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A stonemason is a craftsman specializing in cutting, carving, and constructing stone structures, including walls, floors, and monuments.

A stonemason typically works with natural stones, such as granite, limestone, and marble.

Stonemasons also often are responsible for carving details into walls and other structures, such as sculptures or mantels.

What is a Stonemason?

A stonemason is a worker who creates, assembles, repairs, and rebuilds stones.

Typically, a stonemason will work with various rocks, including limestone, granite, and sandstone.

A stonemason can also work with other materials such as concrete or steel.

A stonemason is also called a stone setter, mason, or stone carver, depending on what they specialize in.

What is a Stonemason Called?

There are many types of stonemason jobs and careers for those wanting to get into the trade.

However, stonemasons have a few core skills that make them versatile workers.

Here are a few careers for stonemasons:

  • Quarryman
  • Monumental Mason
  • Fixer Mason

What Does a Stonemason Do?

A stone mason is responsible for creating the construction of walls and other structures out of solid stone.

They work with heavy materials.

Stonemasons work with mortar to build a stone wall.

Masons use both natural stone and artificial stone to build a stone structure.

A skilled stonemason can work with various types of stone, including quarried blocks, slabs, and tiles.

Monumental masons also often are responsible for carving details into walls and other structures, such as sculptures or mantels.

Work Opportunities in the Stonemason Industry

stonemason working on a pillar in a shop

Stonemason Job Description

A stonemason is a craftsman who creates stone structures, including walls, floors, and monuments.

A stonemason is responsible for constructing and repairing buildings and monuments.

In addition, fixer masons repair old structures.

Stonemasons may be artists.

Their work activity includes sculpting with a chisel or using stone cladding techniques, wall patterns, and stonework with brick and masonry materials.

Top Stonemason Jobs and Careers

Stonemasons are needed in different areas of construction and repair.

For example, here are a few related jobs a stonemason might do:

  • Carver Stonemason
  • Banker Mason
  • Sawyer Stonemason

Where Can a Stonemason Work?

Many stonemasons work in construction or renovation professions.

Some work as self-employed contractors or freelance artists.

Others work for the government or commercial organizations to carve a monument or a statue.

Stonemasons also work for headstone manufacturers and cemeteries.

Stonemasons may work to restore aged stone on old buildings and other stone structures.

Current Career Job Openings

Job openings for stonemasons are found near construction areas and rock quarries.

Cemeteries and funeral homes also employ stonemasons.

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What It’s Like to be a Stonemason

Is Being a Stonemason Hard?

Being a stonemason is hard, but it can also be gratifying.

A lot of work goes into being a stonemason, but the end result is definitely worth it.

Is a Stonemason Job Stressful?

Stonemasons are often considered some of the most physically demanding jobs in the construction industry.

They are responsible for constructing structures using stone and other minerals, which can lead to a lot of stress if done incorrectly.

Common Stonemason Work Day

Stonemason is a skilled tradesman who constructs, restores, and repairs structural stone or masonry using hand tools.

A stonemason is typically required to be skilled in using saws, chisels, hammers, drills, augers, and other hand-held equipment.

Sometimes, a stonemason may also be skilled in using a plumb bob, vats, and power tools.

Stonemason Tasks & Duties

The typical stonemason’s work day typically begins with checking tools and making sure they have all of their equipment.

They may work in a workshop or travel to a location.

Stonemason Work Hours & Schedule

Stonemasons’ work hours may vary depending on where they work.

However, they usually will work regular business hours.

A stonemason is usually required to work a normal 8-hour day, although this can vary depending on the type of stone masonry they are working on.

Stonemason Dress Code

Stonemasons work in construction, so steel-toed boots, thick protective clothing, and a hard hat are recommended for job sites.

Does This Career Field Embrace Work/Life Balance?

Stonemasons generally enjoy a good work/life balance.

Those that are self-employed have flexibility.

They may work long hours and then get time off between jobs.

Stonemason Salary & Income

While the pay for a stonemason may not be the highest-paid job in construction, it can be a great way to make a comfortable living.

Masonry is a trade and specialized skill that not many people have, so with more experience, stonemasons can make more money.

How Much Do Stonemasons Make?

Stonemasons can expect to make as low as $30,000 and as high as $75,000 per year.

This depends on experience, specialty, location, and if someone works independently or for a company.

Overview of the Stonemason Industry

stonemason working on a gravestone in a workshop

Stonemason Field: Career Progression

A stonemason typically begins their career by gaining experience in the trade, working as an apprentice under a more experienced stonemason.

After completing their stonemason apprenticeship, most stonemasons will become supervisors and continue to hone their craft.

During this time, they will be required to demonstrate their skills by completing various projects.

After demonstrating their skills, most stonemasons will then become a master mason.

Finally, a few years after becoming a master mason, most stonemasons will enter retirement.

Is a Stonemason a Good Career?

A stonemason is a promising career for someone who wants to work for their hands.

It’s also suitable for anyone with strong manual dexterity, excellent problem-solving skills, and a knowledge of stone and masonry techniques.

Stonemason Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, stonemasonry as a career will decline between 2020 and 2030.

The demand for stonemasons is steady but is expected to decline.

Look for related articles for other jobs in masonry.

Many stonemasons join the Professional Stonemasons Association to help develop their industry knowledge and stay current.

Jobs Related to Stonemason

A stonemason can work in different areas. Special types of stonemasons include:

Requirements, Skills, and Education Required for Stonemasons

stonemason requirements and tools

Who Should Consider a Stonemason Career Path?

If you are thinking about a career in stonemasonry, you should have certain qualifications and skills.

A stonemason is responsible for the installation, repair, and maintenance of both public and private infrastructure using traditional masonry techniques.

Who Should NOT Consider a Stonemason Career Path?

Do not become a stonemason if you do not want to work with your hands.

Stonemasons work in construction and workshops.

Is it Hard to Become a Stonemason?

It is not hard to become a stonemason if you work and develop your skills in the trade.

Requirements for Becoming a Stonemason

Stonemason begins as an apprentice and learns the skills of the trade.

Many states require applicants to pass a qualifying test to receive a license.

This test can cover topics such as mathematics and physics and practical skills such as measuring angles and stones.

What Skills Does a Stonemason Need?

A stonemason is often called upon to build and repair structures made of stone, such as churches, bridges, and castles.

A stonemason typically needs a combination of construction skills and knowledge about how to work with stone.

A stonemason typically needs strong muscles in his back, shoulders, arms, and hands.

He also needs good balance and agility because he often works on high platforms or scaffolds.

What Education Does a Stonemason Need?

Many trade programs offer stonemasonry training and education.

Masons can take classes in schools of construction also.

Can You Become a Stonemason Without a Degree?

Yes, working as an apprentice can give someone skills to learn masonry and how to use the tools necessary for the job.

What Experience Does a Stonemason Need?

Construction experience is helpful, including understanding how to layout and plan a project, cutting and shaping materials, and welding.

Knowledge about stoneworking includes understanding the different types of stones available, cutting them, preparing them for use, and attaching them.

Stonemason Education & Schooling

stonemason learning how to do the trade

What is Taught in a Stonemason Course?

A stonemason course teaches the basics of being a stonemason, including how to use tools, build structures, and create finishes.

You might learn techniques for shaping and fitting stones or how to cut stone accurately.

Many courses also include lectures on history and ethics.

How Long Does a Stonemason Course Take?

Most programs at community colleges take 2-years to complete, and some universities offer a 4-year degree in construction science.

Stonemason Education Options and Degree Programs

Stonemasons can earn certificates that validate their education and experience.

In addition, they can earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

Schools for Stonemasons

Williamson College of the Trades offers an associate’s degree in construction technology with an emphasis in masonry.

Steps to Become a Stonemason

There are a few things you need to do to become a stonemason.

The first thing is to find an apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships allow you to learn the trade under the guidance of a professional stonemason.

After completing an apprenticeship, you will need to pass a certification exam.

Finally, you will need to obtain additional training to get your license from your state or province.

Frequently Asked Questions

image showing a stonemason's workspace

Do stonemasons make gravestones?

Yes, most stonemasons make gravestones.

A stonemason is someone skilled in the art of stonecutting and stone restoration.

Most stonemasons work in the funeral industry, making gravestones and other memorials.

Do stonemasons make statues?

The short answer is yes. Many stonemasons make statues.

But what does that mean?

A stonemason specializes in the art and craft of stone carving.

Wrapping Up

A stonemason is a skilled tradesman who works with various kinds of stone and concrete, typically in construction.

A stonemason typically engages in the fabrication and installation of monuments, sculptures, architectural elements, and other structures using a variety of construction techniques.

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