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Job Searching Tips for Millennials

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The following are some of the best practical job searching tips for millennials to help millennials succeed during their job search and adjust to the ever-transforming employment landscape.

Be Flexible While Still Identifying What it is That You Want

Every rewarding job search begins and ends with a goal. Identify the sort of job you want. You can do this by asking yourself what you want to be doing daily, how much you want in salary, and the sort of office environment would fit you.

After coming up with a good idea of what the optimal role is, it’s time to let go of the idea of achieving perfection.

The first job you have – and even the second and third – may be something entirely different to what you were after, and there’s nothing wrong with this. You might not have your perfect job right away, but these jobs do allow you go build up your skills, gain important know-how, and give you the right tools you need for your ideal job in the future.

Millennials should also expect that their path won’t be the simple entry-level job, mid-level job, senior-level job progression that it was for their parents and grandparents.

You might find yourself having to do several jobs – from an unpaid externship and internship to get experience, to a low paying job for paying the expenses and bills, and something to develop your career – rather than working just one entry-level job.

Develop and Utilize a Network

• Contact Your College Career Office
Your college career office is a fantastic free resource for improving job search results. The office can point you in the right direction when it comes to finding jobs, define which industries are right for you, and possibly even take a look at your job application materials and assist you as you prepare for a job interview.

• Attend Industry Events
If you’re interested in publishing then you should volunteer at events related to books and partake readings. Connecting to people at industry events can put you on the path to a formal coffee date focused around a job and even informational interviews that could get your foot in the industry.

• Join LinkedIn
It’s free to create a basic LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is a fantastic social network designed around improving job search efforts. Recruiters are always looking through LinkedIn for potential job applicants, and there are plenty of ads for job opportunities too.

• Tidy Up your Social Media Profiles
You don’t need to take the personality out of your social media accounts, but you should ensure that there’s nothing negative on your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, along with any other social media sites you’re signed up to. Employers will take a look of your social media profiles and they are less willing to hire people who have social media profiles filled with salacious pictures and language that would make a sailor blush.

Jump Through Hoops

Some aspects of the job search process seem irritating and pointless. Why write cover letters if everything is on the CV? Why are the interviewers asking you questions that you’ve covered in your CV? What’s with all these formal steps and hoops that have to be jumped through?

No matter how you feel about them, these steps must be taken during the application process:

• Proofread
Proofreading is an important part of the application process. Don’t neglect the small details. Even a tiny error or typo could have a major impact on whether you get the job or not as it makes you appear sloppy.

• Submit the Application Properly
Take a careful look through the job description before you submit your application. Ensure that your application includes everything that was requested by the employer, such as your CV, references, salary requirements, and anything else.

• Prep for the Job Interview
An employer expects you to prepare for the job interview. Don’t neglect to do your homework. Make sure you have have an understanding of the most common interview questions and feel comfortable with your answers for them and that you have done your company research so that you are familiar with the company.

• Follow Interview Courtesies
Following interview courtesies means wearing the appropriate clothes to the interview, silencing your phone, making polite greetings, and maintaining good body language through the interview and any conversations you have with people in the office.

• Send “Thank You” Notes
Sending a thank you note is the last interview courtesy to follow, and a good gesture to make. Interviewers expect that you will send them a thank you note – whether hand written or through email – and this is a great way to showcase that you’re a great candidate.

I hope you found these job searching tips for millennials helpful. If you have more tips comment below.

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