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Delivery Jobs For Amazon

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Working at Amazon as a delivery driver has its perks. When you work as an Amazon delivery service partner, you’re not permanently sitting in an office, and you get to travel around your city.

Being a driver can also have a few downsides, depending on what you are looking for in a job. Before you submit an employment application, here’s what you need to know about driving for Amazon.

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What to Expect as an Amazon Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers have one important responsibility; they get the amazon packages to customers’ homes, businesses, and other locations on time.

Part of your job is arranging your delivery schedule to ensure customers aren’t left wondering where their packages are. Amazon delivery jobs are more important than ever!

With Prime Now, all customers want their packages, especially from Amazon fresh quickly.

Amazon does provide you with technology that helps you plot the most efficient delivery route. The tools also allow drivers to sort and track their packages easily. It is a 40-hour a week job. Being an Amazon delivery driver will keep you busy.

You are expected to be polite, professional, and courteous to any customer you have interactions with. As an Amazon delivery driver, you represent the company.

Why Become a Delivery Driver for Amazon

Getting customers their packages on time is satisfying, but it’s not the only reason to drive for Amazon. It’s a steady 40-hour a week job, giving you a steady and reliable income.

With the typical schedule of four days on and three off (eight hour shifts), you have plenty of free time during the week. A team member for Amazon is in charge of customer delivery for their last mile logistics.

As a delivery service provider, you are entitled to full-benefits. Along with medical and prescription drug coverage, the company’s employee insurance plan also includes dental and vision.

If you are interested, you can participate in the company’s 401K savings plan. You can start saving for retirement while driving. You also are entitled to overtime pay on the holidays and paid time off.

The Possible Downside of Driving for Amazon

Every job has at least one potential downside, and Amazon driving jobs certainly fit into this category.

First, it can be tiring and frustrating delivering packages.

Not everyone orders small, lightweight items. After a day of picking up and carrying boxes, sore muscles are common among delivery drivers.

Driving through traffic, locating addresses, and managing obstacles on the route can be frustrating and even stressful as well.

Flex drivers also have to worry about the extra mileage they are putting on their vehicles. You’ll also need a driver’s license to work as a delivery associate. No CDL is required.

Become an Amazon Flex Driver

Flex drivers only work when they want to. You choose your work schedule and delivery area. You can limit the area to a few blocks or a larger area. It’s up to you.

Unlike Amazon delivery drivers, you do use your own delivery vehicle. The company does not provide a delivery van. Packaging and route navigation tools are on the downloadable Flex app. It’s also how you select which packages you want to deliver.

Signing up for Amazon Flex is a great way to make extra money working part-time in your free time.

Make Money as an Amazon Delivery Driver

Without Amazon delivery drivers, consumers won’t get their orders. Drivers are a key part of the online giant’s success. You can join the team as a full-time or amazon flex driver. Make extra money in your spare time or turn it into a career.

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