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Substitute Teacher Cover Letter Sample

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The old saying “First impressions count” is never more applicable than when writing an substitute teacher cover letter.

Your cover letter could determine whether your resume is actually read or not, especially if there are many applicants for the position of substitute teacher.

It is important in a cover letter for substitute teacher to highlight the features in your training, experience, and character that will make you stand out from everyone else and secure you an interview.

What should be avoided, however, is simply repeating everything that is on your resume.

This would require too great a length, and three or four paragraphs is about the perfect length for time-strapped hirers to read and gain an initial understanding of who you are and what you can bring to the position.

So make every word count.

Aim to emphasize your enthusiasm for education and your empathy with the younger generation, as well as any unusual skills or experience that you may have.

Do remember to read the job advertisement carefully for mentions of any expertise or proficiency that will be favorably regarded.

This will allow you to slant your letter in a way that demonstrates that you have what they are looking for.

But, if you do not have the experience you should look for sample cover letter for substitute teacher with no experience.

Then, try to add something extra that you can contribute, over and above the basic requirements.

Finally, as an educator, you must make sure that your grammar, spelling, and punctuation, on display in the cover letter, are impeccable.

Substitute Teacher Cover Letter Screenshot

Substitute Teacher Cover Letter Examples

XX Everett Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76135
(000) 555-5555
[email protected]

June 27, 2014

Ms. Susan Smith
Smithcity High School
Fort Worth, TX 76135

Dear Ms. Smith,

Advertised Position for Substitute Teacher at Smithcity High School

I wish to express my interest in the available position for a substitute teacher and enclose my resume.
Please note that my training level and a number of years’ experience both meet the requirements in your job description.
I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that I have previously been employed as a substitute teacher at Jonestown High School, and a reference from the principal is attached to my resume.

My teaching experience has been gained at a variety of schools catering to different age groups, and I believe that my diverse skills as an educator would be able to make a meaningful contribution to both the student and teacher community at your school.
I focus on discovering my students’ strengths and engaging their interest while paying strict attention to the curriculum.
In this way, I find I can maximize their potential and obtain their full co-operation in maintaining discipline.

I specialize in teaching English and history, but I am able to cover most humanities subjects, as well as math in the lower grades.
My personal interests include sports, music, and live theater, and I would be willing to assist with extra-curricular activities in these areas if required.
I am available for interview at any time that suits you. Please call me on 555-555-5555.


(Your signature)
Sam Smith

Enclosures: Resume; Reference(s)

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