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Dishwasher Resume Sample

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In high profile hotels, commercial kitchens, restaurants, or big healthcare units, dishwashers play an important role in keeping the utensils clean and kitchen room tidy, and uphold absolute hygiene of the cooking place.

They clean dishes, pots, bowls, and cooking tools by employing dishwashing machines or by hand, store them in right place, and maintain cleanliness of workstations and cabinets.

Typically, they work under the instruction of the restaurant supervisor.

They used to accumulate the dirty dishes, heap them and load them in the auto dishwashing device to rinse, adding soap.

And, upon completion of the washing process, they put washed dishes at the specified place for reusing.

This is the major activity of dishwashers, though they are also expected to clean the walls of dining room, cooking room, storage place, and the floor, and assist the cooking staff in food preparation and take part in other activities too.


  • With a meager educational background, if you are careful, dedicated, and have a high scale of energy to accept a hard-working career like a dishwasher, then building a prospective future in the growing catering or medical industry is not a difficult task for you. Thus, highlight your career objective based upon the above logic.
  • For a dishwasher, a few skills like rapidity of work, carefulness to handle utensils, and a great sense of maintaining sanitation are significant. You must be able to operate the dishwasher effectively. Include these in your skills.
  • Explain your experience in the field as a dishwasher in cafes or restaurants and state them point wise.
  • Mention your education.


Here is an example of a dishwasher resume.

You can use ours for reference, but we suggest using your own, as it applies directly to you and your current situation.

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Jan L. Walker
XX Passaic Street, Washington, DC 20036
(000) 015-0000, [email protected]

I would like to advance my job prospects by satisfying my employer, seniors, and coordinating with the team by means of my committed, ordered, and hard-working attributes in the profession of a dishwasher.


  • Positive attitude to undertake the pressure of dishwashing job.
  • 100% physically fit and high degree of energy.
  • Expert to repeat actions of hands, quickly and carefully.
  • Have adequate knowledge to maintain hygiene and its necessity in the kitchen.
  • Capable to work for long hours.
  • Have good communication skills.


Classic International, Bell, California
2012 – Present

  • Working under the manager, cookery; since the volume of patrons is quite huge, collection of dishes and utensils are mainly done by other boys while I chiefly look after washing, storing, and sanitation of utensils.
  • As dishes are of multiple size, sort them before loading in dishwashers; wash, clean, and put them in right places; look after hygiene part of the cooking room with great care and the job is supervised by the manager.

Ginger Café, Alameda, California
2010 – 2012

  • Worked under the supervision of catering supervisor; used to collect dirty dishes from the places, stacked by food server assistants, load them in dishwasher, used soap, and operated the device.
  • Collection of other types of pots, glasses, and kitchen utensils to make them dirt-free by use of a dishwasher or sometimes by manual effort.
  • Together with other team boys, preserved complete hygiene of the kitchen room work stations and dining place; after washing of utensils, kept them in their proper places.
  • Assisting the cooking or vegetable cutting staff was also my duty; as per necessity, also took part in dinning place activities.


XYZ School, South Carolina (2010)


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