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FBI Internship: Types, Positions, Pay & How To Apply

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Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

An FBI internship is an opportunity for hands-on experience in law enforcement and investigation, even if you are a student or graduate.

The benefits of most internships are that aside from gaining experience, students are also paid.

Typically, the FBI offers a wide variety of summer internship programs to attend.

If you want to learn more about attending and applying to an internship program, we will review what an FBI intern does, its programs, and more.

Does The FBI Have an Internship Program?

Yes! What’s beneficial is that the majority of these positions are entry-level, and it’s a paid program.

Several examples of internship programs they offer for students are the Honors Internship Program, Collegiate Hiring Initiative, and the Visiting Scientist Program.

Types of Internships Offered by The FBI

To fully understand what internships they have, below is a summarized description of the types available for application.

  • Student Internships: This is usually referred to as the Honors Internship Program. Here, students have hands-on training, gaining experience by working with actual FBI agents at FBI headquarters. The duration of this program lasts for about ten weeks and is available to any undergraduate or student between their junior and senior year.
  • Summer Internships: Two programs that occur would be the Honors Internship Program and its Visiting Scientists Program. The Visiting Scientists Program is an internship for those interested in forensic science.
  • Part-Time Internships: This internship is typically referred to as the College Hiring Program. Here, students are responsible for process analysis and assisting in security assessments, business support, and other factors. However, this type of internship is only for recent graduates or those who have an associate’s degree.

How Many Interns Does The FBI Have?

There is no absolute number as to how many interns they have currently, as this is subject to change.

That being said, there are only a couple hundred internship positions available, depending on where you live.

The FBI Internship Positions

Aside from offering a variety of internship programs to study in, students will have the opportunity to apply for several internship positions.

Below, we will provide three examples to which you can apply.

  • Lead Operations Assistant: What this position entails is that you would be in charge of working with complex FBI database systems, assessing and processing raw data, maintaining all emergency and non-emergency communications, and more.
  • Management & Program Analyst: The primary responsibility of this position is to manage programs and resources. Other responsibilities include maintaining programs, operations, processes, and procedures of LQTU.
  • Evidence Technician: The sole purpose of this internship position is to support, maintain and learn how to work with the FBI’s Health Care Fraud Case Support Team. Several examples of the responsibilities of this position are managing the security for the Evidence Control Room (ECR), in charge of handling HAZMAT evidence, and keeping track of evidence in the field office.

What Does an Intern at The FBI Do?

An intern’s task might vary based on their level of study and what type of position they’re interested in.

However, the sole purpose of an intern is to gain experience and skills to work efficiently in the FBI.

What Does an Intern at The FBI Usually Focus On?

An intern’s primary responsibility is shadowing experienced FBI employees to learn how to manage and work in this environment.

Interns should strive to learn how to do crucial tasks and keep track of evidence.

Those tasks include the following:

  • Handling communications
  • Organizing Prints
  • Conduct Research and Brainstorm Ideas
  • Managing data, evidence, and other factors
  • Miscellaneous tasks instructed by the Manager

Who Does The FBI Target for Internships?

When it comes to hiring potential candidates for internship positions or accepting them into their summer programs, the primary target they look for is those with backgrounds in forensic science, law study, computer science, and other related fields of study.

Recent Grads

FBI internships and other related fellowship programs are available to recent graduates.

One of the benefits of this is that if you are looking for an internship position or program to enroll in, their College Hiring Program is ideal for those who have a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in a related field of study.

Students Graduating Soon

Undergraduates also have the opportunity to apply for an internship position or any of their fellowship programs.

Suppose you are looking for internship programs that take place in the summer or are more geared toward university students.

In that case, there is the Honors Internship Program and the Visiting Scientists Program.

Students Who Have Already Graduated

Fortunately, aside from recent graduates, the FBI also accepts those who have already graduated.

As previously mentioned, they do provide an internship program for college graduates.

However, with this in mind, it depends on your background and level of experience.

What is an FBI Internship Like?

An FBI internship might be intimidating as you deal with serious casework and many responsibilities.

However, the primary goal of these internships and internship programs is to prepare you for when you’re working on your own.

Extensive training in this field is only for you to gain experience and knowledge to engage in this work efficiently.

The FBI Internship Process

Applying for an internship in the FBI is no easy feat, so it’s vital to cover all the requirements before considering.

As for the internship process, you would have to go through four stages before they view you as a potential candidate.

Those four stages include the following:

  • Selection and Interview: This step is usually when the hiring agent initially selects you. This starts the interview process.
  • Final Selection and Employment Offer: Typically, they make their final selection based on determining if you are qualified for the job. This is to ensure you have a freshened resume of your academic achievements, work experience, and more. Once they determine you’re a perfect fit, they will offer conditional employment.
  • Background Investigation: If you accept the conditional employment offer, they will send you an invitation to start the Personnel Security Interview and the background check process.
  • Enter on Duty: Once they complete the background investigation process, they will notify you of your start date.

Is It Hard to Intern at The FBI?

It is challenging to intern at the FBI.

They usually open up for internship applications in the fall, so keeping track of when applications open is crucial.

Though, if you get selected, it takes a significant amount of time.

What Notable Projects Can Interns Potentially Work On?

As previously mentioned, the sole objective of the intern is to gain hands-on experience.

Several projects they would be working on would be related to operations, science, technology, and more.

How Many Hours Do The FBI Interns Work?

The majority of FBI interns are students, so they’re only required to work 16 hours per month as part of their internship position or program.

If they enroll in an internship, they usually last for about ten weeks in the summer.

The FBI Internship Benefits

There are several benefits to becoming an intern or enrolling in an internship program.

Those benefits include the following:

  • Training: The FBI Agency offers specialized training sessions for its students.
  • Education: Interns can apply for student loan repayment, tuition reimbursement, and sabbatical programs.
  • Transportation: Interns have the opportunity to be reimbursed if they use public modes of transportation when commuting to work.

What Do You Learn In a Domestic Intelligence and Security Service Industry Internship?

Students learn to engage in a variety of FBI-based experiences and how everything functions.

Here, they’re exposed to various functions, fields, divisions, and more.

Are The FBI Interns Paid?

Internship positions and programs offer students payment.

They also include military leave, maternal leave, vacation days, and more.

However, this is if you have a full-time position. 

How Much Are The FBI Interns Paid?

FBI interns are paid $16 per hour.

Requirements for Getting an Internship at The FBI

Now since this is for an internship, having experience isn’t necessarily a requirement.

However, several conditions you have to consider would be that you’re a U.S citizen, completed one year of undergraduate education, have no history of illegal drug use, and more.

The FBI Internship Acceptance Rate

The general acceptance rate for internships would be 20% or fewer.

Suggested Areas of Study for The FBI Interns

Areas of study related to the FBI would be forensic science, computer science, law study, and others.

Generally, any field of study that affiliates with law enforcement and investigation.

Does The FBI Care About GPA?

The FBI does care about your GPA score.

You should have a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative grade point average.

Recommended Skills for The FBI Interns

Recommended skills for FBI interns would be general information, communication, teamwork, and law enforcement.

It may or may not be a requirement for experience.

Does The FBI Background Check Their Interns?

The internship selection process requires an extensive background check to ensure you’re a perfect fit and your record is devoid of illegal activity.

This can be citizenship records, employment data, etc.

Does The FBI Drug Test Their Interns?

Yes! During the background check, it’s required for potential candidates to take a drug test.

Once successful, they will be eligible for an internship.

Evidence of illegal drug use from the previous 12 months will disqualify you.

Do The FBI Interns Get Hired?

It is likely for interns to get hired during their apprenticeship at the FBI.

They receive applications by the dozens, so ensure that you apply as soon as it’s available in the fall.

However, the acceptance rate is 20%, so you may or may not be accepted.

How Likely Will an Internship at The FBI Turn Into a Full-Time Job?

The likelihood of acquiring a full-time FBI position is based on your experience at the internship.

However, you may or may not be accepted as there is a 25% chance.

How Do I Get an Internship At The FBI?

You can apply for an internship directly on their FBI jobs website.

There, they usually list their positions and internship programs.

Where to Find FBI Internship Opportunities

You can find FBI internship opportunities in their students and interns section.

Interview for an FBI Internship

There is no definitive answer on how long the process will be.

As mentioned, there are four stages to complete for you to be selected.

What Should I Wear to an FBI Internship Interview?

Ensure that you dress professionally, as this is a strict business environment.

Nothing casual.

How to Answer “Why Do You Want To Work at The FBI?”

When answering, be truthful and provide three valid reasons why you would be a perfect fit for this position or program.

How Do I Prepare For an FBI Internship?

You prepare for an FBI internship by researching and gathering information, so you’re ready to tackle the challenges they give you.

Always pay attention and take notes.

Is The FBI a Good Internship?

An FBI internship is an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in law enforcement and criminal investigation.

It’s also a great way to network with those who have a similar love for this job.

Is an Internship at The FBI Worth It?

An internship at the FBI is worth it if you are interested in criminal investigation and enforcement.

So long as you have the qualifications to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we will provide frequent questions when applying for an FBI internship.

Does The FBI hire international students?

No, they only hire US citizens.

Does The FBI require a cover letter?

It’s not required, but increasing your chances of acceptance is greatly recommended.

Wrapping Up

Preparing for an FBI internship can be daunting, so we strive to lessen the stress of figuring it out.

Our primary goal is to help you prepare and obtain that job.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article!

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