by Resume.io will write your cover letter for you.

This intuitive cover letter builder will create designs and formatting that stand out from the crowd.

One stand-out feature of this tool is that it creates multiple cover letters for employers using unique content.

Even if you have the same information, this tool will brand itself toward the company you are applying for.

Resume.io costs $4.70 for one week, $44.95 for six months, and $74.95 for a year.

These plans all include a 7-day money-back guarantee that helps make the decision less risky.

Consider Resume.io if you want an easy time writing your cover letter.


screenshot of the rtyr homepage

Rytr is another AI tool that helps you write cover letters with minimal effort.

What’s nice about Rytr is that it is a multipurpose tool that can help you beyond writing a cover letter.

You can use it to write blogs, emails, ads, and even social media posts.

These AI-generated texts are easy to create when using the tool and may save time for your efforts.

Rytr costs $29 per month and features an unlimited amount of characters to generate.

While Rytr is not specifically made for those needing a cover letter, it is a great multipurpose tool that can create cover letters and more.

Rytr is a good option if you write a lot of content and need to delegate some of it.


screenshot of the wordtune homepage

Last but not least, we have WordTune.

This AI tool serves to correct grammar and format your documents in a way that reads naturally.

What is nice about WordTune for cover letters is its ability to create tone.

This tool uses a very advanced spelling and grammar checker that allows the software to read like a seasoned native speaker.

WordTune can be used for free but will cost $9.99 per month if upgrading to all the features.

WordTune is not only a great spell-checking service but an effective AI tool that can help you generate a successful cover letter.

Wrapping Up

Overall, a cover letter generator is a great way to get a refined cover letter for your next job application.

If you have any remaining questions, drop a comment below.

It can be hard to write a unique cover letter each time when you are likely sending out dozens.

Let one of the many cover letter generators discussed today assist you in presenting your best self.

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