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How to Create the Ultimate College Student Resume

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How to create the ultimate college student resume and land the job? As a college student putting together a resume, you need to put a heavy focus on education as well as work history. Putting down extracurricular activities and any volunteer work also demonstrates the skills you have.

Take a look at this sample resume below designed for college students including their education and work experience, along with their experience with internships, and any awards or achievements they have.

College Student Resume Sample (.docx)

The following are some of the best tips on creating the ultimate college student resume:

• Emphasize Education
You should place a heavy emphasis on educational history. Note down the degree you are studying for (or have earned) and the school you attended, as well as achievements including high GPAs and academic awards. Have you been on a course that relates to the particular job being applied for? Don’t forget to include that!

• Mention Relevant Jobs
What are the skills needed in the job being applied for? Write down information on jobs where these qualities were developed. Whether the work is directly related or not, find a way to highlight the relevant experiences. If your dream job requires skills in leadership and customer service, then you should include that time you were a cashier.

• Mention Extracurricular Activities
A college student is going to be limited as far as work experience goes. That’s why you should include activities unrelated to work. This could be the time you spent working with a club or a sport, babysitting, any volunteer work, and any community service. These activities represent your abilities and skills.

• Include Any Experience with Leadership
Have you ever served as the captain of a team? Maybe you were a key figure in a club? Perhaps you have some leadership experience from a previous job. If so, then make sure you include it in your resume and highlight your ability as a team leader.

• Make Use of Action Verbs
Action verbs showcase responsibility. Make sure that action verbs are used when describing achievements. Use words such as “researched”, “led” and “created” as these give your achievements a little extra oomph. Find more action verbs and find ways to include them in your resume.

• Quantify as Much as Possible
You should include numbers as much as possible to quantify achievements. Rather than saying you were a cashier, mention how much money the store made or how many customers you would serve on a daily basis.

• Edit!
Ensure that you take the time to proofread the resume before sending it in. You look more professional when your resume is free from errors. Get one of your friends or a member of the family to look through the resume as well. They might spot something you miss.

• Use Example Resumes
Example resumes, such as the one above, can help you put your own together. Example resumes help you choose the content that should be included, and help you decide how the resume should be formatted. The important thing is to tailor the example resume and make it work for you, your experiences, and – of course – the job being applied for. Also make use of resume templates.

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