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Jobspresso: An Easy Way To Find Remote Work

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Recently, there has been an influx of popularity with remote and hybrid work.

There are employment and recruitment websites specifically catered to those who would like to work from home.

Nowadays, if you’re looking for a job or an employee who can work remotely for your business, there are plenty of websites to aid your search.

One such platform is Jobspresso.

Here, we go over some features Jobspresso provides, including pricing plans, primary users, and other factors.

Read on to find out more about this useful platform.

What Is Jobspresso?

Jobspresso is an employment website freelancers can use to seek remote work in various fields, including marketing, tech, design, writing, and customer support.

Now, it’s important to note that this website only features remote work job listings.

What Is Jobspresso Used For?

Jobspresso is for freelancers that are looking for remote work opportunities.

Employers also use the platform to post job listings and find new candidates.

This use eliminates the frustration many people experience when seeking remote work and job listings but only finding hybrid or in-person opportunities.

How Jobspresso Works

How Jobspresso works depends on if you’re using this for your business or are a freelancer.

If you’re an employer, once you establish a payment plan, you can produce job listings and keep track of potential clients.

If you’re a freelancer, once you create your account, you can access their job browser and apply to jobs based on a specific category.

Notable Features of Jobspresso

Jobspresso strives to make job searching easy, especially when searching for remote work.

Aside from this, they provide other features to strengthen this purpose.

Here are the features that stand out.

1. Job Browser

This feature allows users to search for job listings related to a specific category.

Unlike other employment websites, it provides particular categories, so it’s less complicated for those to find the exact job listing they’re looking for.

2. Job Email Alerts

This feature allows users to turn on notifications for their job category.

This way, they will receive an email alert if there is a new job listing or other related information.

By doing this, they would be up to date and apply for more jobs.

3. Resume Postings

This feature allows freelancers to submit their resumes when applying for jobs.

It gives potential employers insight as to why they would be a perfect fit for that particular job they applied for.

One of the ways freelancers can use this to their advantage is by comparing the job listing details to their resumes to ensure that they meet the requirements.

4. Job Management

This feature is a primary feature for employers to use on Jobspresso.

It gives them an organized overview of their job listings when it was posted, their expiration date, and more.

Another factor they can manage with this feature is to keep track of those who applied for those job listings and review their credentials.

5. Find a Candidate

For employers, this feature provides potential candidates to fill their job position.

They provide a list of freelancers whose resume similarly fits the job listing description and helps them reach out to them efficiently.

This process takes the hassle out of manually seeking out potential employees.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary To Use Jobspresso?

The only requirement you have to consider is creating an account.

However, if you’re an employer, you must acquire a pricing plan and an account to use its services.

Beyond that, all you need is a stable internet connection and a device to work on.

If you’re looking for a job on the site, it’s also useful to have your resume and a cover letter draft ready.

How Much Does Jobspresso Cost?

Fortunately, their services are free to freelancers seeking out remote jobs.

However, if you’re an employer or using this employment website for your business, they provide four pricing plans for their business services.

Some of those pricing plans include the following:

  • Basic Plan: $299
  • Featured Plan: $349
  • 3 Pack Bundle Plan: $889
  • 5 Pack Bundle Plan: $1219

The Basic Plan is a starter plan for businesses.

It contains one job posting for 90 days, job alert emails, a candidates database, and Twitter announcements.

The Featured Plan has the same features as the basic plan, as well as having your listing featured on the homepage.

The third plan, the 3 Pack Bundle, offers the same features as the Basic and Featured plans.

Other factors they provide are complimentary copy editing, three job postings, and a 15% off discount.

The final plan, the 5 Pack Bundle, has the same features as the Basic, Featured, and 3 Pack Bundle.

It also includes a 30% off discount and five job postings.

Does Jobspresso Have an Enterprise Version Available?

While they don’t have an enterprise pricing plan for their users, it does offer an enterprise version as an add-on feature.

It’s provided as a product bundle and includes a professional, featured, or basic option.

Jobspresso Promotions & Savings

This platform is free to use if you’re a freelancer seeking a remote job.

However, if you’re an employee or are interested in using this for your business, you would have to pay to produce job listings.

Below, we go over whether or not Jobspresso provides a free trial or coupon codes for its pricing plans.

Does Jobspresso Have a Free Trial?

Jobspresso doesn’t offer a free trial for its users.

As previously mentioned, its service is free to freelancers.

However, if you’re interested in this tool for your business, you must select one of their pricing plans.

Does Jobspresso Offer Coupon Codes?

If you’re utilizing Jobspresso’s services for your business, they provide two coupon codes.

However, these are specifically for their 3- and 5-pack bundle.

Though there are third-party sites that offer unofficial discounts, these might not work.

Who Are Jobspresso’s Main Alternatives?

Jobspresso’s sole purpose is to help freelancers find a specifically remote job.

While this tool provides numerous job listings to choose from, they’re limited regarding features.

Here, we will provide our top three alternatives to finding remote work.

1. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is one of the primary alternatives when seeking out remote work.

If you’re a freelancer, you can create your account for free and search for listings based on what type of job industry you’re interested in.

This platform is an ideal business tool, providing extensive coverage, tutorials, and customer support for managing job listings.

For pricing plans, they offer versions to small and enterprise businesses.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another employment website that freelancers can use to find remote work.

If you’re an employer or run a company, this tool provides an array of features such as administrative tools, InMail access, advanced outreach, and more.

While it’s a free service, they also offer a premium plan where it offers features such as instant connection to hiring managers, the ability to see who viewed your profile, and access to their learning courses.

LinkedIn also functions as a social media platform, allowing users to share their ambitions, career achievements, and personalities with a like-minded network.

This capability allows employers to check their candidate’s pages and get a feel for their personalities and skills.

3. Indeed

Indeed is also another alternative to Jobspresso that provides job listing and browser tools for its users.

The biggest difference between the two platforms is that Indeed focuses on all job opportunities, not just remote work.

A feature that sets Indeed apart is its resume checker, allowing job seekers to improve their chances of getting hired.

How Does Jobspresso Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

Jopresso specializes in remote work opportunities for employers and freelancers.

While its competitors provide remote work as well, their primary focus is on hybrid or in-person listings.

It also allows freelancers to specify which job category they’re interested in.

Who Is Jobspresso Best For?

Jobspresso is best for freelancers and businesses to interact by seeking remote work.

Whether you’re a freelancer or an employer, this employment website strives to create an easy yet efficient environment to seek out or produce jobs based on what type of job industry they have experience or work in.

Why Is Jobspresso Best For Remote Workers?

Jobspresso is best for remote workers because it provides a variety of job listings and creates an easy-to-navigate environment to interact.

Once users create their account, based on the category they choose, they have numerous job listings for that particular topic.

Another beneficial factor is that it provides job alerts, so you are up to date on any new or current job listings related to the job category you’re interested in.

Is Jobspresso Easy To Use?


Jobspresso strives to create an easy-to-navigate environment with its organized categories based on whether you are someone seeking employment or employers seeking to expand their business.

If you’re looking for jobs related to a particular industry, it provides several categories, such as content writing, marketing, product management, customer service, and more.

If you’re interested in utilizing this employment website for your business, it helps you seek out potential employees and enables you to keep track of your job listings.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

Some features that users love to utilize, whether for their job or employee search, would be its job browser and manage job tool.

One of the ways that users enjoy their job search is because all of its job listings are categorized so that the user can easily navigate through their website.

For instance, if a user wanted to find an affiliated marketing job, they would select the marketing category.

If the user was an employer, one of the reasons why they would love to use their manage job feature is to manage and keep track of their job listings.

Depending on your pricing plan, this tool ensures that all listings are organized in a structured list.

This organization is so they know which job listing it is, when the position has been posted and filled, when it expires, and the number of applications submitted.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

Some of the features that users find frustrating when using Jobspresso are its job alerts and finding a candidate.

One of the ways that users find it challenging to use job alerts is that sometimes when they turn on email notifications for a specific job type, several of its suggestions would generate completely different results from another job.

For example, if a user is only interested in jobs relating to content writing, they will set the job alerts specifically to that job type.

However, it would suggest job listings for carpentry or a computer technician.

For businesses, the finding a candidate feature is difficult to manage.

The reason being is that they provide limited features and customizing options when searching for a specific candidate.

As a result, employers’ process of finding potential employees lengthens as they would have to analyze resumes to see if they are qualified.

Wrapping Up

Jobspresso is an online employment website for those interested in remote work or businesses with remote job listings.

Its sole purpose is to have a variety of jobs to choose from different job industries.

Several features it offers its users would be a job browser, job email alerts, resume posting, job listing management, and candidate searches.

Overall, Jobspresso is a fantastic platform for freelancers and job posters alike.

If you’re interested in seeking out more resources for job postings, there are similar employment websites such as ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, and Indeed.

If you liked this article, please feel free to leave a comment or review below.

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