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How To Properly Say “Please Find Attached My Resume

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Congratulations! You took the first step and applied for a job by sending in an application, resume, and cover letter.

What happens if it has been a week without a response from a potential employer?

Here’s the solution. Email attached copies of your resume and cover letter in an email to the Human Resources department or the Hiring Manager. If you know the direct contact by name, include it as a greeting in your email.

When sending an email with attachments, mention in the body what types are attached. Sometimes office personnel glosses over so many emails daily that they may miss some of them unless the sender highlights they are there.

While you can say, “Please find attached my resume”, there are other ways to say this phrase so that it sounds different than what employers are used to receiving.

What Do You Write In An Email When Attaching a Resume?

There are a variety of phrases you can say in place of “Please find attached my resume” so that it sounds more original and not as mainstream and formal.

Show that you have some personality and interactivity with your potential employer by changing how you say this phrase.

What About “Please Find Attached My Resume for Your Reference?”

This alternative is a little better than the original phrasing. However, it only adds a couple of extra words and does not change the wording beyond this change.

Attempt a different way of displaying this information without saying the first three words that make it the most formal.

What About “Dear Sir/Madam, Please Find Attached My CV?”

Starting your email by mentioning that you have attached your CV or resume draws their attention to your attachments.

Saying that your resume is attached is best done towards the end of the email.

Discuss details about yourself and how you found the job opportunity in the opening paragraph of the email before mentioning your attachments.

What About “Please Find My CV Attached to This Email?”

Saying “Please find my CV (or resume) attached to this email” is still a bit on the formal side.

While you want to be professional when emailing a potential employer, do so with creative wording that is unlike what they have read before from other potential employees.

Firstly, everyone knows that attachments can be contained in an email. So saying “attached to this email” sounds somewhat repetitive when you could just say “attached” somewhere in the sentence and the recipient will get the picture. Refer to other ways you can say this phrase in the below section.

Why Do You Need To Mention That the Resume Is Attached?

Here is a professional job-hunting tip! Avoid mass-emailing your resume to just any employer with an open position. Scope out your industry and find the best matches with your experience.

Don’t forget to mention that you have attached your resume so that the potential employer is attentive to the attachments section of your email.

This key sentence also opens the platform for discussion where the employer can ask questions about your resume before bringing you in for an interview.

To Let Them Know You’ve Attached Something

The Harvard Business Review highlights that American employees spend about 28% of their daily work shifts reading and responding to emails in their office inboxes. That is an average of about 120 messages exchanged every day.

When Hiring Managers have to read hundreds of emails per day from potential employees, it can be easy to forget to refer to the attachments section unless otherwise noted in the email text.

Notify the Hiring Manager or Human Resources Manager that you have your resume and cover letter attached so they can turn their attention to that area and take the time to read them over.

To Let Them Know You Can Answer Any Questions About the Attached File

Mentioning that you have attached your resume to the email is an effective segue to start a conversation with the employer.

After saying a sentence such as, “My resume is attached for your reference”, the next sentence can read, “If you have any questions about my resume, I can be reached at (insert phone number)”.

Answering their questions about your resume is best done over the phone instead of email, so mention your phone number for a more meaningful and thorough conversation. If another three to five days pass and you still do not hear from the employer, give them a phone call.

The Hiring Manager or Human Resources Manager will see the pattern of applying for the job, reaching out in a personal email, and calling for follow-up as you are serious about joining the company.

Is It Correct To Say “Please Find Attached”?

While there is nothing inherently wrong with saying “Please find attached my resume” in an email to a potential employer, there are better ways of saying the phrase that adds more meaning and poise.

It seems too traditional and can use a refresh button, so your potential employer knows you savor originality.

Please Find Attached My CV for Your Consideration Meaning

When you say, “Please find attached my CV for your consideration”, it means you are drawing attention to your curriculum vitae.

This document is somewhat like a resume, except it highlights all your educational accomplishments such as college degrees, certifications, publications, and awards received while studying for your collegiate education.

If you include this phrase in your email, you want your employer to have an in-depth look at your educational background. This is important for positions that require multiple years of study in one major.

Going in-depth with explaining your educational background using a CV rather than simply mentioning collegiate attendance on a resume will cause the employer to notice your attention to detail in highlighting

What Can You Say Instead of “Please Find Attached”?

Alex Burman highlights how to land your dream by cold emailing employers with email templates included in his YouTube video.

While templates are a great starting point, remember to make the outreach email to potential employers unique where your personality shines through.

Here are a few other ways to say “Please find attached” to make it sound more natural.

Option 1: “I’ve Attached My Resume for Your Consideration”

This alternative gets rid of the formal “Please find” starting words. It also shows that you have taken action to attach your resume to the email to show your proactivity as a professional job hunter to the employer.

Option 2: “Please Have a Look at My Attached Resume”

This is a polite alternative to the formal and mainstream phrase. You are inviting the employer to peruse your resume in a well-mannered sentence that is not pressuring, but more so welcoming.

Option 3: “Please Refer to the Attached Resume for More Details”

Of course, when any employer looks for potential employees, they will want to know your work experience. You can open this phrase by saying, “To learn more about my past work experience…” and then saying “please refer to the attached resume for more details”.

Wrapping Up

Vary up how you say, “Please find attached my resume” to stand out from other potential employees who may be using this same phrase.

We wish you the best in your job hunt! Follow up with your potential employers via email today!

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