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Receptionist Cover Letter Sample

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A receptionist needs to combine people skills and an outgoing personality with proficiency in administrative tasks, and these major attributes need to shine through in your receptionist cover letter.

Receptionists’ working hours can be very specific and non-negotiable, often requiring them to work either a very early or very late shift so that the front desk is covered at all times.

Even if the advertisement does not mention this, you will score points if you can mention your working hour flexibility in your cover letter.

Experience counts with any position, so do draw attention to any previous receptionist experience for which you have provided details in your resume.

If you have had receptionist experience in the industry to which your client belongs, for example as a medical or advertising company receptionist, so much the better.

Any familiarity you have with the kind of computer software in widespread business use will be a bonus, so if you are a whizz with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook, don’t forget to make an appropriate statement.

Finally, although your potential employer may not be allowed to say so, and would probably be unwilling to say so even if allowed, your personal appearance will matter.

A receptionist is usually the first person that clients and other visitors see when arriving at the business premises, and will play a part in forming first impressions.

So do enclose a photograph of yourself looking at your well-groomed, businesslike best with your resume.

Receptionist Cover Letter Sample

XX Bridges Dr
Fort Worth, Kentucky 40205
(000) 002-0000
[email protected]

October 9, 2014

Ms. Julia Roberts
HR Manager
Perfect Pilates Academy
XX Bridges Dr
Fort Worth, Kentucky 40205

Dear Ms Roberts,

Advertised Position for Front Desk Receptionist

I wish to apply for the position of Front Desk Receptionist at the Perfect Pilates Academy. My resume, references, and a personal photograph are enclosed.

Although I began my career as an accounts clerk, I was asked to relieve the front desk receptionist during meal breaks in my first job, and I knew from that moment that I had discovered my calling. Being a receptionist gives me the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of fascinating people and brighten up their day if I can.

After a short career break while my children were very young, I worked part-time as weekend receptionist at the Smithtown Active Family Gym, so I am familiar with the health and fitness industry. I am now eager to resume full-time work, and I am fortunate in being able to rely on my parents as back-up childcare providers, allowing me to cover in full the hours you require.

I am happiest when kept fully occupied, and welcome the opportunity to learn new tasks. My time as an accounts clerk made me familiar with Excel spreadsheets, and I helped to update PowerPoint presentations as one of my assignments at the gym. I am aware, though, that greeting clients, efficient communication, and delivering customer service should be the first concerns of a worthwhile receptionist.

Please call me on 555-555-5555 at any time to arrange an interview.


(Your signature)
Peter Williams

Enclosures: Resume; Reference(s)

Receptionist Cover Letter Screenshot

Receptionist Cover Letter Sample
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