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What Does Referred by Mean on a Job Application?

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What does referred by mean on a job application?” you might be asking.

Essentially, this status suggests that someone from the company you wish to be part of has given you a positive recommendation.

Thus, if you’ve reached this far, pat yourself on the back.

While it doesn’t guarantee that you will get the post, it’s always advantageous to secure a job referral.

It’s like having a star or badge stamped on your resume.

It tells your hiring manager that your application is worth considering.

What Is a Job Referral?

A referral program is one of the best ways an organization finds top talents for available positions.

For that reason, most companies invest heavily in employee referrals to help fill those vacancies quickly.

Experts say that getting a referral is the cheapest and fastest way to hire.

Additionally, referred employees generally perform better and are likely to stay at their job longer than traditional hires, according to a study.

What Does Referred by Mean on a Job Application?

Many companies are very transparent when it comes to the application status of potential employees.

If you’re applying through an online platform, it will be easier for you to check the status of your application.

The referred status means your application already progressed from being received and reviewed.

It is now set for the next process, which is selection.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Referral?

Being referred by someone within the organization can mean so much to your application.

It also benefits you in several ways, and some of them are:

Priority Consideration

Getting a job is not easy.

Statistics show that, on average, a job offer attracts 250 resumes.

However, the recruiter will ultimately review only four to six applications.

referred by status gives your application a strong edge because, normally, recruiters prioritize applicants that their employees have recommended.

Good Impression

Organizations have different rules or internal agreements when it comes to job referrals.

Generally, they ask their staff to refer colleagues.

People who possess strong credentials, especially the skills and experience needed to succeed in a role.

That is why there’s usually some leniency toward referred candidates.

Having an internal member vouch for your work leaves a pretty good impression on the hiring manager.

Culture Match

When referring potential applicants, employees also consider if that person is culture-fit.

Hiring people who fit their company culture is essential in maintaining a healthy work environment and a positive brand image.

That said, being referred tells the recruiter or hiring manager that you are culture-fit.

Therefore, you also possess the core values that they uphold.

How Can You Get a Job Referral?

Undoubtedly, getting a referral will help you with your application If you’re currently hunting for a job.

Check out the essential tips below to get a referral for a job.

Join Professional Networks Like LinkedIn

The best way to get a referral is by utilizing social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Most professionals are on this platform now, so it’s easier to see who in your network can help you.

More interestingly, LinkedIn has a special feature for referrals.

You will see an “Ask for a Referral” button next to the jobs you have connections or people you know working for those companies.

By clicking on it, you can send your connections a message to ask them to recommend you for the job advertised.

Ask for Referrals

Don’t be shy to ask for referrals.

You might think you’re disturbing your contact.

That said, as we mentioned earlier, most companies have an employee referral program.

This program allows members to earn rewards or incentives by simply referring their colleagues.

That means the person who refers you may earn some extra cash or enjoy perks if you get hired.

Meanwhile, the organization that hires you acquires new talent.

It’s a win-win situation.

If you’re too shy to ask each of your friends personally, you can post a shoutout on your social media account.

Surely, people who find out you’re seeking a job will be happy to refer you to their organizations.

Check With Your College Career or Alumni Office

If you’re a fresh graduate, which also means you still lack experience, a great way to get a job referral is to check with your college career guidance service or alumni office.

Ask them if they can put you in touch with someone from the alumni who works at the company you’re interested in.

what does referred by mean on a job application answer

What’s the Best Way To Ask for a Referral?

There are many ways to ask for a referral for a job.

In most cases, you can send an old-fashioned letter, an email, or a chat message on a social media or professional platform.

It’s better to ask in writing than over the phone.

That way, that person can think over if and how they can refer you for a job.

It’s also worth mentioning your credentials, especially if you haven’t worked with that person before.

Offer an updated copy of your resume and information about your skills and experience.

Does It Matter Who Refers You To a Job?

Yes, it does.

The more senior the person referring you to a job, the better your chances of getting hired.

Most experts say almost 91% of applicants referred by a director or a person with a similar position get hired.

On the contrary, only 53% of those referred by entry-level employees make it.


So, what does referred by mean on a job application?

In summary, it means you’ve passed the screening stage and your application has been filed for selection.

Getting a credible referral from a reliable source or a person of authority in a company is one of the best ways to make a breakthrough in your job search.

However, remember that a referral doesn’t always guarantee that you will get the job.

If you haven’t heard back from the hiring manager for at least two weeks, consider making a follow-up to check the current status of your application.

Best of luck!

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