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Licensed Practical Nurse Resume Sample

A Licensed practical nurse (LPN) works under physicians and helps bedridden patients with their regular hygienic needs like bathing, dressing, changing clothes, etc. An LPN also records vital measurements like temperature, pulse, BP, and intake and output of foods. You should mention these skills in your LPN resume. Licensed practical nurses work in different healthcare […]

Administrative Assistant Resume Sample

An administrative assistant is appointing in a company for doing mainly administrative works. With this work you have to do lots of work, like-some clerical functions, look after reception or front desk in their problem. The most important task for an administrative assistant is to do office management and project management. You should have fluency […]

Internship Resume Sample

An internship is a method of job training for professional careers. Interns are less paid and unemployed college students. Usually interns are called college or doing higher studies university students. The intern’s students have practical classes and industry related studies. Interns do work for sometimes in the supervision of some professor or doctorate person. Some […]

Computer Engineer Resume Sample

Computer engineer is a broad word under which there are many job roles. As a computer engineer you would be responsible for developing, designing, testing and implementing various computer based software and hardware, which includes certain components found inside the computer equipment. You have to care for the devices within the computer and the software […]

Physical Therapist Resume Sample

Physical therapists are healthcare professionals who help the patients visiting a medical facility with some types of illnesses or injuries limiting their movements. Physical therapist job is a recession proof job. A physical therapist suggests techniques which help the patient cope with the pain and move freely. As a physical therapist you would play an […]


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