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Call Center Resume Examples: 5 Best Samples & Why They Work

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Are you looking for a career in a call center, but finding it challenging to get a callback? Your resume may be to blame—but you’re not alone in this struggle.

There will be over 470,766 people employed in the call center industry in 2023, and these jobs will likely remain in high demand.

With so many resumes submitted to call center jobs daily, you’ll need to tailor your resume to really stand out. Fortunately, this guide contains all the call center resume examples you’ll need, complete with thorough explanations on why they work and how you can emulate them.

How to Write Call Center Resume Objectives

As highlighted above, a call center professional is almost always dealing with customers.

Think of it like acting in a Live Broadcast; there is little room for errors or goof-ups.

After all, many call centers are the backbone of sales organizations, and generate sales and provide support to the frontline; directly to customers.

When crafting an objective for your call center resume, keep this in mind.

If you’re going after a job at a specific call center, do a little research about the products and services that you’ll be potentially selling.

Though this knowledge and information would be provided to you in training sessions, doing research helps prospective employees catch a manager’s eye.


Because generally it means that if you care enough to do research before, you’ll probably be a hard worker when you land the job.

Since there are so many resumes flooding through a manger’s desk daily, it’s important to make a well-written objective section count.

Some Sample Call Center Resume Objectives

  • A position of Customer Service Representative where my excellent problem resolution skills and product based knowledge will be used to gain new customers and retain existing ones.
  • Looking for a role of Call Center Supervisor where my team building expertise and analysis capacity will help the customer services team to move forward.
  • Seeking apposition of Call Center Manager where my skills of managing customer support team and ability to guide a team forward would be aptly used.
  • Position of call center specialists where I would utilize my proficiency in handling bulk customers and providing them effective support through the office hours.
  • Looking to bring my knowledge of call center policies to improve the profit generation and efficiency of the company as a Call Center Manager.

Again, crafting a well-written objective will not only help you stand out, but the research will also give you a better idea of if the job is even a good fit from the start.

You DON’T want to end up working in a call center selling something all day that you have no interest in.

How to Write Call Center Resume Skills

Call center professionals are typically the first contact a customer has with a company.

It is your responsibility to convince the customer to make a sale, solve problems when they arise, and provide an introduction to the company.

As it is said, first impressions are very important to form a long term customer relationship with a customer, and as a call center professional you have to make sure that the client has a good interaction whenever you speak.

A good talker can calm down an angry customer and slowly mold their opinion in a positive manner.

Fluent speaking and problem solving skills are definitely two of the foremost requirements, but there are other important skills for a call center professional too.

Let us take a look at these:

  • Ability to perform over 100 outbound calls any day to the customer base.
  • Excellent skills in providing product/service related information and selling them over the phone.
  • Good experience in receiving inbound calls from customers.
  • Ability to handle software on a data entry level.
  • Ability to keep customer grievance and other information noted to follow them later.
  • Quick learner about products and services.

For a more in-depth look at these skills, check out our sample resume for a call center employee below.

Call Center Resume Examples

Writing a good resume often takes time and practice—both of which you may not have.

Thankfully, you can derive much of that experience from successful, high-level resumes. The following resumes represent some of the best samples the industry offers.

Read through the examples that appeal to you and emulate the best of what these resume types offer.

Entry-Level Call Center Resume Example

An image of Entry-Level Call Center Resume Example

Work Experience 1: Sales Representative

  • Job Description: Served as a pharmaceutical sales representative managing over 20 organizations and working with over 50 clients daily.
  • Outcomes: Provided revenue of $100,000 in my first year and $250,000 in my second year and developed customer relationships with over 100 physicians.
  • Additional Competencies: Coordinated with sales and marketing team leaders to assess products and provide customer-curated solutions.
  • Other: Exceeded sales growth by over 20% each quarter and mentored other sales representatives.

Work Experience 2: Data Entry

  • Job Description: Entered data in Fluix, FastfField, and Repsly platforms with over 500 entries a day, communicated with customers, and answered questions about pricing and products.
  • Outcomes: Entered data with 100% accuracy and worked with over 100 clients.
  • Additional Competencies: Coordinated with other departments to help fulfill customer requests and develop a protocol for fielding calls.
  • Other: Created a new protocol for fielding calls that contributed to a 34% rise in efficiency.

Project Experience

  • Volunteer: Served as a volunteer for a local soup kitchen, communicating with patrons and helping to meet their needs.
  • Resume Writer: Worked as a freelance resume editor and writer for over 100 clients.
  • Office Assistant: Worked as a university student office assistant, greeting visitors, handling requests, and filing paperwork for course credit.


  • Software Applications
  • Customer Service and Communication
  • Organization
  • Flexibility
  • Cyber-security


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Communications: I studied at the University of New Hampshire and earned my bachelor’s degree with a 3.98 GPA.
  • Minor in Sales: Earned a minor in sales with a 4.0 GPA and created a capstone project focusing on customer service.

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Certified Pharmacy Technician
  • Certified Customer Service Representative
  • International Accredited Business Accountant

Why This Resume Works

This resume is an ideal example of what an entry-level call center representative resume should look like.

First, the writer chose to highlight their relevant work experiences, focusing on positions within the customer service space. Data entry and sales are similar to call center jobs in terms of their job requirements and responsibilities, so this choice reflects well upon the writer.

Even if you don’t have significant experience within the call center industry, you can leverage prior positions in a manner that highlights your relevant competencies. Consider mentioning jobs with transferable skills related to customer management, data entry, communications, and sales.

Additionally, this applicant chose to pursue several degrees and certifications relevant to their field. They followed a degree in communications and a minor in sales, and they have accrued several certifications related to customer service.

Remember to mention your educational background and achievements and draw parallels to your prospective position in a call center. Even if you don’t have a lofty educational experience, you can pursue accreditations online (or in-person) to build the skills you need to succeed and enhance your resume.

Lastly, consider using your “project experience” section to highlight any experiences relevant to the field. For example, this writer highlighted their experience working in a soup kitchen. If you have free time, you can leverage a volunteer position that helps build the skills needed to serve in a customer service position.

Call Center Supervisor Resume Example

Call Center Supervisor Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume is excellent because it begins by citing relevant experience and using quantifiable metrics to support the claims of achievement. Consider citing statistics and figures to support your successes.

  • Type of Resume: Call Center Supervisor Resume Example
  • Best For: Those applying for call center supervisor roles

A call center supervisor is typically responsible for managing, training, and motivating call center employees.

They usually have some experience in the field and should be familiar with answering questions, providing support, and handling complaints from customers and staff.

An image of Call Center Supervisor Resume Example

Work Experience 1: Call Center Supervisor

  • Job Description: Served as a call center supervisor for four years, supervising 15 employees and managing regular performance reports for call center agents.
  • Outcomes: Increased overall performance by 20%, employees exceeded targets by 12% on average, boosted revenue growth by 24%.
  • Additional Competencies: Monitored metrics to devise data-driven plans for improvement, meditated on customer complaints, and mentored employees.
  • Other: Created a customer loyalty program adopted by 20 firms to improve retention and boost revenue.

Work Experience 2: Call Center Representative

  • Job Description: Served as a call center representative in the pharmaceutical industry, placing and receiving hundreds of calls daily and working closely with over 30 firms.
  • Outcomes: Improved call center efficiency by 24% and exceeded targets by 56% each month on average.
  • Additional Competencies: Designed tactics to improve efficiency and gave regular feedback and coaching to other employees.
  • Other: Was promoted to call center supervisor within a year of working with the company and received two consecutive Representative of the Month awards.

Project Experience

  • Loyalty Program Development: Created and launched two customer loyalty programs to boost retention and improve overall customer experience.
  • Mentorship: Mentored dozens of call center representatives to improve efficiency and develop clear protocols for fielding calls.
  • Training Programs: Developed and launched four training programs for data entry and management, customer service, inter-departmental communication, and call triage.


  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership and Team Management
  • CRM Software Capabilities
  • Decision-making
  • Patience & Flexibility


  • Bachelor of Arts in English: Graduated from the University of California Berkeley with a 3.69 GPA and a thesis project on communication and spoken word.
  • Minor in Speech: Obtained a minor from the University of California Berkeley with a 3.98 GPA.
  • High School Diploma: Graduated from San Diego High School with a 4.0 GPA and a partial scholarship to the University of California.

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Call Center Certification with COPC Customer Experience
  • Certified Call Center Manager
  • Certified Call Center Supervisor

Why This Resume Works

If you are applying for a position as a call center supervisor, this resume is an excellent example of what yours should look like.

This writer begins by citing relevant experience and using quantifiable metrics to support their claims of achievement. For example, the writer names that they improved overall performance in their prior position by 20%.

Consider citing statistics and figures to support your successes. Doing so allows your employer to better understand who you are as an employee. Additionally, it provides credibility to your claims of achievement.

This writer also keeps their resume highly relevant. Although their educational background is in English, for example, they explicitly named that they studied communications and spoken word, tying their studies back to the requirements of a call center position.

Regardless of your prior experience, you should keep your resume relevant to the position at hand, customizing each of your resumes to the exact place you’re applying for.

Although you can mention work experience in other fields, you should aim to tie your competencies back to the requirements of your intended position.

Lastly, consider demonstrating initiative in your application as this writer does. For example, the applicant mentions having developed customer loyalty programs in each of their prior positions.

Every employer wants an employee who demonstrates initiative and has creative ideas. For this reason, naming your particular achievements

Call Center Manager Resume Example

Call Center Manager Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume is excellent because it cites awards and achievements which is a great way to ensure that this resume receives the attention it deserves. It also highlights proficiency in foreign languages which is an added advantage.

  • Type of Resume: Call Center Manager Resume Example
  • Best For: Those applying for call center managerial positions

A call center manager is typically someone who has worked in the field before and has prior experience with customer service.

These professionals are responsible for hiring, training, and managing staff. They use data-driven protocols to improve operations and provide customized solutions for their staff and clients.

If you want to become a call center manager, you can use the following resume to enhance your application.

An image of Call Center Manager Resume Example

Work Experience 1: Call Center Manager

  • Job Description: Served as a call center manager for insurance companies, managing a team of 20 representatives, hiring and training employees, and working directly with customers.
  • Outcomes: Implemented communication protocol that improved efficiency by 24%, employee retention by 53%, and data accuracy by 25%.
  • Additional Competencies: Collaborated with other staff members to develop hiring practices and worked with the sales department to communicate targets and improve promotional strategies.
  • Other: Earned Employee of the Month award three months in a row and was awarded the Excellent in Customer Service award.

Work Experience 2: Call Center Representative

  • Job Description: Served as a call center representative for insurance companies, working with 19 other representatives to field calls, communicate with customers, and drive sales.
  • Outcomes: Achieved and exceeded call quota by 48%, contributed to a 14% rise in revenue growth, and improved data accuracy to 100%.
  • Additional Competencies: Responded to customer requests, cultivated customer loyalty, and managed data entry.
  • Other: Earned Employee of the Month award twice and was promoted to manager within two years of working with the company.

Project Experience

  • Data Entry: Assisted with data entry as a representative and trained employees to cultivate data entry skills as a call center manager.
  • Volunteer Tutor: Volunteered as a high school math tutor in an underserved district, helping students with schoolwork and college applications.
  • Training App: Developed and launched an app to assist with employee training programs, boosting efficiency by 45%.


  • Microsoft Applications
  • Data Entry
  • CRM Software
  • Customer Service
  • Operational Improvement
  • Employee Training Programs
  • Spanish


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics: I obtained my bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M with a 3.85 GPA.
  • Study Abroad in Spain: Studied abroad at the University of Barcelona and learned Spanish fluently with a 4.0 GPA.
  • High School Diploma: Earned a high school diploma from Austin High School with a 3.45 GPA.

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Certified Call Center Representative
  • Certified Call Center Manager
  • Help Desk Certification

Why This Resume Works

This resume provides an excellent example of what your call center manager resume should look like.

First, the writer chooses to mention several awards. For example, the writer says having received Employee of the Month and earned a promotion in their prior position.

Citing awards and achievements is a great way to ensure that your resume receives the attention it deserves. If you’ve received an award or a promotion, consider mentioning this on your application to highlight your desirability as an employee.

Second, this writer highlighted their proficiency in foreign languages and mentioned their study abroad experience. Although this experience is seemingly irrelevant to the call center job, it demonstrates the writer’s ability to communicate across language barriers—a highly desirable skill.

If you speak additional languages, mention this on your resume. Additionally, if you have any other communication-related experiences, they belong on your resume.

Lastly, consider emulating this writer by providing a balance of hard and soft skills. In today’s employment landscape, soft skills are as critical as hard skills—particularly in customer service. Like this writer, you can provide a balance of both to support your claims of efficacy.

Call Center Team Lead Resume Example

Call Center Team Lead Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume is excellent because it provides a detailed overlook of a high-achieving call center team lead job application. It also mentions that the applicant has created numerous employee incentive programs throughout their time in past positions.

  • Type of Resume: Call Center Team Lead Resume Example
  • Best For: Those with leadership experience in call center jobs

A call center team lead is typically a person who functions as a representative but also serves as a leader to other operators.

They often provide mentorship, training, and coaching to other employees and answer to the call center manager or supervisor.

An image of Call Center Team Lead Resume Example

Work Experience: Call Center Supervisor

  • Job Description: Hired, trained, and supervised employees at a call center for pharmaceutical companies, managing over 30 employees at a time.
  • Outcomes: Improved efficiency by 30%, scored 4.56/5 on performance evaluations on average.
  • Additional Competencies: Supervised inbound and outbound teams to ensure they fulfilled their responsibilities and led bi-weekly meetings with all representatives.
  • Other: Launched an employee incentive program to regularly motivate employees to meet targets.

Work Experience 2: Call Center Team Lead

  • Job Description: Supervised a team of 10 call center representatives, monitoring inbound and outbound calls, incentivizing employees, and managing conflicts.
  • Outcomes: Improved efficiency by 54% and improved employee retention by 34%.
  • Additional Competencies: Meditated employee conflicts and coordinated with other teams to improve data accuracy and employee target achievement.
  • Other: Created an employee incentive program to deliver rewards and demerits based on performance.

Project Experience

  • Basketball Coach: Volunteered as a basketball coach for inner-city high schoolers, providing motivation, skills, and training.
  • Incentive Programs: Developed and supervised several employee incentive programs, including rewards and discipline.
  • Web Development: Served as a freelance web developer for over 30 companies.


  • 54 WPM
  • Strong supervisory abilities
  • Good motivational skills
  • Discipline and reward systems
  • Organization and data management
  • Communication and leadership


  • Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology: Obtained a bachelor’s degree from Claremont-McKenna College with a 4.0 GPA and a thesis on customer service in different countries.
  • Minor in Business: Obtained a minor in business with a 3.69 GPA.
  • High School Diploma: Graduated from Ridgemont High School with a 3.56 GPA.

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Certified Call Center Manager (CCCM)
  • Certified Call Center Supervisor
  • Certified Microsoft Office/ Google Suite

Why This Resume Works

This resume provides a detailed overlook of a high-achieving call center team lead job application.

This writer begins by listing their prior job experience, naming and quantifying their achievements in those positions, and providing extensive information about their capabilities and responsibilities. They also mention having created numerous employee incentive programs throughout their time in those positions. This creates a cohesive narrative throughout the resume, highlighting the writer’s consistent interests and areas of expertise.

The best resumes are those that tell a story. If you can highlight a throughline of interests and capabilities throughout your job application, you’ll give your employer a better idea of what to expect when they hire you.

Additionally, you can mention any project experience that might pertain to your chosen position. Like this writer, you can volunteer as a tutor at a place that boasts many skills transferable to customer service.

Call Center Trainer Resume Example

Call Center Trainer Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume is excellent because it highlights the writer’s capabilities. It also uses industry-specific vital words and terms to demonstrate the applicant's familiarity with call center operations and protocol.

  • Type of Resume: Call Center Trainer Resume Example
  • Best For: Those applying for call center trainer jobs

A call center trainer is a person who works with the employees in a call center to provide training, mentorship, and feedback.

While some call center trainers are also managers or team leads, the job also exists as a discrete position in some larger firms.

An image of Call Center Trainer Resume Example

Work Experience 1: Call Center Trainer

  • Job Description: Designed and implemented effective training programs for over 200 employees, working with team leads to deliver results.
  • Outcomes: Improved efficiency by 46% and improved employee retention by 25%.
  • Additional Competencies: Assisted with hiring, trained employees on privacy laws, Do Not Call lists, and inbound and outbound calls.
  • Other: Developed a new protocol for inter-departmental communications.

Work Experience 2: Customer Service Trainer

  • Job Description: Served as a customer service trainer for a large retail company, managing training and hiring for over 100 employees.
  • Outcomes: Improved employee retention by 16% and implemented six new training programs.
  • Additional Competencies: Provided training for inbound and outbound calls, customer retention, customer loyalty, privacy laws, and debt collection laws.
  • Other: Designed and proposed six new training programs that led to a 40% improvement in efficiency.

Project Experience

  • Designing Training Programs: I developed and launched effective training programs to help employees improve their customer service skills in both of my prior positions.
  • Business Owner: Created my own business to provide branded training programs to significant firms.
  • Mentorship Program: Created and launched a mentorship program in collaboration with the sales department to pair sales representatives with call center associates for improved operations.


  • Organization
  • Leadership
  • Legal Expertise
  • Technology and Telecommunications Equipment
  • Call Center Software


  • Bachelor of Science in Communications: I obtained my bachelor’s degree from the University of South Carolina with a 4.0 GPA.
  • Bachelor of Science in Business: Obtained a dual degree in business from the University of South Carolina with a 3.98 GPA.
  • High School Diploma: Graduated from Charleston High School with a 3.48 GPA.

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Certified in Microsoft Office and Google Suite
  • Call Center Manager Certification
  • SCRUM Certification
  • Project Manager Certification

Why This Resume Works

This resume highlights the writer’s capabilities without overloading the resume with details.

Additionally, the writer uses industry-specific vital words and terms to demonstrate their familiarity with call center operations and protocol.

Remember that your employers will read many resumes and might even use a resume-scanning service.

For this reason, you’ll need to keep your resume brief but descriptive, ensuring that you include industry-specific terms to pass through resume scanners.

This writer also evidently has extensive technical expertise; in today’s information age—regardless of your position—understanding technology is a significant asset. Consider obtaining certifications in this area to develop your technical prowess.

Lastly, this writer firmly understands the laws and legal implications surrounding call center employees.

In any field, you must have a firm grasp of the legal implications of your work. Mentioning your expertise in this area lets your employer know that you will adhere to regulations and conventions within your industry, making you an asset to their team.

Common Skills & Action Verbs to Include on a Call Center Resume

Nowadays, many employers use resume scanners.

A resume scanner, also known as an applicant tracking system (ATS), is a computer software program that fields resumes, speeding up the hiring process.

These programs typically focus on identifying keywords and industry-specific resume verbs.

For this reason, using the most common skills and action verbs within your industry is essential.

Consider the following.

Common Skills for Call Center Resumes

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Data Management
  • Organization
  • Customer Service
  • Management
  • Training
  • Computer Skills and Technical Skills
  • Multi-tasking
  • Product Knowledge
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Language Skills
  • Accuracy

Common Action Verbs for Call Center Resumes

  • To administer
  • To arrange
  • To delegate
  • To spearhead
  • To promote
  • To respond
  • To communicate
  • To serve
  • To enable
  • To encourage
  • To evaluate
  • To facilitate
  • To coordinate
  • To develop

Tips for Writing a Better Call Center Resume

Writing a great resume is a lot easier when you heed the advice of experts.

There are several industry-leading tips that you can leverage to improve your call center resume and job application.

Consider the following information before crafting your resume.

Give Detail and Examples

Although keeping your resume short, concise, and clear is essential, you also want to include as many details and examples of your achievements as possible. Additionally, your resume should allow your employer to develop a clear vision of what it would be like to work with you.

Consider adding as many concrete details and quantifiable measures of your achievements as possible.

Get Support

Writing a successful resume often takes a lot of work, and if you lack experience in this area or are new to the job market, you might find yourself struggling to meet the demands of the job market.

If this is your situation, you can use a resume-writing service or leverage other articles and guides included in this article to improve your resume.

Alternatively, consider working with a coach to develop long-lasting resume skills.

Highlight Your Communication Skills

Call center jobs are all about communication.

From responding to customers’ calls to communicating within your department, your responsibilities will likely hinge on your ability to collaborate.

For this reason, you should ensure that your resume highlights your communication skills.

Include an Objective or Summary

While many people need clarification, resume objectives and summaries have different functions.

A summary paraphrases your work experience, education, and skills to paint a clear picture of who you are. An objective is a short, clear statement of your intentions in your new position.

Including one of the above is a great way to enhance your resume and allow your prospective employer to learn more about you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consider the following answers to our most frequently asked questions.

What is a good summary for a call center?

A call center summary typically summarizes the content in your resume. A good example is:

Experienced and trusted call center representative with over six years of experience in managing customers and leading teams. Developed customer loyalty programs, boosting earnings and client retention rates by over 20% each. Earned Representative of the Month six times in total.

What is a good example of a call center resume objective?

A resume objective summarizes your competencies with brevity and concision and states the kind of job you are applying for. For example:

Credentialed and experienced call center supervisor with eight years of experience seeking a full-time position in the pharmaceutical industry to which I can bring my team leadership, client management skills, and initiative.

Similar Resume Types to Reference

If you enjoyed this article, consider referencing the following guides on resume types in varying industries.

  • Customer Service Resume: Customer service representatives are essential to the smooth functioning of any organization. Use this guide to curate your resume to the demands of the customer service industry.
  • Sales Resume: If you love working with others, you might find a sales job fulfilling. Consider this article before writing your resume.
  • Data Entry Resume: Data entry is yet another accessible, flexible position. Use this guide to apply for data entry jobs.

Wrapping Up

Call centers offer some of the most accessible and flexible positions in the job market today.

With this guide at your disposal, you can tailor your resume to the job you want, boosting your chances of landing your dream gig.

Remember to quantify your accomplishments, demonstrate your initiative, and highlight the essential skills and keywords for this industry.

Please comment your thoughts in the space below and consider sharing this article with others in need!

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