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HVAC Technician Resume Sample

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The technicians who are involved with this particular branch are entitled to work with heating machine, ventilating machine and air conditioning machine. HVAC stands for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. An HVAC technician provides installation, maintaining and repair services for these three particular areas for climatic control. Heating and cooling systems are very complex as these equipments are made up of various components. To become a technician in these fields, a broad knowledge of the equipments is required, a technician needs to pass out with high school diploma with GED, and training and certification is necessary, he also completes the apprenticeship. Moreover, he should be safety conscious, and be cautious of handling CFC and other refrigerants. As per statistics in the USA, HVAC technician salary is an average of $19.29 per hour. To get through the HVAC job, you should get as usual formal education and with that job training is needed; some good colleges in the USA are TCI college of Technology and Everest College. To get the job of an HVAC technician you must apply with a good formatted HVAC technician resume.

How to Write HVAC Technician Resume Objective?

One of the most important parts of a resume is its objective part; in this particular section you must be very much familiar with the situation in such a way that you must be very fluent about your targets. You need to be very much interactive to explore yourself, as this part will broaden up your scope to get you selected as one of the contenders. In this part your aims are expressed by which you will cater the service.

Some Samples of HVAC Technician Resume Objectives

  • To obtain a permanent and regular position as technician in the company and to be associated with the process of installation of air conditioning systems.
  • To provide sustainability and efficiency through automation placement so that the entire system of the farm remains intact and smooth functioning.
  • Seeking to install ventilation system in proper way so that air flows remain intact during working hours.
  • Keeping well cordial customer care service to earn the name of company’s fame.

How to Write HVAC Technician Resume Skills?

Skills are one of the most core parts of a resume. When you are going to apply for HVAC technician post, you need to know scientific facts well with which equipments you are working with. Those things are very complex in usage, and the various components of the equipments have complex functioning. Your knowledge and scientific aptitude will matter most in your selection.

Some Samples of HVAC Technician Resume Skills

  • Can assemble, connect and insulate the pipes in right way.
  • Having good knowledge of wiring the electric circuit and maintaining the safety code.
  • Possessing good knowledge of mechanical system.
  • Capable of installing ducting.
  • Can understand blue print well and carry out the work there after well.
  • Having good communication ability with both customers and dealers.
  • Can take quick decision at trouble shooting hour.
  • Very much dynamic.
  • Very much cooperative with seniors and colleagues.

HVAC Technician Resume Sample



45, Central Park Arkansas [email protected], (256) 135-4498

Objective Seeking to obtain a permanent a regular position in the company and to cater my service in the field, so as to earn fame and career in future. Skills
  • Can handle the electrical equipments properly maintaining safety codes.
  • Can assemble, connect, and insulate the pipes in proper way without any leakage or chance of short circuit.
  • Having broad knowledge of mechanical system.
  • Can install the ventricular machine in proper way, checking it before installation, more than twice.
  • Have good idea to tackle the situation of trouble shooting mechanical problem.
  • Keeping good time management all the time during duty hours.
  • Can understand well the blue print of electrical equipments.
Professional Experiences Washington Air conditioning and Cooling Company Assistant HVAC Technician, (2011-2014) Responsibilities
  • Worked as installer of air condition machines.
  • Served as a carrier of CFC articles.
Georgia Ventilation Company Junior HVAC Technician, (2008-2011) Responsibilities
  • Worked as chief wiring man.
  • Served as the connector of wires with ventilator.
Education High School Diploma TCI College of Technology, (2005-2008) GED, Training, Certificate Everest College, 2004 Apprenticeship Arizona College, 2003 Other Activity
  • Interested in music.
  • Likes to play on piano.
  • Special love in gardening.
  • Loves sports especially golf and tennis.
  • Interested in reading magazines.

_________________ (David Angel)

HVAC Technician Resume Sample

HVAC Technician Resume Template

As the situation stands now that the use of heating machines, cooler, and ventilator, air conditioning machines is going high, with comply with this situation; technicians are required, so youths are coming to be HVAC technicians. To be an HVAC technician you should send a good smart resume.
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