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How to Find a Job With LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is one of the very best search engines for finding a job. It gives you the chance to create filters for jobs depending on their title, location, experience needed, industry, and more. To filter out job factors like this is an important step in organizing resumes and job applications.

It’s simple to navigate your way through LinkedIn. Here are four simple strategies for finding a job with LinkedIn.

Your LinkedIn Profile Needs to be up to Date

You should keep your profile thorough and ensure it perfectly represents your career. It should be considered a form of personal branding. Remember that you are marketing yourself to potential recruiters out there. It’s hardly worth finding a job with LinkedIn if you don’t impress potential employers.

Here’s what you need to do with your LinkedIn profile:

• Give your profile a headline that makes it stand out
The LinkedIn headline that shows up underneath your name is a key part of the online brand telling the world who you are. Keep in mind your name, headline, and photo will be all that LinkedIn users are going to see when they find your profile, which will determine if they are going to read the rest of your profile.

• Jazz it Up a Little
If all you do is list your past work experience, then give your profile some extra jazz by using elements such as presentations, videos, and articles you’ve published. Don’t forget to update your status to share all the things you write.

Download LinkedIn Job Search App

The LinkedIn Search Jobs app is especially useful when trying to find a job. It can be used to save job searches, as well setting up alerts notifying you when a new job gets posted on LinkedIn. If you were hoping to get a job a interior designer near you, then just set up your keyword to get an alert and save it through the app. Now your phone will send you notifications when a job containing your keyword is posted.

Find the Specific Job you Want with Keywords

There can be an endless number of keywords when trying to find the job you want, depending on what it is. If you want a job as a digital marketer, you could use the keywords “social marketer” and “social media” in your job searches.

Find and Use Network Connections

Having more connections in your network improves your odds of connecting with someone who can help you get the job you want. Employers are interested in referrals from their own employees when it comes to filling position. If you’re connected to someone in a company that you want to work for ask if they can refer you.

Find Companies You Want to Work For & See if They’re Hiring

There are a number of businesses out there advertising jobs through LinkedIn. Even if they weren’t, they would likely post a link on LinkedIn that sends you to their job advertisement. Finding a company on LinkedIn also gives you a great chance to find out more about companies; discover if you’ve got connections with the company that can help put you in touch with the right person. It’s also good to look up similar companies to the right. You might be surprised at what you find!

It really is true that LinkedIn is the ultimate social network for professionals. Start searching for recruiters today. Connect to them, rather than waiting for them to come to you!

Turn Your LinkedIn Profile in to a Resume

We can turn your LinkedIn profile in to a resume, just order our editing service with your template, give us a link to your LinkedIn profile and we’ll do the rest. Browse resume options here: Resume Templates

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