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Cover Letter Example: How to Write One and Get the Job

You’ve found the perfect new job opening, updated your resume, and brushed up your professional references. But before you press send, something still seems to be missing — a proper introduction. That’s where a cover letter example can come in handy. Although some applications require a basic form to fill in (often with a section to […]

Dishwasher Resume Sample

In high profile hotels, commercial kitchens, restaurants, or big healthcare units, dishwashers play an important role in keeping the utensils clean and kitchen room tidy, and uphold absolute hygiene of the cooking place. They clean dishes, pots, bowls, and cooking tools by employing dishwashing machines or by hand, store them in right place, and maintain […]

Esthetician Resume Sample

Estheticians are a group of persons who are associated with the duty of beautification of the people. They are not the medical doctors, but they are usually given license to do the work. Esthetician performs cosmetic skin treatments such as facials, light chemicals peels, body treatments, waxing etc. They can also offer skin care products. […]


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